Carraba’s Italian Grill Coupons

Home-style History

The chain famously known as Carraba’s Italian Grill was founded on December 26, 1986 by relatives Johnny Carraba and Damian Mandola in Houston, Texas. This original location is still operated by the Carraba family. The company expanded beyond the first two restaurants when Carraba’s Italian Grill formed a partnership with OSI Restaurant Partners in 1993. After the partnership was formed, the opening of 10 new Carraba’s Italian Grills took place in Houston and Florida. By January, 1995, OSI had gained the rights to open Carraba’s Italian Grills nationwide and the company is now private with stock no longer traded on the market.

Flavor that Keeps ‘Em Coming Back

Carraba’s Italian Grill is a chain that has never forgotten its roots. Many of the restaurant’s recipes are the same ones that Damian’s mother and sister have been using for years. Now famous, many recipes can be found as features on the PBS cooking show, “Cucina Sicilia”, hosted by Carraba and Mandola themselves.

A favorite dish of many who dine at Carraba’s Italian Grill is the Chicken Bryan. Named after the city of Bryan, Texas, the Chicken Bryan is made up of an 8 oz cheesy chicken breast topped with sundried tomatoes and basil lemon butter sauce. The dish comes with either a cup of homemade soup or one of Carraba’s fine salads. It also comes with a choice of potato, pasta, or vegetable.

Aside from Chicken Bryan and other classic Italian and Carraba family dishes (including handmade mozzarella sticks and a menu of inspiring desserts), Carraba’s Italian Grill also offers its Mr. C’s Bar Menu, a Gluten-Free Menu in cooperation with the Gluten Intolerance GroupĀ®, a Bambini (Kids’) menu, and a Large Party Carry-Out Menu.

Italian Incentives

Carraba’s Italian Grill offers two different gift card options on the restaurant’s website. The first is more of a traditional gift card with a personalized brief message and design, ensuring the customer receives the perfect card for the perfect occasion. The other kind of gift card can be purchased at a $4.50 fee, plus the amount placed on the card. This card can feature a personal photo and message of the customer’s choice. This kind of card makes a perfect gift to celebrate a wedding, engagement, the arrival of a new baby, or any event where an extra personal touch is wanted.

To make a gift card for Carraba’s Italian Grill an even better selection, the card can be redeemed at any OSI restaurant, which includes Bonefish Grill, Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse, Outback Steakhouse, and Roy’s Hawaiian Fusion.

Join the Club

On Carraba’s Italian Grill’s website, customers have the opportunity to join Carraba’s Amici Club. Membership to the Amici Club is free, and members receive offers for complimentary menu items, special prix fixe menus, invitations to special events like wine tastings, chef specials, cooking demos, and more. Members will also receive information about giftcard giveaways, restaurant specials, and recipes.

Members receive such information via snail mail and email.

Order Online

Ahead of the game on many levels, Carraba’s Italian Grill offers a unique option on the restaurant website, the opportunity to order online. While this option is only available for certain restaurant locations, it is convenience at its finest. Once the customer selects the order online option from the menu along with the restaurant location, a menu of Carraba’s Italian Grill daily specials and entrees drops down. The customer can select as many options as desired, and add special instructions for each option as well. After the order is complete, the bill can be paid using a debit or credit card.

The order online option is available for take-out orders only.

Coupon Quest Online

While there are many ways to give and receive Carraba’s fine Italian foods at discount prices through the Amici Club and giftcards, discount opportunities are not plentiful on other websites online. Many websites promising coupons redeemable at restaurants like Carraba’s Italian Grill are not authentic and the sites only exist to take advantage of visitors’ browsing or personal information, making them a dangerous scam and not worth the trouble.

Coupon Quest Offline

Much like finding coupons online, finding coupons offline is difficult unless they are given to customers at Carraba’s. Like most restaurants, Carraba’s Italian Grill sometimes prints receipts that will reward customers for completing a customer service survey. The reward might be as little as two dollars off the next order, or it might be a free dessert. For better opportunities to receive discounts and attend exciting events, customers should consider joining the Amici Club.

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