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Canobie Lake Park – Affordable Family Fun

Canobie Lake Park is an amusement park in Salem, NH. Only an hour from Boston, Massachusetts, it is conveniently located just off of Interstate 93. It is a wonderful family destination for a day a fun.


In 1902, Canobie Lake Park was opened by the Hudson, Pelham & Salem Railways as botanical garden resort to promote its trolley business. It originally offered the Circle Swing, canoeing, a penny arcade, picnics and sporting events. As the era of the streetcar demised, the park went out of business in 1929. Canobie Lake Park was purchased by a private citizen in 1932, who upgraded the park by purchasing and installing the Greyhound Roller Coaster. Now known as the Yankee Cannonball, this roller coaster wraps around a section of the parking lot and is still in use today.

For the next twenty years Canobie Lake Park became a popular destination for its Dancehall Theater, which hosted major entertainers of the time. Duke Ellington and Frank Sinatra, among many others, would croon to the crowds. In 1958 the park changed ownership and direction by the addition of new rides, a midway, and concession stands. Today its slogan is “New England’s Best Family Value”. They are once again offering live entertainment.

Popular Attractions

Thrill Rides

The great Yankee Cannonball is a wooden roller coaster that one of the first attractions seen at the entrance of the park and remains as the most popular. The Corkscrew Coaster is a steel roller coaster with two loops. Xtreme Frisbee is a large disc of riders that spins while swinging 60’ in the air. The Pirata is another pendulum style ride in a Spanish Galleon. A ride that is enclosed and features strobe lights and fog while spinning is known as the Psychodrome. The Turkish Twist is a spinning ride where the riders experience almost 3G’s and “sticks” to the wall when the floor drops out from under them. Wipeout is a multidirectional spinning ride. Starblaster shoots riders up an 80’tower – twice.

Family Rides

Canobie Lake Park offers more than twenty rides that families can enjoy together. The classic Antique Carousel, Crazy Cups, Dodgems, and the Giant Sky Wheel are family favorites. Park goers can drive the Antique Cars or sports cars in the Canobie 500. A forty foot pontoon boat, Blue Heron, provides a twenty minute cruise of the lake. Boston Harbor Patrol offers a simulation of a voyage on the high seas. Families can tour the park while resting their feet on either the Sky Ride or the Canobie Express, an authentic steam train. DaVinci’s Dream is a carousel with swings. A nineteenth century mine car creeps through the Mine of Lost Souls. The Caterpillar, Over the Rainbow, Rowdy Roosters and Twist & Shout are favorites of kids. The challenge of the mirrors in a walk through the Tiki Maze produces lots of laughter.

Water Rides

The Boston Tea Party splashes down with a 50’ high wave. Policy Pond Log Flume is the most popular water attraction. Tall Timber Splash is a waterslide riders can enjoy fully clothed. Castaway Island is in included in the park admission and features 9 water slides and many other interactive features for getting wet. Bathing suits can be purchased at the gift shop.

Kids Rides

Canobie Lake Park currently offers eighteen rides specifically for children less than 48” tall. They can simulate driving on the Autobahn, Boats, Fire Engines, Junior Sports Cars, Jump Around, Jeeps, Helicopters, Tanks, Sky Fights, and Sea/Land Rescue. They can experience the mini version of big people rides on the Alpine Swing, Flower Power, Jungle Bounce, Kiddie Carousel, and Mini Scooter. At Pony Carts, children ride in a pony drawn carriage. Kiddie Canoes offers a Native American theme with riders in birch bark canoes in a shallow stream of water.

Their website details their thrill rides, family rides, water rides, and rides specifically designed for children by clicking on the picture of each.

Live Entertainment

Canobie Lake Park continues its tradition of live entertainment by providing three venues booked all summer long; Dancehall Theater, Midway Stage, and Village Stage. Summer 2010 features tribute bands to Elvis, Michael Jackson, Divas of Pop, and Faith and Tim.


There is a picnic area for those who bring their own lunch and dinner. Another option is to purchase meals from one of the twenty concession stands, which provide everything from fried clams to pizza. Enjoy chicken tenders and French fries from the Pick Axe Pub or a peanut butter and jelly sandwich from the Gables Grill without leaving the park. A list of food vendors and their menus can be seen at


The general admission rate for the 2010 season is $30 per person, $21 for those over 60 years old and those under 48” tall, and kids aged 3 and under are free. Evening admission is $20 for everybody. However, there are discounts available.

Current deals/Programs

Join the Canobie Club at to receive free email updates of special discounts.
The corporate discount program offers everything from fully catered events to discount entrance passes. These options can be found at Discounts are also offered for schools, churches, and other small groups of a minimum of 25 people at

How to find coupons/discounts online

AAA offers $4 off general admission at

  • How to find coupons/ discounts offline

    Visit a McDonalds, Market Basket Supermarket, Rite Aid Pharmacy, or Tedeschi Food Shop in the Salem, NH area to get free coupons for $4 off of general admission. Buy 2 and get 1 free evening admission coupons are available on specially marked Pepsi and Mountain Dew cans, specially marked bags of Cape Cod Potato Chips, and available at Blockbuster Video Stores.

    Canobie Lake Park has over 100 years of entertaining families. There are a plethora of activities available for families to spend a fun filled day. In addition to the rides and major attractions, there are gift shops to browse and a midway to play all kinds of games. There are costumed characters that roam the park to entertain the children. Canobie Lake Park is a wonderful vacation day for all.

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