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Buffalo Wild Wings, Serving Up Greatness For Nearly 30 Years

History of Buffalo Wild Wings

For nearly 30 years, Buffalo Wild Wings has been keeping customers happy, serving up any variety of their nearly 20 signature sauces.

Originally Buffalo Wild Wings & Weck, and commonly referred to as BW-3, Buffalo Wild Wings was founded in 1981 after Jim Disbrow and Scott Lowery couldn’t find any buffalo-style chicken wings near Kent State University in their home state of Ohio. As a result, Disbrow and Lowery decided to open their own restaurant — Buffalo Wild Wings. The first restaurant was located in Columbus because the duo figured it would be a big draw for students. The original menu featured a few flavors of chicken wings and a couple of sandwiches, which Disbrow and Lowery worked to keep reasonably priced.

Not long after successfully opening their first restaurant, Mark Lutz was added to the equation, and over the next 10 years six more restaurants were opened in Ohio, Indiana, and Colorado.

In the early 90’s, Buffalo Wild Wings decided to franchise its unique concept, and the restaurant quickly doubled from seven locations to 14. To appeal to its college-aged customers and to add to its sports-bar atmosphere, the company incorporated interactive trivia games customers could play while they were waiting for their food, and whenever someone ordered the “Better-Be-Ready-Blazin” wings, they would be delivered by a server in a fireman’s outfit.

In 1994, the group made the decision to relocate Buffalo Wild Wings’ headquarters to the Minneapolis/St. Paul region in Minnesota. A year later the company had nearly 50 restaurants and launched its “Eat, Drink, and be Messy” and the “Be on a first-name basis with your dry cleaner” campaigns, which were wildly successful. During 2000, Buffalo Wild Wings spiced up its signature sauces offering, including Cajun, Thai, and Caribbean Jerk-style. Thai and Caribbean Jerk ended up making the menu, as did the chocolate peanut-butter cookie wedge, the company’s first crack at dessert.

In 2001, with nearly 150 locations, the company introduced the “Wings, Beer, Sports. All the essentials” tagline, and in 2002 the company introduced Turkey and Chicken Tender Wrappers, soft flour tortillas wrapped around chunks of meat, vegetables, and pineapple.

Buffalo Wild Wings offered up a new slogan in 2003, and “Twelve tasty appetizers. Go crazy” became the mantra. By 2005 the company had restaurants in more than 400 locations.

Today the company has nearly 700 locations, is located in 42 states, and boasts a tagline of “You have to be here.” B’ Dubs has coupled this tagline with a “Leave Work Early” campaign offering fans of the restaurant a large number of excuses and ways that they can escape their office life early and indulge themselves in the comforts of the restaurant. These suggestions are available at Buffalo Wild Wings has transformed itself into one of the fasted growing restaurant chains in the country. A quick summary of the company’s mission statement explains the foundation that has propelled the company to this point, and one will be the driver for producing future growth and more satisfied customers: “We are guest-driven. We are team-focused. We are community-connected. We are dedicated to excellence.”

Signature Sauces:

So, exactly what sauces does Buffalo Wild Wings offer? We’re glad you asked:
• Sweet BBQ
• Teriyaki
• Mild
• Parmesan Garlic
• Medium
• Honey BBQ
• Spicy Garlic
• Asian Zing
• Caribbean Jerk
• Hot BBQ
• Hot
• Mango Habanero
• Wild
• Blazin’
• Ranch
• Blue Cheese
• Honey Mustard
• Southwest Ranch


The company is also notorious for offering up its delectable wings at bargain-basement prices during its plentiful promotions. These promotions include:

• Wing Tuesdays – Dig into your favorite flavor of regular wings for a fraction of the regular price.
• Boneless Thursdays – Can’t resist the greatness of the boneless wings at B’ Dubs? This deal allows you to eat all you can handle on the cheap.
• Night Hunger – We offer an amazing after-dinner menu in an effort to remind our guests that “We don’t close until you do.” For more about Night Hunger, check out www.nighthunger.com!
• Pick Your Kick – Allows Buffalo Wild Wings fans to visit www.bww.ubthecoach.com and enter their picks for the 2010 World Cup.

Web Site

The Buffalo Wild Wings Web site located at www.buffalowildwings.com is a great place for more information on upcoming company promotions, to pick up free screen wallpaper, play games, find local prices, pick up BW-3 stuff and to generally learn more about the greatness that is Buffalo Wild Wings.


Coupons for Buffalo Wild Wings can be found online at www.coupongreat.com and www.dealnews.com. To find coupons offline, check for flyers and advertisements in your local newspapers.

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