Who Framed Roger Rabbit

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This was the first step in the slippery slope of replacing actors with digital characters. In this case, what was essentially a film noir was changed to include animated characters (none of which were computer-generated), most notably, the very annoying title character who was an amalgamation of Bugs Bunny, Goofy, Mickey Mouse and a few others. In other words, a rip-off. He has one of those voices (done by Charles Fleisher) that seemed kind of original when it was done, but now makes me want peel my toenails off with a pair of pliers.

Eddie Valiant (Bob Hoskins) is the detective who must help Roger find who framed the rabbit for a murder. For quite some time, Eddie suspects that Roger's wife, Jessica Rabbit (voice by Kathleen Turner), has something to do with it. I think it's relevant now to stop and consider that young men masturbate to pictures of Jessica Rabbit. This was the intention, I think. It's genuinely disturbing, much like this movie. Every time I see her I get the creeps and images of very lonely, overworked animators in my head.

Frankly, I was rather perplexed that this movie had both Bugs Bunny and Mickey Mouse in it. How is that possible? That's like bringing animated Israelis and animated Palestinians together to sing Kumbayah. And anytime some ground-breaking animated flick comes out, I think of the army of animators who worked on it, slaving away on those drawing farms, living hand-to-mouth and never receiving any credit. Not that they deserve any for this film.

DVD Comments: Here's what I don't understand -- this two-disc set has the movie on both discs. One disc just has the movie. The other has the movie with commentary. Apparently what Touchstone intended was for kids to watch disc one and adults to watch disc two. Only, this is backwards, since the kids are more likely to go exploring the complicated disc while the parents try to figure out how to operate the remote. And you know that scene where Jessica is knocked out of the car and her dress flies open, revealing a bit of animated skin that caused a bigger uproar than the invasion of Panama? Fixed, as far as I can tell. One assumes the animators finally decided to get their jollies somewhere else.

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