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Origins and Description

Bonefish Grille is a restaurant chain known nationally for its outstanding commitment to serving quality seafood. Produced and facilitated by its owners, OSI Restaurant Partners, Bonefish Grill has spread from its roots in St. Petersburg, Florida, to over a hundred locations across the United States. Seafood restaurants vary in their dedication to serving the freshet seafood possible, and Bonefish Grill makes its name by relying on daily shipments of fish that are procured from all over the world. All of the products coming in to Bonefish Grill on a daily basis are inspected and hand but by specialists in the kitchen. There is a commitment to quality at Bonefish Grill that kee3ps standards high but realistic, and the progressive nature of their ongoing search for new dishes helps to keep customers with frequently changing palates.

Bonefish Grill regularly offers new dishes, based on availability and trends in the market. There are employees of Bonefish Grill who travel the world to find interesting new ways to serve fish, and new dishes altogether with fish they have not previously served. The ongoing research and effort to find new plates is a big reason that Bonefish has established itself among the leaders in seafood dining. As a whole, there are few other companies who seek to progressively expand their horizons through ongoing commitment to quality and innovation. Flown in from all over the world, dishes at Bonefish Grill can give the diner an experience they may only otherwise achieve through traveling themselves.

Seafood = Cost

Fresh seafood can be extremely expensive, due to the cost of shipping to areas across the mainland of a country or continent. Bonefish Grill keeps prices reasonable in an effort to provide a memorable dining experience for patrons. Though reasonable when compared to other high-end seafood establishments, the prices at Bonefish Grill are a fair representation of the quality of food being served, which is top-notch. Diners looking to experience seafood in a new way or simply enjoy a standard on the Bonefish Grill menu may benefit from coupons for the restaurant. Available both on-line and through several publications, Bonefish Grill coupons represent a number of discounts and savings opportunities.


Bonefish Grill runs a steady rotation of specials for both food and wine that help to lower cost for customers interested in the offer. The specials for dinner will generally include a cut rate on one or more appetizers, entrees and desserts. The wine selection will provide specials adequate for oenophiles of all taste. There are not many links on the company’s main website offering printable coupons for use at the point of sale, though several other outlets for restaurant coupons regularly promote offers for Bonefish Grill coupons. Websites known for their abundance of offers for discounted meals, such as, and, will have links to coupons for Bonefish Grill or printable coupons on at the URL.

One of the most effective ways to procure coupons for Bonefish Grill is through local publications. Newspapers, entertainment guides, night life magazines and city pamphlets will often carry advertisements for restaurants in the region. Advertisements in any major publication will generally carry a removable coupon to be taken to the restaurant. As Bonefish has grown into different regions of the country, coupons for discounted meals and promotions have become more prevalent in mainstream periodicals. Magazines that cater to dining and seafood are also popular resources for Bonefish Grill coupons.

The advantages offered b y Bonefish Grill coupons are varied, rarely representing a dish and sometimes valid only during certain days. Coupons offering discounted dinners, for example, may be 25% off any bill over $50 when used between Monday and Thursday. The bar at Bonefish Grill is a popular destination for many who frequent the restaurant, meaning that the franchise does not experience many of the lulls seen at dinner-only establishments. Drink specials are not discounted through the use of coupons, but come at a lower cost depending on the time of day and type of beverage.

In addition to rotating specials and offers, Bonefish Grill occasionally offers contests and sweepstakes. The daily prizes and grand prizes affiliated with most franchise promotions will be rewards of internal nature. Gift certificate for use at Bonefish Grill, grand prize dinners for large parties and free appetizers are commonly handed out as rewards for winners. Most of the promotional campaigns run as sweepstakes give patrons an increased chance of winning, or additional entries, if the refer others to the offer.

Employees of most major corporations may have employee discount programs through which they get promotional discounts or offers related to their business partners. Websites such as, which handles employee discounts and benefits for many Fortune 500 companies, will list offers available to employees of a specific corporation. One popular hub for offers listed on is, which offers gift certificates at discounted rates. It is not unrealistic to print off a $25 gift certificate for less than $10 if a company is partnered with or Bonefish Grill. The discounted gift certificates offered on-line are usually of a first come, first serve variety, so frequent visitors to the site have the best chance of procuring such an offer.

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