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The Cheesecake Factory is an upscale gourmet restaurant that features a Mediterranean style menu. These elegant restaurants have opened across the United States, bringing hints of southern California to the Midwest and beyond. Although every Cheesecake Factory location has a similar style and menu, each restaurant adds its own unique style to the dining experience. Although cheesecake may be in the name of the restaurant, the fare is actually very diverse and interesting before you ever get to dessert.

How the Cheesecake Factory Began

The original Cheesecake Factory was opened by Oscar and Evelyn Overton in Los Angeles, California, in 1971. This first store featured nothing but cheesecake on the menu. Evelyn spent her time creating new and interesting types of cheesecake, while Oscar worked to sell the cheesecakes to the general public. The Overtons enjoyed great success with their innovative desserts and energetic business approach.

In 1978, their son David opened the first Cheesecake Factory restaurant that sold full meals in Beverly Hills, California. David was determined to create a dining experience that guests would remember forever. He created an incredibly extensive menu and served extra large portions of every dish. The menu items could be mixed and matched to create a custom meal for each customer. David also made sure that the restaurant had an elegant, relaxed atmosphere so that the diners would feel that they had plenty of time to peruse the pages of the menu and linger over their meals.

There are now over 300 Cheesecake Factory locations across the United States. Each restaurant offers the same extensive menu and comfortable atmosphere that David Overton insisted on with the first Cheesecake Factory more than 30 years ago.

World Famous Cheesecake

The Cheesecake Factory may have evolved into a full service restaurant, but it is still famous for its innovative cheesecake. You can order full cheesecakes to take home with you, or enjoy the desserts by the slice in the restaurant. The Cheesecake Factory is home to cheesecake varieties that you will not find anywhere else in the world, such as banana cream cheesecake, tiramisu cheesecake, and Craig’s Crazy carrot cake cheesecake. Each location has dozens of flavors to choose from, as well as seasonal cheesecake that take advantage of certain fruits when they are in season.

Southern California Atmosphere

When you walk into a Cheesecake Factory you will recognize some elements that remind you immediately of southern California. The restaurants offer high, vaulted ceilings perched atop wide sandstone columns. The decor is richly dark and elegant, with glass and gold highlights placed carefully throughout. There is an open feeling about the restaurant that brings to mind the open spaces of southern California beaches. Although the Cheesecake Factory offers a gourmet dining experience, the atmosphere is generally casual and comfortable. You can feel at home wearing shorts and a t-shirt as easily as you would wearing a coat and tie.

Current Promotions

The newest item on the Cheesecake Factory menu is Stefanie’s Ultimate Red Velvet Cake Cheesecake. This incredible dessert combines cake and cheesecake together in one slice. The chocolate mousse cheesecake and Godiva cheesecake are also featured items at the moment. You can order these delectable desserts directly from the Cheesecake Factory website, or pick one up at a local restaurant. It is a good idea to visit the website store regularly to find discounts on cheesecake flavors that the restaurant may be phasing out.

Many Cheesecake Factory restaurants are also featuring a new line of appetizers on their main menu. These new dishes offer brand new foods that have been created using creative twists to the standard Mediterranean fare the restaurant is famous for.

Finding Cheesecake Factory Discounts Online

There are several online sources for Cheesecake Factory coupons. You can download coupon codes for discounts on cheesecakes, free desserts for birthdays, and other deals through several online locations. The Cheesecake Factory offers many deals that do not expire, such as $5 off a full sized cheesecake with the proper coupon. There are also Cheesecake Factory coupons that you can print and present at the restaurant through a Google image search. The search will provide you with dozens of coupon options that you can click to be taken to the original coupon. Be careful to make sure the coupons have not expired before you begin printing, however. Online coupons are not always removed from the internet in a timely manner. It can be embarrassing to present an expired coupon at the restaurant bakery cash register.

Offline Discounts and Coupons

There are also Cheesecake Factory coupons available without using the internet. The restaurant tends to send out promotional mailings once every other month or so with the local print newspaper. You can also find coupons and deals by visiting your local Cheesecake Factory restaurant bakery. The Cheesecake Factory menu and waitstaff will also be able to help you find meal items that are on sale or discounted during specific times of the year.

Occasionally the Cheesecake Factory will advertise in national magazines or on television. These advertisements generally provide you with information about a special promotion or sale that is happening at your local Cheesecake Factory. The restaurant also teams up with other retail establishments, like Barnes and Nobles, to provide coupons with the purchase of an item at the retail store. National Cheesecake Day, which takes place in June, is also a great day to find deep discounts on Cheesecake Factory cheesecakes. The most recent celebration featured an opportunity to buy a cheesecake at half off with the purchase of a full priced cheesecake.

Discounts Through the Official Website

The Cheesecake Factory website does not offer many opportunities for savings directly. The best way to find discounts through their website is to visit the online store and look for clearance items. You may find that a specialty cheesecake has been discontinued and is being offered for a substantial discount through the online store. In general, however, the Cheesecake Factory website is not the best place to find coupons or discounts for the restaurant.

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