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As of this writing (1/20/96) "Toy Story" has made in excess of $170 million dollars, the stock of the computer company that animated this film, Pixar, has shot up, Pixar founder Steve Jobs is now looking to purchase himself a country and executives at Disney are drooling over their yearly intake of our cash.

Think about the social implications here. By convincing yourself that a computer-generated cowboy (voice by Tom Hanks) and a computer-generated Space Ranger (voice by Tim Allen) are amusing, you're personally contributing to the destruction of society predicted by Karl Marx almost 150 years ago. The maldistribution of wealth caused by "Toy Story" can only lead to further class dissatisfaction and an eventual revolution.

Furthermore, just who directed this movie? The credits say John Lasseter, but I think that's some kind of acronym for somebody's computer. This film was all computer-generated anyway. This is the beginning of the takeover of human civilization by computers. Next thing you know your home computer will be demanding the sacrifice of your first born. It's the end of the world as we know it!

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