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Bath and Body Works Company History

Bath and Body Works, LLC was founded in 1990 in New Albany, Ohio and is an American retail establishment under the Limited Brand. Their main items for sale include women’s fragrances, lotions, bath/shower gels and bubble baths, and home fragrances such as air fresheners, wall plug-ins and candles. They have expanded across the United States and launched both a catalog and a website in 2006. Bath and Body Works’ first television commercials began appearing in November, 2006. In July, 2008, they announced that they were opening six locations in Canada in order to capitalize on a growing Canadian market for their products. In January, 2009, Bath and Body Works changed the packaging on their Signature Collection body care products, as well as the Slatkin & Co. and Bath and Body Works Signature home fragrances. There are currently more than 1,600 Bath and Body Works stores across the United States and Canada.

Bath and Body Works Remains Extremely Popular

Bath and Body Works has been a huge favorite among many women over the last two decades. They offer so many products that appeal to a wide age-range of female consumers. Among some of the different scents they offer are fragrances that are young and fun, sophisticated, sensual and sexy, sweet and fruity, intoxicatingly floral, fresh and clean, light and sunny, and some scents incorporate several of these attributes. Bath and Body Works provides fragrance lovers with countless options and they are constantly developing and introducing new scents.

While they are forever developing new fragrance options to offer, many women remain extremely loyal to some of their classic scents and have worn them for years. A woman can literally spend years sampling different perfumes trying to find her perfect every day fragrance, and there are many women whose “signature” fragrance hails from Bath and Body Works. Three of the most popular classic scents offered by Bath and Body Works are as follows.

Country Apple: This is a clean, fresh, fruity fragrance. Country Apple is one of those “feel good” scents that is very comforting and pleasing. It is hard to imagine anyone not liking this fragrance, as it truly smells like fresh apples, without any other offensive scent notes mixed in to distract or complicate things. It is also one of those scents that seems to integrate well with every woman’s body chemistry and smells good on everyone. This is a great fragrance for any season. Absolutely beautiful.

Juniper Breeze: This a clean, fresh, breezy fragrance. Juniper Breeze has the fresh, airy scent of junipers blowing in a Spring breeze. It is NOT one of those strong and offensive “soapy-smelling” clean fragrances. By contrast, it is incredibly light and refreshing, only noticeable to someone who is in very close proximity to the fragrance wearer. This is a wonderful scent for Spring or Summer. Just lovely.

Sun-Ripened Raspberry: This is another clean, fresh, fruity fragrance. Those who enjoy Country Apple typically love Sun-Ripened Raspberry as well. It incorporates the mouth-watering, sweet scent of red raspberries with fresh green accord. This mix of scents is absolutely intoxicating, allowing the wearer to enjoy smelling sweet and fruity while still smelling sophisticated at the same time. Sun-Ripened Raspberry is also a great fragrance for any season. Truly sensual.

Saving Money with Bath and Body Works

One of the wonderful attributes of Bath and Body Works is the fact that, while they offer countless amazing fragrances, their prices are extremely affordable. Most bottles of body splash, bath/shower gel, bubble bath, lotion and body cream average around $10 per bottle for the full size.

Even better is the fact that Bath and Body Works always offers incredible deals to consumers who purchase more than one item. Currently, their website is offering the following deals.

Signature Collection Body Care: Buy 3 Items, Get 3 Items Free (Save up to $88.50)
Body Care, Classics & More: $3.00 for Select Items While Supplies Last
Select Body Care: Buy 2 Items, Get 2 Items Free
Breathe Body Care: $8.00 for a Limited Time (Save $4.50)
Anti-Bacterial Hand Soap: 4 for $15 or 6 for $20
Select Candles: 50% Off (Save up to $9.75)
Home Fragrance Oils: $4.00 With Purchase of Scent-Bug or Oil Warmer
Clearance Sale: Save up to 75% off Select Items Store Wide
Select Socks: $4.00
Select Lip Favorites: $5.00
Select Wallflowers: $7.00
Scentport Starter Sets: $8.00
Select Wexler Skin Care: $45.00
Men’s Collection: Buy 3 Items, Get 3 Items Free
Select Passport Tahiti: $8.00
FitFlop: $34.75 and up
Up to 30% off Sandals
Up to 40% off Giftsets
2 for $20.00 Wallflowers
2 for $5.00 and 5 for $5.00 Sanitizers
5 for $15.00 or 7 for $20.00 Select Mix and Match

In addition to the incredible savings offered to all consumers of the Bath and Body Works shopping website, one can save even more by becoming an email mailing list member. Bath and Body Works sends amazing members only offers, sales, deals and coupons weekly to their customers who sign up for email. The process is extremely easy. Simply go to the Bath and Body Works website, scroll to the bottom of the page and click in the text box near the bottom right-hand corner, where it says “Sign Up for Email.” Simply enter your email and start saving!

Along with signing up for special email offers from Bath and Body Works, consumers also have the option to sign up for mobile phone alerts. Bath and Body Works will then send the member exclusive offers, sales, deals and coupons via text message.

Yet another money saving option provided to customers is the option to join Bath and Body Works as a “friend” on Facebook. They often offer promotions, sales and deals to their Facebook friends.

Bath and Body Works Coupons

There are countless websites that offer online Bath and Body Works coupon codes and printable coupons. Following is a list of just some of these such websites.

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