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I would really like to know what's up George Lucas's ass. The guy is deranged. First, he went back and changed the special effects on the whole "Star Wars" trilogy and then re-released them. Now, he's gone back and transferred "THX 1138" to digital and cleaned up the entire film. Cleaning up a film and making it look better isn't a big deal. However, George can't seem to help himself because he's also gone back and added some CG to this one in the form of the dwarf creatures who live on the outskirts of the dystopia inhabited by pill-popping THX 1138 (Robert Duvall) and his mate, LUH 3417 (Maggie McOmie).

For those who haven't seen this film, it bears virtually no resemblance to any of his other films. It's precisely the type of movie one might expect from an egotistical film student with $777,777 at his disposal and absolutely no writing talent. Isn't that like forty million dollars by today's standards?

Anyway, this is an insanely slow, dull movie in which the main characters don't say much because they live in a society where they take drugs to prevent them from having any emotions. Then one day LUH gets THX off his meds and he suddenly sees the light and decides to escape the confines of his orderly life. Well, that escape takes what seems like two days in real time.

Fortunately, I haven't seen this movie before, so I'm not completely outraged that George Lucas added the special effects. However, the man seems to have some idea that he owns these films. He doesn't. Film experiences are owned by those who have them. Seeing the first "Star Wars" movie is part of my memory and Lucas has no right to go back and change that. It's like he's got some kind of disease, particularly because he's under the impression he's making improvements. The added little monsters in this movie just seem out of place and scream: "Look, I'm George Lucas! I can do anything I want!" I haven't met one person who thinks that these so-called "improvements" are anything but the sad machinations of a mind gone terribly wrong.

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This movie still exists

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so other directors can insert 1138 references into their own works and stroke Lucas's cock while preening at how critics adore their insightfulness. 

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