Where the Money Is

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Okay, so Henry (Paul Newman) can put the butt of a cigarette out in his hand without flinching. How does this translate into sitting around catatonically pretending to have a stroke? When he gets transferred to a nursing home, nurse Carol (Linda Fiorentino) gives him a lap dance and he still doesn't flinch.

This is only one of many, many rather circumspect incidents in "Where the Money Is." Presumably, Carol is sick of her boring life and because she thinks Henry is faking it, she rolls him off the pier in his wheelchair. Good thing he's actually faking it or Carol would be finding all sorts of excitement in prison. If this were accepted treatment, don't you think we'd hear about it? "Oh, another stroke victim was rolled into the freeway in Santa Monica yesterday."

Once Carol and her husband, Wayne (Dermot Mulroney), establish that Henry is a big faker, Carol somehow gets him to agree to help her rob an armored car. Aside from the fact that she doesn't have any experience with this, it seems to involve an awful lot of running around on Henry's part. Naturally, he makes it through the entire film without anyone seeing him, except for Wayne of course, who immediately suspects that Henry and Carol are having some sort of affair. I don't know why he was concerned, since Paul Newman is so old he can barely get up to go to the bathroom.

There's no other specific excuse given for Carol's sudden interest in crime. The only problem with her marriage is that the excitement has gone out of it. This is illustrated in the opening scene when Carol and Wayne drive their mustang off an embankment. Now that they've been married awhile and they are no longer driving their cars off embankments, Carol has decided that a life of crime will solve her problems. It's a typical film convention that doesn't work here any better than it ever did.

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