What Lies Beneath

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I have the same reaction to watching Michelle Pfeiffer's movies as I do to eating veal. You know that it's going to taste good if you indulge yourself, but you get this picture in your head of something being starved to death to improve its appeal and suddenly it doesn't seem like such a good thing anymore.

The trailers to "What Lies Beneath" make it look like "The Sixth Sense" without the annoying kid. I don't like to be tricked. I don't like to go to a restaurant, order soup, and then be served boar's head on a stick. Frankly, it takes me a long time to prepare myself to sit down in a movie theater and wallow through a couple hours of otherworldly hocus-pocus. Granted, many people are so fascinated with ghosts that every filmmaker in the universe has to figure a way to involve apparitions in the plot -- but it should be noted that those people are idiots. If people suddenly started to wipe their asses on the backs of brichons fris├ęs, would that be the next big trend in film? One can only hope.

What director Robert Zemeckis doesn't quite understand is that the visualization of the ghost is not necessary to the development of the story. Claire Spencer (Pfeiffer) sees a ghost in the house. Naturally, her husband, Dr. Norman Spencer (Harrison Ford), thinks she's cuckoo. Zemeckis, digital crackhead that he is, takes in a long hit of special effects so that the audience can see the ghost in living color, which automatically forces us to believe Claire. Once she starts making accusations and investigates the ghosts identity, we have no choice but to believe something is up.

This whole setup is antithetical to the development of the film's suspense. What the audience needed was to doubt Claire. That way, the second half of the movie wouldn't have been a foregone conclusion. But because "The Sixth Sense" made it cool to see ghosts, Claire just has to see the ghost. It just goes to show how modern filmmakers value special effects and precious little else.

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  • David Lewis' (Peter Gallagher) problem is this: His wife, Gillian(Michelle Pfeiffer) died a few years ago in a boating accident and now David makes a habit of walking on the beach and talking to her.

  • Warning: Major, major spoilers.

    This film reminded me of "The Ring" and not in a good way. It's another in a long line of films in which a ghost tries to communicate with the living.

Know a ghost? You can be a TV star!

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Paranormal Investigation Series Casting Call

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PS:  Craig's list is consistently funnier than any comic strip today.



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Dan, of late from Cincinnati and currently in Miami, should venture forth for a viewing of Paranormal Activity. Personally, I couldn't wait until the boyfriend was soundly trounced.  The best part of that stinker was the ample-bosomed girlfriend, who should have beaten the shit out of him before things really got out of hand.

Film company seeking transgender persons for legit film

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All you have to do is cut it off to get this movie part.  From Craigslist.org:

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{;-) Dan (playing The Crying Game) in Miami

See the guy/girl that wrote the score to A Clockwork Orange

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and also the Shining and Tron.  It was Walter and now it's Wendy.

Mr Fool's dream job. No pants required.

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From the Craigslist.org help wanted section:Male Santa Stripper Wanted

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PS:  What better job for a pants averse Canadian?  He already has the ruddy red cheeks and nose from building his igloo while swigging massive quantities of beer, eh?

Thanks, Dan-o, but...

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I'm kinda male-averse when my pants are down, if ya get my drift.

Here's a little something for you, though:

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In Chinese it would be:  Ching gay woh ee bay pee joh

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{;-) Dan in Miami

PS:  At one point in the 1800's Cincinnati was the beer brewing capital of North America.  That was before Prohibition of course.  

In Canukistani, it's

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BITCH! Get me another fookin' beer. NOW!


If you're in a bar:

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It's spelled "kwrw" and pronounced "koo-roo."

Silly Welsh. . .

Best regards, Wally

Gals! Make money from your head lice!

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Not sure if this is for real.  God I love Craigs List.


{;-) Dan in Miami


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