The Wedding Singer

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You know, there's actually something funny lurking in this story of Robbie Hart (Adam Sandler), a wedding singer in 1985. Unfortunately, no one involved with this picture managed to find it, so we're left with the usual "comedy" bereft of any actual "humor." Why break a sweat developing humor when you can just throw Adam Sandler's name up there and every doofus who was dumb enough to laugh during "Billy Madison" will show up and laugh whether the movie's funny or not?

It didn't help that the projectionists in my particular theater were morons. More boom mikes invading the camera frame I have never seen. This just shows how stupid Sandler's fans are: They laughed at every scene with a visible mike, as though the filmmakers had come up with an advanced form of incisive satire.

Robbie gets left at the altar by his fianceƩ, then falls in love with a waitress, Julia (Drew Barrymore), who's already engaged. The film relies on bad '80s pop songs, badly painted cars and a Boy George look-a-like to fill in the balance of the two hours.

Sandler obviously wanted to make this character a little more sensitive than the usual dolts he's been typecast as epitomizing. However, this ambitious breakout performance is hindered by one small detail: Sandler doesn't know the difference between acting and drooling. He spends the whole film whispering his lines, assuming that audiences will think he's sensitive because they can't hear him.

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