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I don't care how sophisticated Don Bluth gets with his animation. When I see it, I think Dragon's Lair. I grabbed the woman's ponytail in front of me and started poking the top of her head with my forefinger thinking I could make the characters run off-screen.

"Titan A.E." is just a rip-off of other sci-fi for the purpose of amusing teenagers. The filmmakers here had the opportunity to do something really original and interesting and instead they just chose to follow the crowd (not unlike a lot of teenagers, coincidentally). Earth is destroyed by an evil race called the Dredge. Cale (voice by Matt Damon) is sent off the planet by his father (Ron Perlman) who goes off in a ship called the Titan. Fifteen years later, a ship captain named Korso (Bill Pullman) finds Cale and explains that the Titan is the hope of humanity, and Cale is the key to finding it.

Virtually everything in the film is derivative. There's a moving food scene from "Star Trek." There's more "Star Wars" than you can shake a light saber at. Let's see, there's the whole "find my father," "hate my father," "love my father" thing. There's the short green scientist guy who looks and talks like Yoda. Then there are the really bad clichés.

For instance, there's a scene where Cale and Akima (voiced by the lisping Drew Barrymore) are caught in a Dredge ship and the Dredge leader says something, which is subtitled because their voices sound like a garbled tape. Cale seems to understand they're about to jettison Akima off the ship. How exactly does that work? I think if you're an advanced race of beings like the Dredge, you ought not be projecting your subtitles to the pesky humans. While Cale is unable to stop them from shooting Akima into space and is thrown back into the brig, he is able to escape and immediately figure out how to fly a Dredge ship, which is another typical science fiction cliché: no matter how different an alien's technology, the humans will always be able to figure out how to fly their ships.

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