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Behind only stamp collecting, aquarium keeping is the second most popular hobby in the United States. Those individuals who keep their own sea creatures will almost certainly appreciate large public aquariums, which stand as some of the most popular attractions in many of the world’s largest cities. The first aquarium came about in 1853 in London. It was a part of the London Zoo and housed a number of incredible animals. That was a popular attraction then, and the first American aquarium in 1856 was similarly popular. Built by P.T. Barnham, that first site was located in New York. A new aquarium in Boston soon followed, and many more have popped up around the country.

Today, aquariums in Washington, Atlanta, San Diego, Boston, San Francisco, Myrtle Beach, New Orleans, and many other cities attract visitors each and every day. They come to see an array of animals and there are often special, seasonal displays to go along with the basic animal collections. In keeping with the traditions of original aquariums, many of today’s most popular spots offer conservation training to kids and adults alike. This helps to preserve the world’s waters.

Turtle collections

There are many reasons why people would use their aquarium coupons. Some people like to see different kinds of fish, while others like to see stingrays. Among the most popular collections are loggerhead turtle displays. These are on display in a number of the best aquariums in the country, including the prominent National Aquarium in Washington, D.C. Likewise, there is an extensive turtle display at the Myrtle Beach, South Carolina aquarium. Given the fragile nature of the turtle population, these displays are intended to do much more than entertain. They help to promote growth in the turtle population and inform people about the state of the loggerhead species.

Interest in penguins

Some of the people who use those aquarium coupons will be coming for something very different. If you visit the Boston Aquarium, you will immediate see a penguin display. Many people come just for this reason, as penguins are some of the most interesting animals on the planet. The collection is full of small, swimming penguins who routinely do diving exercises in plain sight. As far as the Boston location’s attractions are concerned, the penguin tank is among the most frequently viewed.

Whales in Chicago

When most people think about whales, they think specifically about the large, powerful creatures that are seen jumping through the Pacific Ocean. Though these are probably the most impressive of all of the whales, there are some that smaller and on display. When you take aquarium coupons to Chicago’s Shedd Aquarium, you stand a great chance of seeing something spectacular in the beluga whale exhibit. The past decade has seen these beluga whales give birth routinely, and the display is among the most important in any aquarium. It is a unique setting that is certainly worth visiting if you are in Chicago and you have aquarium coupons to help out.

Sharks abounding

If you took a poll of the most popular items in any aquarium around the country, you would probably get lots of people to talk about sharks. After all, sharks are powerful and many movies have been made about their abilities. The Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta is one place where the sharks are on full display. There are whale sharks, tiger sharks, and hammerheads, depending upon when you visit. The nice thing about this particular exhibit is that they continually rotate sharks, so there is always something new to see. Those folks with aquarium coupons will get to view the amazing shark tank, which features many tons of water and a unique environment for the sharks to roam around.

There are quite a few other shark displays in aquariums around the United States, given the popularity of that animals. One of the most unique is found in the Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. Though not a traditional aquarium, the resort’s “Shark Reef” is one of the must-see things in that city. It is a multi-million dollar facility designed to display some of the most impressive sharks the world has seen. The nice thing about that particular exhibit is that it is very easy to get aquarium coupons at the Mandalay Bay.

How to find discounts online

All of the major aquariums around the country have excellent website resources for people who want aquarium coupons. The Georgia Aquarium, for instance, has an entire section of its site dedicated to its sponsored admissions program. Under this program, school groups and camp groups can go into the aquarium for a discounted price. Given the nature of the business and how they are into teaching as well as entertainment, many of these programs exist around the country.

Annual member passes are a popular way to get a discount when it comes to admission to the best aquariums in the country. Each of these locations has an annual pass that can be purchased a for a huge discount over the price of recurring admission. By using this loyalty program of sorts, people can use the aquarium as often as they would like without having to go out of pocket time and again. Given the large nature of most exhibits, this is the best idea for seeing everything there is to see. Most aquariums offer seasonal passes, as well, so you can get the benefits of an annual pass with a reduced price tag. The following aquariums have annual passes that can be purchased through the official website:

* Georgia Aquarium
* Sea World San Diego
* Sea World Orlando
* Florida Aquarium
* Shedd Aquarium
* Boston Aquarium
* New York Aquarium
* Dallas Aquarium at Fair Park

Likewise, has an extensive list of aquarium coupons that can be used on a one-time basis at the majority of aquariums in the United States. If there is nothing available when you look on the official website, then this is an option that will lend quite a few results.

Finding aquarium coupons offline

If you have little luck using the internet or you would like to look for some supplemental aquarium coupons, then you will have to look locally. Except for the Sea World chains, all aquariums are locally owned and operated, so they will have different policies on how they disperse discounts. Finding aquarium coupons is not uncommon, especially during the down months. Don’t expect to find these during the summer when the place is full of business, but there may be a chance to get aquarium coupons for the winter months when there are special displays going on.

Likewise, a good place to look for aquarium coupons is in a nature-based magazine. They tend to advertise directly to those people who would be interested in animals and preservation. Look at smaller, local magazines for this kind of discount opportunity. An example of this would be a magazine like Carolina Wildlife for people in South Carolina. A Ducks Unlimited magazine would be another excellent example of a place where one could find aquarium coupons. This is much more hit or miss than the online coupons, and will require fortunate timing to pay off.

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