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Company History

In 1867 after reading an editorial in a local newspaper, businessman Louis Zistel decided to begin construction on a project that would help utilize the sandy beach area along the Lake Erie shoreline of Cedar Point Peninsula located in Ohio. Louis Zistel built a small beer garden area that featured a bathhouse and dance floor. His project was complete in the summer of 1870 and Zistel began chartering guests to Cedar Point on a steamboat that he named “Young Reindeer. The cost of the boat ride and enjoyment of the amenities at Cedar Point was just twenty-five cents.

It did not take long for word of Louis Zistel’s Cedar Point resort to get around. In the early 1880’s people where coming from all over the United States to get the opportunity to experience what was considered to be “the rage” when considering adventure and entertainment. By 1882 it was obvious to Louis Zistel that the facilities at Cedar Point were not enough to accommodate all of their summer visitors. So an additional eight bathhouses and new dance facility where built. More steamships where also added as well as a new dock to accommodate all of the visitors that wanted to experience the adventure that Cedar Point had to offer.

Louis Zistel felt that he had to add more entertainment facilities to keep guests returning. So in 1888 the Grand Pailion was opened. This facility featured an auditorium, bowling alleys and even dining facilities. There was an adjacent ladies pavilion that served ladies and children who visited Cedar Point refreshments.

The first thrill rides came to Cedar Point in 1892 when the roller coaster know as the Switchback Railway was constructed. This roller coaster was twenty-five foot tall and moved at a speed of 10 miles per hour. This was only the beginning of the adventure rides that would come to Cedar Point. However it would not be until 1902 when the next roller coaster would be built on Cedar Point.

Since Cedar Point was growing so rapidly and there where more attractions to be seen around the peninsula, Zistel decided to build a hotel so that his guests who visited Cedar Point would have the opportunity to experience all of the amenities that the adventure park had to offer. It was in 1899 when the Bay Shore Hotel welcomed its first guests. Now the visitors to Cedar Point did not have to hurry through their stay on the island and miss out on some of the excitement due the high volume of guests.

In 1911 it was announced publicly by Cedar Point that a road would be constructed so that guests could drive to the area instead of waiting for long steamboats. This road was opened for guests to use on July 19, 1914 and was called the Cedar Point Chausee. This helped the amount of guests that visited the Cedar Park resort go from hundreds to thousands in a single summer season. During the summer of 1915 an estimated eighteen thousand guests visited Cedar Point.

Through the years many new attractions have been added to the Cedar Point Amusement Park. From innovative and thrilling amusement rides, luxury hotels and accommodations, theaters and arenas, refreshment facilities and show attractions these amenities keep bringing families back year after year. Today Cedar Point is the most popular amusement park located in the United States. Seeing an average of three million guests each year, Cedar Point Amusement Park has come a long way since Louis Zinsel first envisioned what he could create with a dormant area along the Lake Erie Shoreline known as Cedar Point Peninsula.

Cedar Point Attractions

Everyone has heard the name Cedar Point Amusement Park. However, not everyone realizes all of the amenities and the adventure that is offered at this amazing family vacationing spot. Some of the main attractions that you will see and experience while visiting Cedar Point include:

Three major attractions parks including Cedar Point Amusement Park, Soak City Water Park and the Challenge Park.

Over 75 amusement rides ranging from kiddy rides to massive roller coasters built for speed.

Live shows for guests of all ages to enjoy and partake in.

Dining facilities ranging from simple snack shops to elegant dining experiences with the whole family.

Multiple hotel accommodations to choose from.

Sandy beach areas to relax with your family.

Live bands and entertainment.

Gift shops so that you can purchase fun and unique treasure to remind you of the great time you had at Cedar Point or to purchase for friends and family who were unable to vacation with you.

Cedar Point Discounts, Savings Opportunities and Promotional Deals

There are many great savings opportunities available when planning your trip to Cedar Point Amusement Park. These deals can help you save a great deal of me money on your next Cedar Point Family Vacation. These deals can be found online through various discount sites, offline through a wide variety of businesses and corporations that work with Cedar Point as promotional sponsors and through Cedar Point’s own website. These deals feature savings such as:

Online Deals

  • RetailMeNot.com
  • Offers a $9.00 discount that can be used when purchasing your Cedar Point tickets online.

  • Mahalo.com
  • You can find deals that will save you as much as $16.99 per admission ticket.

  • CedarPoint.com
  • Save $32 when purchasing a four pack of one-day admission tickets to the park for $152.00.

    $64.00 tickets that allow you to visit the park any two days during the 2010 season.

    $10 coupon booklet that can save you hundreds of dollars at different locations around Cedar Point Amusement Park.

    Offline Deals

    Military discounted tickets for can be purchased for $35.99 which are available at the gate.

    Meijer retail stores offer discounted Cedar Point admission tickets that can be purchased at their customer service desks within the stores.

    Burger King Restaurants allow you to purchase discounted admission tickets at selected locations.

    Tips When Visiting Cedar Point Amusement Park
    To guarantee that you and your family have a memorable time when visiting Cedar Point Amusement Park there are some tips that you may want to follow.

    Food and beverages are not allowed to be taken into the parks. However you are permitted to take in an unopened water bottle if desired. There are locations around the exterior of the park where you can plan to share a picnic meal with your family. This can give you the opportunity to make sure that everyone in your group is accounted for.

    There is not a public announcement system within the park where you can call your other group members. It is important to have specific meeting times so that the safety of everyone in your group can be accounted for.

    Make sure that you get plenty of rest prior to visiting Cedar Point. There is a great deal of walking so you will want to maintain your energy so that you can get the most out of your visit.

    Warn children that the buddy system is very important. With so many people in attendance at the parks it is easy to get lost or swept away if rules for safety are not enforced.

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