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Company History

Bounty is a brand of paper towels manufactured by Procter & Gamble, the largest producer of consumer products worldwide. The company was established in 1837 by William Procter, a British subject who emigrated to the United States. Originally selling only candles, the company expanded its product line over the years to include more than 100 brands.

The company headquarters is located in Cincinnati, Ohio and employs about 135,000 people. Procter & Gamble is a fortune 500 company, the fifth largest corporation in the United States and the leader in advertising expenditures ($2.62 billion in 2007). The company’s revenues as of the last fiscal quarter were about $80 billion.


Procter & Gamble was the first company to produce and sponsor radio “soap operas” in the 1930’s. With the advent of television, Procter & Gamble produced popular daytime dramas like “As the World Turns”, “Another World” and “The Edge of Night”.

Popular products, attractions, and famous marketing campaigns

Procter & Gamble has some of the most popular and profitable brands worldwide:

Bounty – Paper towels and napkins. “The Quicker Picker-Upper”

Ivory soap – One of the oldest brands on the market

Olay beauty products – Oil of Olay, Regenerist

Tide – Liquid and powder laundry detergent

Pampers – Disposable diapers

Gillette – Razors and shave products for men and women

Pepto-Bismol – Medicine for digestive problems

Vicks – Cough and cold remedies

Tampax – Feminine protection products

Bounty Paper Towels Product Description

Bounty paper towels, one of Procter & Gambles most profitable brands, was introduced in 1965. Bounty is listed as one of the brands that generates more than $1 billion in sales annually.

Bounty is positioned as a high end paper towel focusing on strength, durability and absorbency. Advertising promotes the number of ways Bounty can be used, for example in the kitchen, bathroom, work area or office. Bounty has been tested by consumer testing laboratories and consistently ranks high compared to competitive brands. The product’s unique design is a quilted diamond pattern to facilitate absorbency.

Bounty has used the slogan “The Quicker Picker Upper” throughout the years although recently Procter & Gamble has attempted to update its image as tougher and edgier with the slogan “Bring It.”

Product Line

Bounty has several versions of its basic paper towel
Bounty Huge Roll
Bounty Extra Soft
Bounty Basic
Bounty Quilted Napkins

Bounty comes in a variety of prints which are available in paper towels and napkins.

Bounty features the “Select-a-Size” paper towel. The standard size sheet is perforated into smaller sections allowing the use of half a sheet for smaller spills. This saves paper and money for the consumer.

Current, popular, famous deals or programs

Bounty has several television ads, print ads, a webpage and sponsorship of several television programs. Bounty also sponsors and supports a number of community programs:

Make a Clean Difference Program

Through the Make a Clean Difference Program, Bounty sponsors volunteers who clean up and brighten schools. Artists from the Rush Philanthropic Arts Program teach children the techniques of painting murals to beautify their surroundings.

Make a “Messterpiece” Program

Bounty sponsors an art program to encourage kids to experiment with creativity and self-expression through art.

Upromise E-coupons

Bounty paper towels is a part of the Upromise program. This program links money saved on purchases to a college fund for a child or other relative or friend. The slogan is “Nothing to clip. Nothing to print.”

After registering with the Upromise program, a shopper uses online e-coupons at local retailers. For a $1.00 Bounty e-coupon, the retailer scans the registered credit or debit card. The $1.00 is not deducted from the purchase but instead goes into the college fund that has been set up with Upromise.

Because there are thousands of everyday products and retailers tied to the program, shoppers can earn hundreds of dollars towards a college savings fund. Go to for more details.

How to find coupons or discounts, deals, rebates, rewards online

There are literally thousands of websites that offer coupons online; however each has its own special features. Many of the sites do not offer coupons but offer links to other sites.

Here is a sampling of some online coupon sites: – Sign up is required to use this site. It offers a lot of product information about Bounty towels and offers comments about price, performance and where to purchase the product. It provides links to sites that offer coupons for Bounty towels but does not offer printing coupons directly from its site.

One section allows users to submit questions about products like “Where can I get the biggest savings on Bounty paper towels online?” The answers are sent to the user via email .

An interesting feature is a section where bloggers from around the country submit information on coupons and specials in their area. – Registration is required to take advantage of the coupons and offers. The site offers “saves” or values that they’ve found in your particular geographic area. You print out a voucher and take it to the retailer to get your savings. Everyone who signs up gets a $5.00 voucher to use at retailers or online. – Features thousands of consumer goods items and promises “as much as 90% savings” on some items. The site features local coupons based on your zip code plus online coupons. To use this site you have to install a coupon printer; however, once its installed, you can print coupons right away. They offered a Bounty coupon for $1.00 off with a 30 day expiration. No registration is required to use this site and you don’t have to give your email address unless you want coupons sent to your inbox.

How to find coupons or discounts, deals, rebates, rewards offline

Local retailers frequently offer their own sales for various products. Check with your local supermarket for specials on Bounty paper towels. Bounty towels have many uses, so retail outlets like office supply stores, auto supply stores or hardware stores usually carry them. These outlets periodically offer specials and coupons for savings on paper towels including Bounty. Bulk merchandisers like Costco and Sam’s Club often include coupons for savings on Bounty paper products at the checkout as well as mail in rebate offers.

Discount programs or coupons on the company website

All of Procter & Gamble’s products including Bounty Paper towels and napkins are discounted through their promotion known as P&G Everyday Solutions. There are three parts to the program:

P&G Everyday Solutions Newsletter – Offers news, tips and advice on common household problems and how Procter & Gamble products can help to solve them. Examples of topics include “Fresh Budgeting Tips for Your Family” and “Help Protect Your Dog From Summer Weather”.

P&G Brand Sampler – Consumers can get samples and coupons by mail for any of the currently featured Procter & Gamble products including Bounty paper products.

P&G BrandSaver – Coupons, samples and sweepstakes offers are featured in selected Sunday newspaper supplements. Go to web page, enter your zip code and you will get a list of local newspapers that carry coupons for Procter & Gamble products including Bounty paper towels and napkins.

The best sources for up to date news about Bounty products and special offers is and

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  1. Al says:

    I love bounty

  2. Debbie Palacios says:

    I use your products all the time, if you please have coupons I can have would be greatly appreciated. Thank you kindly.

  3. Rilla Pezzopane says:

    I love Bounty Basics “quilted” paper towels (6 giant rolls)! I like the absorbency, but also the designs (flowers with vines, etc.). My kitchen is shades of green and terra cotta and there are dozens of brands with predominately blue or cute saying or figures. PLEASE keep making these available. Thanks!!

  4. lila anderson says:

    would like bounty paper towel coupons

  5. Mary Cassandra says:

    I Would Love To Have Any Basic Bounty Paper Towle Coupons You Have On Hand<Thank You So Much.

  6. Suzanne says:

    I just wanted to let you know that since you have changed your paper towls so they are not what they once were, we have changed to Brawny, which ARE what yours used to be. We pay good money for your product. That you have followed ther trend and cheapened it saddens us and we will no longer use your paper towels.

  7. Teresa S Schroepfer says:

    Hi we wouldn’t have any type of papertowels and napkins except Bounty. Thank you so much for making them.

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