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American Airlines – They Know Why You Fly

American Airlines’ name might lead you to believe they only service destinations in the United States of America, but in reality this trusted name in aviation can take you all over the world. Read on to find out the rich history of this company and how to take advantages of American Airlines coupons available today!


American Airlines started out under the name American Airways in the late 1920s. They began as a common brand name for a group of independent carriers with different routes across the United States. In 1930, they were incorporated under a single company based out of New York with routes to major United States hubs like Chicago, Boston, Dallas and Los Angeles.

In 1934 the company was purchased and the name changes to American Airlines, and was instrumental in the development of New York’s LaGuardia Airport. The company’s owner Errett Lobban Cord was a ambitious businessman who also ran taxi companies, automobile plants, and a variety of other American companies. His business sense helped the airline expand to being one of the most well known United States carriers. He also created the ground-breaking Admirals Club airline lounge at the LaGuardia Airport. This was a special lounge in the airport reserved for passengers on American Airlines’ flights. This set the stage for many airline lounges to follow in the future. Today, airline lounges are a common service provided by most airlines.

The 1960s brought more routes within the USA and additional international destinations including Honolulu, Samoa, and Australia. Around this time the well-known “AA” logo – which the company still uses today – was created and has gone on to be one of the most recognizable logos in existence. Lower fuel prices in the 1980s lead to more expansion and a “hub-and-spoke” system to allow more flights to connect to more destinations within the United States and abroad. Although the late 1990s lead to cut-backs and mergers, the company remained afloat by offering affordable, economic fares and expanding to new destinations, including Ireland, India and China.
Today, the American Airlines remains a viable business and strong competitor in the commercial aviation world. Their slogan, “we know why you fly” reflects their dedication to getting their passengers to their destination.

Current Destinations

American Airlines’ current destinations include a variety of locations within the United States and also a host of exotic locations on four different continents. Although they are known for having 81 domestic destinations, they have flights to over 250 cities in 40 different countries! The Chicago O’hare airport and New York Kennedy airport serve as their main gateways for heading out into Europe and Asia. Thanks to the connecting flights throughout America that head to these two main airports, most customers can jump on a domestic flight from a major US city to New York or Chicago, and from there, to their destination.

American Airlines is the only United States airline that flies to Anguilla, Bolivia, Grenada, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines and Uruguay. Other popular destinations are Japan, India, Beijing and a variety of South American destinations. American Airlines also flies to many resort destinations in the Caribbean islands such as Aruba, Jamaica, as well as tropical destinations like Costa Rica and Puerto Rico. These flights usually leave out of the Los Angels International airport, Chicago O’hare airport, or the New York JFK Airport.


American Airlines fleet consists of Boeing 767 and MD-80 airplanes. The Boeing 767 is the common plane for shorter flights. These midsized planes are a balance of economy and passenger comfort. Many flights offer first class, business and coach class seats with varying amenities and seat size. The similar MD-80 is often used on longer flights and has more capacity. American Airlines adheres to all international safety codes and conducts regular inspections of their fleets. They also proactively replace older planes in their fleet with newer ones, ensuring that safety and reliability are never missing from their services.
Typical offerings on an American Airlines flight include a meal, drinks, blanket, and pillow. Longer flights often contain in-flight movies and TV programs. American Airlines is the first airline to offer wireless internet available on their flights. This means you can hook up your laptop and stay connected to what’s going on even while in the air!
American Airlines has over 900 aircraft that make almost 3000 flights a day. With their excellent system of connecting flights, they can surely take you where you want to go.

American Airlines Coupons

American Airlines coupons can save you a bundle on your flight! The best way to find American Airlines coupons is to check out their official site. This site has new specials and discounts for last minute flights and weekend flights. Taking advantage of these last minute flights can save you a lot of money and still get you where you are going.

The American Airlines frequent flyer program is another great way to save money and earn bonus miles for future flights. Some flights that are under booked reward you with extra miles. The even double them in certain situations. You can also find special deals with popular airline websites like Expedia, Travelocity, Orbitz, and Priceline. These sites can save you hundreds if you find deals at the right time. Get on their email lists to get up-to-the-minute updates on new deals that emerge. Setting aside some money for a last-minute flight fund can lead you to surprisingly affordable vacations.

There are also coupon websites like Deals Plus and other similar sites which couple discounts from American Airlines with purchasing other products. Don’t forget about special bank promotions in conjunction with credit cards! Using your credit card could be earning you miles with banks like Chase or with other Visa and Master Card promotional programs.

American Airlines is a solid company with a long history of good customer service and lots of exciting destinations. Be sure to take advantage of American Airlines coupons when you travel with this excellent airline. Remember, they know why you fly.

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