What's the Worst That Could Happen?

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1. Martin Lawrence, who plays a professional thief, accidentally takes an extra swig of cough medicine during his next shoot and starts slurring his words so badly that only Stephen Hawking's computer can understand what the hell he's trying to say.

2. Danny DeVito's lift specialist is killed during a freak rubber plant accident.

3. Nora Dunn and Larry Miller (she plays the rich DeVito's fat wife and he plays DeVito's fat security guard) spend their down time in the local Krispy Kreme and must be forced through the exit door using a Costco-sized tub of Vaseline, a firehose and a tractor.

4. More of the mediocre SNL cast members could show up in this film.

5. Director Sam Weisman takes another Donald E. Westlake novel and tries to turn it into yet another comedy, this time starring Pauley Shore and Gilbert Gottfried.

6. John Leguizamo and Martin Lawrence sign a mega-picture deal to star with Danny DeVito in every film they make, declaring, "He makes us look tall."

7. Film starts these trends:
a. Long film titles that use rhetorical questions that make no sense at all.
b. Comedies in which no character is likable yet director tries desperately to make the audience like them.
c. Stealing becomes a cool, hip way to attract chicks.
d. Attempting to recover a worthless ring becomes the plot of every all movies.

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