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California style pizza, first introduced by chefs Ed LaDou and Alice Waters from San Francisco and Berkeley, California, is a type of pizza that fuses New York and Italian styled thin crust with California themed cooking. It was made famous by chef Wolfgang Puck, who frequently served gourmet styled pizzas in his restaurants.

California Pizza Kitchen, also known as CPK, is a well known chain that specializes in this type of pizza. Not only is the pizza Californian, but the entire atmosphere of their restaurants are based on the relaxed and laid back atmosphere of the state, with open hearth kitchen, creative ingredients and emphasis on affordable prices. The company’s wood burning ovens are imported from Italy. With these kinds of ovens, the pizza is seared at very high heats in order to seal in flavor and provide a healthier pizza. Based out of Los Angeles, California, California Pizza Kitchen was recently named as one of America’s best 200 small companies in Forbes magazine.

California Pizza Kitchen Background

Established in 1985, the restaurant was the brainchild of two attorneys, Rick Rosenfield and Larry Flax. With over 230 locations in 32 different states, California Pizza is known for its creative and uncommon pizzas. Along with the usual pizza combos such as meat lover’s and pepperoni, there are more exotic combinations on the menu like pear and gorgonzola, carne asada, vegetarian with japanese eggplant, and roasted artichoke and spinach. Known for being the first restaurant to serve barbecued chicken pizza, the restaurant often unveils new offerings on the menu for variety. They also provide the option of a honey wheat with whole grain crust.

CPK also is known for its multiple restaurant kiosks in airports and shopping malls and their catering events. Everything from lunch boxes provided for a small office lunch to larger dinner parties are offered. For corporate events companies can even rent the new CPK mobile kitchen, a fully staffed mobile restaurant with ovens, coolers and sautee stations, or an event tent. Most of their restaurants also offer convenient online take out ordering. CPK can also be found in nine countries besides the U.S.

Well Known CPK Menu Selections

Some of CPK’s popular pizzas include:

  • The Original Barbecued Chicken – Barbecued chicken with smoked gouda and mozarella cheeses.
  • Jamaican Jerk Chicken – Jerk chicken, spicy sweet caribbean sauce and applewood smoked bacon.
  • California Club – Smoked bacon, grilled chicken and mozarella with mayonnaise and avocado.
  • Thai Chicken – Chicken tossed with a spicy peanut ginger sesame sauce, mozarella and cilantro.
  • Buffalo Chicken – Grilled chicken with spicy buffalo sauce, mozarella and gorgonzola cheeses, with a side of gorgonzola ranch for dipping.

Though the main focus is on pizza, the restaurant also serves casual gourmet fare, such as soups, salads, appetizers, and a wide variety of pastas. They also put out specialties from time to time to liven up the menu, like Baja style fish tacos, Mahi Mahi, and Ginger Salmon. There’s something for just about everyone on the menu. And there’s even a CPK cookbook that can be found in bookstores and on Amazon that showcases some of their most well known and favorite pizzas.

How To Find California Pizza Kitchen Deals & Discounts Online

A quick Google search is likely to come up with a variety of the lates printable CPK coupons through discount websites. A few of the more popular sites are listed below:


It’s also worth a visit to the main website,, from time to time to check for coupons. Every so often the company will put up printable coupons, the most recent being one free small cravings menu food item for every $20.00 purchase. The company also has a Twitter website that lists new menu items, pre-opening dinner invites, and contests. This is also a great way to find deals since the employees running the site will often put up coupon links which can be found on their Facebook page as well. Customers can also sign up for an email list on the CPK website to have current promotions emailed to them.

Find Promotional California Pizza Kitchen Coupon Codes In Restaurants

For those who don’t have internet access or are looking for coupons offline, just visit a local California Pizza Kitchen chain. Current online deals and coupons can usually be found at the restaurant. Just ask the local server if they have any printed coupons, or if discounts can still be used without an internet coupon.

Coupons are also frequently given out for their frozen pizza line, which is licensed under Kraft foods and is carried at various groceries throughout the country. Deals include discounts such as customers being able to receive $1 off their next purchase of a CPK frozen pizza when they buy two. Just look for coupons or flyers in your local paper or at shopping venues.

Popular CPK Programs

One of their most well known rewards programs is the annual “Thank You Card” program, which was begun as a way of thanking guests for their loyalty. Every year, 2.7 million cards are given out to dining customers all across the U.S. when they visit a California Pizza Kitchen.The customers receive a sealed envelope, in which prizes range from getting a 10% discount off a meal to the top prize of $50,000. Other prizes include a trip for two to Cancun, Mexico, a year’s worth of frozen pizza, and other cash prizes.

Fun Events

Certain branches have different events for kids, such as a “Make Your Own Pizza night”. Chefs give children pizza making lessons, and the kids can decorate the boxes too. CPK often holds fundraisers where a portion of diner’s checks are donated to local charities.

California Pizza Kitchens also runs the “CPKids Programs”. For kids ages 10 and under in schools and in organizations, CPK provides incentives such as their Adventures in Pizza restaurant tours, which are free for non-profit organizations and schools. With the restaurant tour, kids can make their own pizza in class and receive free prizes. CPK also runs the FUNdraising program, which helps schools and non-profit agencies raise money through a CPK based FUNdraising event.

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