Win A Date with Tad Hamilton

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Quite simply, this is one of those stupid, tedious movies in which the girl has a guy friend who's obviously perfect for her, but she falls for another guy who's completely wrong for her, forcing the guy friend to suck it up and finally admit his love, which in turn forces the girl to make a choice between the two. Of course, she initially makes the wrong choice, but then realizes her error and returns to the guy friend and they live happily ever after. This perpetuates the myth that nice guys can finish first when all that ever happens to nice guys in the real world is that they get emotionally cornholed over and over again until they eventually die unfulfilled and bitter.

In this case, West Virginia simpleton Rosalee Futch (Kate Bosworth) wins a date with Hollywood superstar actor Tad Hamilton (Jose Duhamel). This is a dream come true for Rosalee who pines for the star in her local theater, accompanied by supermarket co-workers Cathy (Ginnifer Goodwin) and Pete (Topher Grace). Naturally, Pete is pining for Rosalee something fierce and his love couldn't be more obvious if he drew her portrait in his own blood two stories tall on the side of the tallest building in West Virginia.

Despite the fact that Tad is getting laid more than Hugh Hefner, he takes to the innocent Rosalee because he's trying to change his image or needs to appreciate life or something stupid like that. He even goes so far to visit Rosalee in West Virginia and buy a farm there. Despite Tad's attention, Rosalee continues to walk around with that "aw, shucks" attitude like she has no idea that it would probably be in her best interest to have Tad tested for a wide variety of venereal disease before she goes within five feet of him.

Rosalee actually goes off to Hollywood with Tad, but on the plane, the strangest thing seems to happen. Tad realizes that the movie is running too long, so he just sort of admits that he's a phony. Rosalee realizes Pete is her one, true love, and the plane turns around. If only I could have pulled a similar 180 before walking into the theater.

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