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This is another in a long line of "let's suck the brain fluid out of the dead guy and experience his memories" films. Okay, "Strange Days" didn't have that exact premise, but it was pretty close, and I seem to recall quite a number of other films where criminals or crazed aliens suck fluids out of people and then walk around town with the ability to think like or be the person they just sucked dry.

Dr. David Crane (Ray Liotta) is the main sucker in this movie. He learns the technique from Dr. Martha Briggs (Linda Fiorentino) who is able to suck the cerebral spinal fluid out of lab rats and put it into other rats who are then able to remember that being a lab rat really sucks. Dr. Crane develops a bizarre addiction to the proceedure (at which point several comatose audience members were heard to utter the phrase "cool metaphor") as he injects himself over and over in an effort to find his wife's killer.

In this movie, director John Dahl proves why there's no such thing as a rich artist. Having made "Red Rock West" and "The Last Seduction," Dahl is faced with his first large-budget test in "Unforgettable." Dahl saddles up the conspicuous consumption pony and rides off into the land of special effects leaving the land of the story far, far behind. Lacking a viable story, Dahl obsesses on needles, sucking and flashbacks. Thus, the most often used word in this review describes the movie fairly well.

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