Bed Bath and Beyond 20% Off Coupons

History of Bed Bath & Beyond

Bed Bath & Beyond is one of the largest home goods stores located in the United States, with stores all across the nation. Although the store is recognized by most everybody these days, Bed Bath & Beyond got their start as a small chain of stores located in New York. The vision was created by Leonard Feinstein and Warren Eisenberg who founded the Bed ‘n Bath stores on the East coast during the 1970s. While popular, the duo saw the market shifting into large, specialty stores that focused on selling one group of products. Yet with the recent competition of such stores as Linen ‘n Things and Luxury Linens tapping into this lucrative market of home goods, Feinstein and Eisenberg set their stores apart from the rest by opening superstores, large specialty stores that were packed with merchandise.

In 1987, the Bed ‘n Bath stores changed their name to Bed Bath & Beyond and continued to grow from here on out. The stores relied heavily on word-of-mouth, reducing costs of marketing to consumers and instead putting the money into providing plenty of stock and even free home delivery. Currently, Bed Bath & Beyond is one of the first choices for those looking for home goods, starting a bridal registry or shopping for a unique gift. The foundation that Feinstein and Eisenberg placed into their stores is still alive and running today.

What Customers Love About Bed Bath & Beyond

Bed Bath & Beyond is known for their large selection of merchandise, selling every color, size and style of each product. They are best known for selling bed linens, bath accessories, cookware, kitchenware and small home appliances. To add to the visual appeal of the stores, the products are stocked vertically, from floor to ceiling. This makes it easy to shop in each home goods category and have everything right in line’s view. The stores are always well-stocked, so customers can be assured that the products they came for will be there. Indeed, customer service is superior at these stores, making it easy to find a staff member to assist in locating merchandise or getting them down from high shelves.

Bed Bath & Beyond is also recognized for being competitive in their prices, with costs lower or comparable to those found in department stores. The stores’ layouts are easy to navigate so that customers can make their rounds and shop in each section in less than a half hour. Upon approaching the registers where friendly staff awaits, there are goodies up at the front counter such as candies, air fresheners and gadgets.

Bed Bath & Beyond Special Offers

It is not just the friendly staff, well-stocked stores and abundance of colorful merchandise that keeps customers coming back to Bed Bath & Beyond. The company offers no hassle returns no matter where you shop, online, through catalog or in-store, with 100% satisfaction guarantees on all the products. Plenty of items ship for free and there is a clearance section when shopping in the stores or online, saving customers up to 80% off the original price. Even better, the stores offer their highly popular bridal and gift registries for couples who are just starting out.

To make shopping at Bed Bath & Beyond more attractive and affordable, the stores offer a consistent assortment of coupons. The most famous of them all is the Bed Bath & Beyond 20% off coupon that is sent through the mail or can be found in the newspaper. This coupon is good off one item purchased through the store, with thousands of items to choose from. Customers love this offer, as it makes it a great time to save 20% off large home goods, such as a new bedding set or patio set. Another popular coupon that Bed Bath & Beyond offers is their $5 off coupon. This offer takes $5 off a purchase of $25 or more, perfect for those smaller purchases where customers can save a few dollars.

Finding Bed Bath & Beyond Coupons Online

Fortunately, Bed Bath & Beyond coupons are easy to find and plentiful, being offered many times throughout the year. Yet how does one get their hands on these great offers? The easiest way to find coupons is by looking online. By signing up on Bed Bath & Beyond’s website for their email offers, customers can immediately be rewarded with coupons and special offers sent directly to their email. They can then print the coupons off and present them to the store. This is the best option since the coupons are legit and customers always stay on top of the latest store sales and offers.

Keep in mind that while some outside resources may offer Bed Bath & Beyond coupons, stick to those that are offered directly through the store. Many times, online coupons are counterfeit and the stores will not accept them. To ensure that you do not get a counterfeit coupon, stick to those that come directly from the source.

Finding Bed Bath & Beyond Coupons Offline

Besides online email coupons, customers can also choose to sign up on the mailing list. Generally, the stores will ask for the customer’s phone number, and then log this information to send out mailers and flyers. Not only do the customers receive incentives, coupons and special offers, but the mailers give customers an idea of what’s new in the stores and what products are hot sellers for the upcoming selling season. Plus, the coupons are large and easy to spot so there’s less chance of misplacing them.

Indeed, customers can always search for coupons the old-fashioned way, by looking through the newspaper. Bed Bath & Beyond is also generous with making sure their coupons reach the homes of people who are not on the email or mailing lists, plus this serves as an extra way to scrounge up a few more coupons to use on separate purchases. In order to identify their coupons, Bed Bath & Beyond makes them oversized and features a large 20 or 5, representing the 20% off or $5 off coupons.

Bed Bath & Beyond MasterCard

For regular shoppers who cannot get enough, Bed Bath & Beyond has their very own MasterCard that customers can apply for. While the credit card operates as any standard card, the shoppers can earn points to use on Bed Bath & Beyond purchases. This is a great alternative to using other credit cards that do not offer reward points. Not only do purchases through Bed Bath & Beyond work towards the points, but so do purchases made from gas, groceries and dining out.

By shopping on the company’s website, shoppers will find that the site is easy to navigate and has their special offers located near the bottom of the page. Customers can sign up for the email list, receiving coupons and special offers almost immediately, as well as apply for the credit card or shop through the clearance section. Bed Bath & Beyond also features their new and hottest selling products on their home page. With their continuous dedication to keeping the stores well-stocked with the newest and latest technology, Bed Bath & Beyond is a store that offers great rewards and incentives to those who shop there.

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  1. Jeanette Badillo says:

    I love your store!

  2. alex Patterson says:

    I like these in store coupons.

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    great store shop thee al the time

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    Looking forward to experiencing the store myself.

  5. Colleen Nicholl says:

    Looking forward to experiencing the store myself

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    I would like to receive a 20%off coupon ,I love BB&B!

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    I have trying all afternoon to print out a 20% coupon from your site as I will be going to Bed Bath and Beyond to shop tomorrow and I have not been able to find a site that will show a coupon that I can print. I am at the point now I am ready to give up, why you have this sites and then you can’t print a coupon right from that site I don’t know. I feel like I have wasted several hours until the 20% coupon isn’t worth trying for.

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    I don’t know what you mean by website. Don’t know much about computers.

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