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History of Applebee’s

The restaurant chain Applebee’s has its roots in Atlanta, Georgia, where it was founded by married couple Bill and T. J. Palmer. The duo’s vision for the restaurant was one in which full service, tasty food, reasonable prices and and a comfortable atmosphere in a neighborhood setting would be provided to every customer. The first restaurant was called “T. J. Appleby’s Edibles & Elixirs”, and opened in November of 1980. It was positioned as a welcoming alternative to rowdy bar and grills.

Did you Know?

According to T.J. Palmer, other names considered for the restaurant were “T.J. Pepper’s” and “T.J. Cinnamon’s”.

Applebee’s Expands

In 1982, Bill and T.J. Palmer opened another location in Atlanta. They then shortened the name to the shorter and simpler “Applebee’s”. The couple had dreams of expanding the Applebee’s chain nationwide. To fulfill that dream, the Palmers then sold the Applebee’s restaurant concept to W. R. Grace in the summer of 1983. As a requirement of the sale and transaction, Bill Palmer was then named President of the Applebee’s Division of W. R. Grace, becoming an indirect subsidiary. In his capacity as president, Palmer guided the Applebee’s concept from its humble entrepreneurial and gustatory beginnings into a fully-fledged restaurant franchise system. Bill and T.J. Palmer became the flagship Applebee’s franchisees in the fall of 1985. They own and operate 40 Applebee’s in Atlanta today.

In late 1988, the division was renamed Applebee’s International, Inc (AIC). AIC would become the restaurant chain’s main franchiser when two Kansas City franchisees, John Hamra and Abe Gustin , bought the rights to the Applebee’s restaurant concept from W. R. Grace. The name of the restaurant chain was then changed to “Applebee’s Neighborhood Grill & Bar” in a branding effort designed to better reflect the Palmers’ original restaurant concept of the restaurant being a place that visitors could call their own.

Applebee’s Goes Public

In mid-1989 Applebee’s (as AIC) finalized an IPO (initial public offering) of a majority of its common stock. There were also offerings of more of the company’s subsequent stock in March of 1992 and July of 1995. The AIC stock trades via the National Market tier, with the symbol in the NASDAQ Stock Market. When AIC acquired the Applebee’s name and resaurants in 1988, there were just 54 restaurants in operation nationwide. The Applebee’s restaurant chain now is the world’s largest casual dining restaurant brand. In the second quarter of 2000, Applebee’s became the world’s first casual dining restaurant concept to have over 1,800 restaurant locations worldwide. As of November 25, 2007, there are 1,965 Applebee’s restaurants that operate in every single state in the USA, as well as in 17 countries and Puerto Rico.

What Makes Applebee’s Famous?

Marketed and branded as “America’s Favorite Neighborhood”, every single Applebee’s restaurant draws most of its décor and displays from the very neighborhood in which that particular restaurant is located. The decor conveys the theme of being the “favorite neighborhood” destination by displaying photographs and collections of memorabilia that feature hometown heroes as well as local high schools, colleges and other areas of local history.

Applebee’s is famous for its relaxed atmosphere, family friendly environment and casual dining. The restaurant offers many mainstream American food items served in skillets such as shrimp, pasta and chicken. Its most famous signature dish are its barbecued Riblets. All Applebee’s restaurants feature an area with a sit-down where alcoholic beverages are served. Applebee’s has several signature drinks, such the Perfect Margarita and the AppleBeeTini.

What Are Some Current Applebee’s Deals and Discount Programs?

Applebee’s is currently offering a “2 for 20 Deal” lunch and dinner offering – no coupons required. Customers chose one of four different appetizers, and then choose two of 7 different entrees, all for a total of 20 dollars. Applebee’s is also offering a Pick & Pair Lunch Program deal, were starting at just $5.95, one can pick two of the following menu items for one low price: French Onion Soup, Tomato Basil Soup, Chili, Soup of the Day, Asian Crunch Salad, Grilled Shrimp & Spinach Salad, Oriental Chicken Salad, Applebee’s Caesar Salad, Three-Cheese Chicken Penne, Applebee’s Reuben, California Turkey Club, or the French Dip Sliders.

Where Can You Find Applebee’s Coupons?

Although the meals you will find at Applebee’s are not particularly expensive, the cost of eating out on a regular basis can start to add up over time. And in today’s economy, every penny saved counts. The smartest thing to do in order to spend less on dining out is to make use of Applebee’s coupons.

Looking for these coupons need not be difficult; Applebee’s coupons can be found in a wide variety of differing locations. Applebee’s coupons can occasionally be found in mass-mailing circulars or coupon books featuring local business. One of the most overlooked sources of Applebee’s copons are the very mailings you might have dismissed as mere “junk mail” that arrives in your mailbox every week. A smart shopper will take a little time to look through those coupon mailings to see if what Applebee’s deals they will find. Applebee’s discount coupons will also sometimes appear in your local newspaper advertising sections as well. The most likely time to find Applebee’s coupons in the newspaper is the Sunday circular, as there are always large full color coupon sections included within.

However, the best source for Applebee’s coupons that you will find is the World Wide Web. Many websites that offer casual dining and restaurant coupons for businesses like Applebee’s also allow you to print out coupons for free. Applebee’s itself offers some excellent coupons and online only discounts. If you surf to the official Applebee’s website at, you can find a list of promotional website special offers. If you sign up for the Applebee’s email newsletter, you can also get some special meal discounts that are unavailable anywhere else. If you join the official fan page for Applebee’s on Facebook, there are additional coupons to be had, as well as Facebook-only invitations to special events in your area.

Applebee’s coupons will provide the savvy shopper many different types of discounts. Percentage discounts are the type of savings most offered in coupons that come in the mail. Some Applebee’s coupons will establish a required minimum purchase amount, and then reduce the total of your bill by a set dollar amount. For example, there are coupons offered by Applebee’s that will give a discount $15 off a $35 total bill. You can also find coupons that offer a discount with a purchase of certain drinks, desserts or entrees.

When you make yourself aware of where you need to look, you will be able to find many different kinds of Applebee’s coupons. Between searching the Internet, signing up for e-mail newsletters, looking for advertisements in your local newspaper, and keeping an eye on your mailbox, you are sure to find some great Applebee’s coupons.

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