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With world economies in a downtrend of the present, many families are finding that they need to cut spending in certain areas. While food is a necessity and should not be lessened, many people are realizing that they can lower the price of what they pay for their food. For instance, some families are turning to fast food night instead of take out from pricey restaurants. Not only are people realizing that fast food restaurants can be advantageous for lowering the price of food, but they can also find discount coupons for these places as well. Many fast food restaurants offer discount coupons through mailers and sales papers, and Captain D’s offers some of the best discounts available. Captain D’s has been offering its loyal customers coupons for decades and continue to do so during the present. However, now the company is also allowing their potential customers to print off or apply for coupons through the internet as well.

A Brief History of Captain D’s

Captain D’s is a restaurant food chain that has stores in numerous states of the US as well as many franchises in other countries as well. This particular fast food outfit was started in the late 1960’s Ray Danner, for whom the “D” stands for. Danner and another partner opened the first restaurant in the small town of Donelson Tennessee in 1969. Originally, the store was not called Captain D’s, but it was named Mr. D’s, under which it would operate for a number of years. The company would eventually move into twenty three states and have a population of over 600 stores in the United States alone. Most of those restaurants are in the Southern and Midwestern United States although the chain is becoming known by Westerners as well.

Hard Times and Changes

Upon initially enjoying success for a number of decades, Captain D’s popularity began to decline in the 1990’s and would eventually go bankrupt in 2000. After bankruptcy, it was bought by the capital group Lone Star Funds, based out of Dallas Texas. The group would over haul the existing structure of the company and make numerous changes to its infrastructure. A few years after the revamping of the restaurant chain, Captain D’s was then sold to the Sagittarius Brands group, who also own Del Taco. The sale was for a sum of $150 million dollars. The Sagittarius Brands group would go on to make more changes, one being the menu. In 2007, Captain D’s would gain the acclaim of the Nation’s Restaurant News when it won the Menu Master’s Award under the Best Menu Revamp category.

Captain D’s Menu

The menu of the restaurant food chain known as Captain D’s revolves mainly around breaded fish. This menu consists of numerous styles of fish, such as flaked white fish that is deep fried in batter breading, tavern-style breading, cornmeal breading, and numerous promotional recipe breadings. They also specialize in shrimp where they fry up popcorn shrimp, coconut shrimp, and other styles of the shell fish. Some of the more contemporary cuts of fish include tilapia and Alaskan Salmon that are both breaded and served with the customer’s choice of French fries, hushpuppies, baked potato, or roasted red potatoes. A more traditional dish that has been a customer favorite for many years is the Catfish Feast, which features a large catfish fillet, served with hush puppies as well as two additional sides. Other menu favorites may include:
• Three Piece Fish Dinner
• Four Piece Fish Dinner
• Country Style Fish Dinner
• Deluxe Seafood Platter
• Classic Fish and Shrimp Dinner
• Two Piece Fish and Shrimp Dinner
• Two Piece Fish and Blue Bay Crab Cake Dinner

These are just a few of the customer favorites, which are all served with hush puppies and buyer’s choice of sides. Not only does Captain D’s offer an extensive line of seafood options, but they also offer chicken as well.

Nutrition and Low Carb Options

During the early 2000’s, many people became more aware of their eating habits when the FDA began requiring more transparent nutritional labels. Because of this, many fast food restaurants became inspired to offer low carbohydrate meal options for those who are dieting or watching their carbohydrate intake. From this, Captain D’s created their own low carbohydrate menu as well. Their website offers visitors the chance to view and compare their nutritional information to other fast food chains with an easy to read nutritional information chart.

Gift Cards

For those who are lifelong loyal Captain D’s fans, the restaurant and the website offer the opportunity to purchase gift cards redeemable at Captain D’s restaurants world wide. By purchasing these coupons, one will find that they can enjoy one of their favorites at Captain D’s even if their pockets are light.

Promotional Campaigns

To promote their brand, Captain D’s has embarked in many promotional and marketing campaigns throughout their inception. Of the present, the fast food chain offers Kids Day, which allows children under the age of 12 to eat free with an accompanying adult. When an entrée is purchased at regular price, up to two children can eat free. Also, the restaurant offers a Senior Day as well where seniors over the age of 65 are offered a discounted meal. Both adults and kids alike can enjoy the Captain D’s Club, where they will get special offers on certain days through email as well as postal mail.

Coupons and Discounts

Along with their everyday specials and promotions, Captain D’s also offers many ways to save with the many discount coupons that are available to the consumer. These coupons are normally mailed out every week in local newspapers as well as mailers. These coupons may consist of a free drink or desert, or additional savings at the counter. The coupons may be redeemable in conjunction with other offerings, but that will always depend on the location. There are many places where loyal customers of Captain D’s can print off coupons for their next visit. Some of the places that customers may find

Captain D’s coupons are as follows:


These are just a few of the many places one might find coupons for this popular and growing fast food chain.

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