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If you went to the theater and saw this film and noticed a guy in one of the aisle seats curled up in a fetal position moaning, that was probably me. "Trekkies" made me think about making a premature exit from the human race.

As a piece of filmmaking, there is absolutely no merit to this documentary, which features Denise Crosby interviewing Star Trek fans and letting them tell, in their own words, how totally bonkers they are. Since Denise pretty much owes everything she's got to these screwed-up people, she just smiles blithely instead of laughing at them like a hyena.

Among these wing nuts are a dentist who's made his entire office "Star Fleet Dental" and forced his staff and family to dress up in uniform, the juror during the Whitewater trial who wore her Star Trek uniform every day, somebody who dresses their cat like Dr. McCoy, and another guy who swore that, if he could, he would have his ears surgically altered like a Vulcan.

Take a look at the children of the dentist during the interview. They're wearing rigid smiles on their faces that scream "help me" so loud you want to call Social Services. What kind of an ass-kicking are these kids getting at school, anyway? Basically, if you showed "Trekkies" at a therapist's convention, the ratio of orgasm to therapist would be so high that you'd have to rent an entire fleet of shop vacs to get the fluids off the floor and furniture.

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