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You know how you learn a lot about an author by reading his or her work? I think the same can be said for Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn. I think the two of them want to behave like dicks, yet want to be loved at the same time. In fact, I think this is probably the mantra of a lot of Hollywood stars.

Here, John Beckwith (Owen Wilson) and Jeremy Grey (Vince Vaughn) are single guys whose sole aspiration is to crash weddings and bed as many women as possible. If we're to believe the film's premise, every good-looking woman who attends a wedding is a blithering, gullible idiot who will drop her panties and start rutting at the drop of a pin.

Following a tried and true, yet idiotic, plot line, the two get in a situation where their false identity schtick backfires on them. John falls in love with Claire Cleary (Rachel McAdams), the daughter of the Secretary of the Treasury (Christopher Walken). When John shows the slightest serious interest in Claire, we know what we're in for: a ridiculous, logic-warping series of episodes that eventually leads to Claire realizing that John is a good guy and her boyfriend, Sack (Bradley Cooper), is an insincere jackass. Fortunately, it helps that Sack is actually an insincere jackass. Meanwhile, Jeremy gets stuck with Gloria (Isla Fisher), Secretary Cleary's other daughter.

John and Jeremy spend some time with the Cleary family and, as is the rule with large families in movies, everybody is "colorful" so that the gathering can be interesting. Grandma is a funny bigot. One son is a repressed, homosexual painter. The Secretary's wife (Jane Seymour) has a thing for young men. Is this humor or what?

"Wedding Crashers" runs a good 30 minutes too long. Predictably, John's secret is revealed, Claire is appalled, and he's sent packing. Since none of the filmmakers knows how to wrap this thing up, we're treated to pointless scenes of John crashing weddings by himself after he and Jeremy have a falling out and a cameo by Will Ferrell that should have been cut.

"Wedding Crashers" is certainly some kind of accident.

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