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Just when we thought women were gaining respect in Hollywood, along comes Melanie Griffith and her silicon implants to prove that being a bimbo, Academy Award nomination or no, is forever. The stretch for Melanie in "Two Much" is that she plays a wealthy 33-year-old named Betty Kerner, who is determined to marry the artful dodger, Art Dodge (Antonio Banderas). Melanie is actually 38. God only knows what she had to go through to prepare for the role. Rumor has it she spent weeks studying the habits and inflections of 33-year-old airheads to get everything just right.

Because Art falls in love with Betty's sister, Liz (Daryl Hannah), he pretends to be twins, which means that every time he hangs out with Betty he wears his hair in a pony tail and when he hangs out with Liz he wears his hair down and puts on glasses. Here's the shocker: Melanie never figures out that Bart and Art are the same person.

As if watching Antonio and Melanie grope each other on the various entertainment channels wasn't repulsive enough, director Fernando Trueba decided to inflict the pair on us in a feature length movie. Furthermore, Fernando enlisted the help of his brother, David, to write the screenplay, even though English is not his native language. Can anyone spell N-E-P-O-T-I-S-M?

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