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Leave it to the French to make a movie about a man named Vincent who spends an entire film pretending to have a job in much the same way the French pretend to have a spine. What a surprise that Vincent turns out to be a ball-less coward. How, um, French!

Vincent is fired from his job, but he can't tell his wife. We're not sure why, so we wonder as Vincent drives around the country, spending his days in office lobbies. Occasionally, he returns home to his unsuspecting wife and children and tells stories of the work-a-day world.

Things get really creepy when Vincent decides to start taking money from people, telling them that they're investing in their futures. I wonder where Vincent got this idea because it sounds a lot like The Marshall Plan right about now. Vincent is just a microcosm of French betrayal. He takes money from people who expect a return, knowing full well that somewhere down the road, he's just going to screw them over.

Hey France: Thanks for the movie and the support.

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