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Bed, Bath and Beyond Company History

In 1971, two businessmen combined their talents and resources to open a series of specialty stores they called Bed ‘n Bath Inc. Leonard Feinstein and Warren Eisenberg were the masterminds behind the then untested concept of selling household items in a superstore environment.

Given today’s large variety of specialty stores designed to look like mainstream department stores, it’s difficult to imagine a world where none of those stores existed. Everyone owes pioneers like Feinstein and Eisenberg a healthy amount of gratitude for their trendsetting idea. All of the usual household items were storewide in several different departments, with special attention paid to the atmosphere of the store and presentation of the merchandise.

Feinstein and Eisenberg felt that buying bedding and bath accessories should feel luxurious, like some special was occurring. The presentation of their merchandise was so powerful that it led to the opening of their first superstore in 1985. The mammoth 20,000 square foot outlet was impressive from beginning to end and it ushered in a new era for the company. Two years later, in 1987, Bed ‘n Batch Inc. became Bed Bath & beyond. The variety of merchandise on the menu was expanding to include all type of household items, not just bed and bath products.

The new superstores were stacked from floor to ceiling in an imposing arrangement of household item artistry that has helped the company maintain its popularity today.

Bed Bath & Beyond Claims to Fame

Bed Bath & Beyond is a household goods store. In the beginning, bedding and bath accessories were the focal point of the store, but over the years the store expanded into a home décor superstore that sells everything from dishes to massage chairs.

Even though the new additions to the store were well-received by customers, the focal point of the store remains its devotion to making the home a more beautiful and luxurious place to live. Everything you see in a Bed Bath & Beyond store reflect the original vision of making each and every home a unique work of art, from kitchen to living room.

Today the store sells an eclectic blend of products. They’ve got their beautiful bed sets on display, but they’ve also expanded their departments to include areas for pet supplies, luggage, electronics, and even beauty and wellness. The concept is simple: Everything useful that can be found in a home can also be found in Bed Bath & Beyond. The variety of the selection is staggering, the display of merchandise often breathtaking. Anyone that has ever been into a Bed Bath & Beyond store knows that its design and beautiful products make it a pleasing home to visiting customers.

Some of the most popular departments that exist in a typical Bed Bath & Beyond store are:

• Casual Dining
• Cookware
• Cutlery
• Storage
• Lighting

The common theme among all these departments is the amount of thought that goes into organizing the products into a pleasing presentation that properly reflects their elegance and usefulness. Bed Bath & Beyond is a store that handles this area of salesmanship as good as any store in the world today. They present their large amount of merchandise in a way that doesn’t cheapen it. The quantity is all quality too. They offer so many color variations and patterns of their products that virtually anyone can walk into the store and find at least one beautiful home product to take home.

Clearance Items

The Web site of Bed Bath & beyond is overflowing with savings opportunities. The special clearance section of the site is an area where people can find some of the best sales on home décor that they’ll find anywhere. Things are listed at rock bottom prices. The products found there aren’t junk either. It’s all top quality stuff that simply falls in the overstock category. Shoppers can expect to find top quality merchandise that for some reason is still in stock and needs to go in a hurry. The deals are fantastic but come and go as quick as lightning. It’s best to bookmark the clearance page if you expect to grab the best offers available. They don’t stick around long.

Finding the Perfect Coupons

There are two primary ways that people find deals online: Through a company Web site where official offers can be found, or by using a search engine to find online coupon sites. Whenever possible, it’s wise to opt for the official store Web site to obtain sales and offers. The store knows itself best and the sales offered on an official Web site will always reflect the most recent and accurate savings opportunities. When special offers can’t be found on the company Web site, then it’s okay to explore elsewhere for coupon offers.

Discounts And Programs

There’s a terrific mailing list on the official Bed Bath & Beyond Web site that allows customers to receive special discounts through e-mail. This simple e-mail program allows customers to keep up with all the latest offers at Bed Bath & Beyond in a simple, easy to follow way.

There’s another terrific program on the Web site called Upromise. Parents of college students will love this great program. They can register their credit cards at Bed Bath & Beyond and whenever parents use those credits cards to buy something from Bed Bath & Beyond, the store contributes 2% of the purchase to a college savings account set up to benefit their college kids. Many customers are grateful for this feature. They can shop for items for their children and in addition to the already great savings at BB&B stores, they also get 2% of the purchase to go straight back into a savings for their college kids too. In the end, it amounts to savings on top of savings for many families.


Bed Bath & Beyond has survived tough competition over the years to become the leading store of its kind. Its ability to present home décor in a luxurious, appealing format makes its continued success a sure thing. When people think of improving the quality of life inside the home and making the home a more beautiful place to be, Bed Bath & Beyond is one of the first names most people think of. Given its decades of success, innovations, and service, it’s safe to say that Bed Bath & Beyond is potentially the only home store people will need to find accessories for the home.

There are terrific offline coupon programs as well. Bed Bath & Beyond frequently advertises locally as well as online, so it’s always a good idea to check local sales papers or watch for Bed Bath & beyond coupons in newspaper or magazine pages. There’s always a possibility of landing some of the best offers at one of today’s most exciting home stores.

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