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Charmin gets its name

Charmin has been a toilet paper brand that consumers have relied on since the early 1900’s. When the original Charmin packaging was introduced in 1928, it was designed to mimic the feminine fashions that were popular at the time. The packaging was a soft powder blue color, and featured script lettering taken from a woman’s hatbox. It depicted the delicate cameo silhouette of a woman’s head. One employee described the packaging as ‘charming’, and with that the brand name Charmin was born.

Charmin gets a new look

In 1940 Charmin received a new look. The original script lettering was replaced with a traditional typescript to give the packaging a more modern appearance. Then, in 1953, another change was added. A fresh new face was added to the Charmin packaging. What character could be used to subtly imply to consumers that the toilet paper was soft? A baby, of course! Thus, the original portrait of the silhouette woman was removed and was replaced with a baby, who quickly became known as ‘The Charmin Baby’.

Charmin and Mr. Whipple

Who could have guessed that the Charmin brand would still be so popular, nearly 100 years later. Since the time when it was first manufactured by the Hoberg Paper Company in Green Bay, Wisconsin in 1920, the packaging and advertising has changed many times over. But for many, Charmin will always be remembered as the company that introduced us to ‘Mr. Whipple’, a.k.a ‘George the Grocer’. Mr. Whipple was the friendly grocery store employee whose catch phrase, “Don’t squeeze the Charmin!”, is remembered by many. Mr. Whipple was first introduced to consumers in 1964, and he continued to be the spokesman for Charmin for more than 20 years, appearing in television commercials, print and billboard advertising, and even radio. Mr. Whipple was so famous, in 1978 he was named the third best known American, falling just a few spots behind former President Nixon and evangelist Billy Graham.

Charmin today

Today, Charmin is one of the most recognized toilet paper brands in the country, and is available in five various types, including wet towelettes, ultra strong, ultra soft, sensitive, and basic, a budget-friendly brand. The packaging and advertising has been changed to reflect the needs of today, and a friendly group of cartoon bear cubs is presently being used to represent the Charmin line. Quite possibly, the key to Charmin’s success can be credited to it’s ever changing look, and the company’s desire to provide consumers with a product that meets their ever changing needs.

Charmin’s website

Charmin understands the importance of staying up to date with the latest trends and technology. At the Charmin website, consumers can learn all about the various Charmin products, find access to printable coupons and other money-saving offers, buy Charmin toilet paper and accessories, and use the fun interactive tools. Internet content is offered in three languages, English, Spanish and French, and consumers can even follow Charmin on Twitter and Facebook. Fans of Charmin get the opportunity to receive exclusive offers and get a first hand look at new products and promotions.

Save on Charmin

Charmin products are offered at an affordable price, and the quality of the paper products they provide is undeniable. However, financial times are tough, and there is always room to save a little more money. Fortunately, there are several ways to save on Charmin. With the introduction of the Internet, it has only become easier to find ways to save. Simple ways to save money on Charmin include the use of:

– Printable Charmin coupons
– Clipable Charmin coupons
– Access Charmin coupon codes online
– In-store sales and promotions
– Charmin rebates
– Free samples of Charmin paper products
– Purchase Charmin paper products using credit card rewards programs
– Buy Charmin paper products in bulk
– Purchase Charmin paper products from online auction sites for deep discounts

Obviously, you can combine more than one of the options above for a maximum savings. Many stores will allow you to use in-store coupons and printable/clipable coupons at the same time, which translates into a tremendous savings for you.

Find Charmin coupons

Charmin coupons can be found all over the Internet, but not all offers are legitimate. When searching for Charmin coupons, it is best to use reliable websites that have a reputation for providing quality, usable coupons. The good news is there are a lot of terrific sites out there that allow you free access to Charmin coupons. Some of the websites include:

-Coupon Cabin (

-Coupons (

-Wow-Coupons (

-Cool Savings (

-Charmin (

Oftentimes, if you subscribe to newsletters offered by these coupon sites, you will receive exclusive offers and promotions. Keep in mind, though, you do not have to subscribe to anything to receive access to the coupons. Regardless of where you get your Charmin coupons from, you will be asked to download a small application for printing coupons. This is a quick download that is easy to operate, and it is necessary to print online coupons.

Charmin rebates

An additional method of saving on Charmin paper products is with the use of Charmin rebates. These offers are available from time to time directly from the Charmin website (, and are frequently found at pharmacies, departments stores, and even grocery stores. Before you shop, check your local sales flyers, or visit store websites for eligibility. This presents a simple way to save money on your next Charmin purchase, but you will have to keep your eyes open for the Charmin rebates as they can be difficult to find.

The future of Charmin

Consumers today express a deep concern for the environment, and they seek out products that are environmentally friendly. One of the reasons that Charmin is such a sought after brand, is that it does its part to take care of the environment. As part of the Future Friendly initiative, Charmin works to save energy and reduce waste. When you purchase Charmin, you know that you are getting a quality product that has been manufactured with the environment in mind.

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  1. Lynn says:

    I would like to know if there are any printable coupons for Charmin Basic Bathroom Tissue at this time? And if so I can I print one out?

  2. Harriet Warren says:

    Looking forward to coupons for Charmin products….and other P&G

  3. Loddie Milling says:

    Please send me Charmin Grocery Coupons

  4. Della Wilson says:

    I would like to commet on your commercial about the bears who does not get all the toliet paper off their bottoms. I think this commercial is offensive and has no class. I will no longer use your product because of this. It is just plain awful to me what this represents. You have a good product but the way you advertise it is disgusting to me and several of my friends and because of this we have stopped buying it.

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