Clairol Hair Color Coupons

History of Clairol Personal Care Products

Clairol Company was founded in 1931, by an enterprising, New York chemist, Lawrence Gelb, and his wife. They chose the name Clairol after discovering a hair coloring solution during their travels in France. Returning to the United States, Professor Gelb began selling Clairol to beauty salons. In 1950, the company launched Miss Clairol Hair Color Bath campaign, making ‘Clairol’ a household name. The company successfully promoted the one step home hair product using the famous catchphrase, “Does she or doesn’t she? Only her hairdresser knows for sure.” This campaign was so successful that within six years, over 70% of all women who colored their hair, used Miss Clairol. Gelb sold Clairol to Bristol-Myers in 1957.

Clairol’s Colorful Advertising

For over 50 successful years, the slogan, “Does she or doesn’t she?” kept Clairol famous and the leader in the hair coloring industry. During the 60s, Lady Clairol ran more successful ads asking, “Is it true that blonds have more fun?” At the same time, Clairol’s Loving Care touted, “What would your husband do if you suddenly looked ten years younger?” This was soon followed by the introduction of Clairol’s Nice ‘n Easy product and the catchphrase, ‘The closer he gets, the better you look.” During the late 90s, Clairol also ran ads for its Herbal Essences shampoo, proclaiming it as a ‘totally organic experience.’

In 2000, according to a report issued by Information Resources Inc. of Chicago, L’OrĂ©al took the place of Clairol as the market leader. This challenged Clairol to rework a new campaign with a new slogan, “Clairol, a beauty all your own”. The new slogan served as reminder to women that beauty comes in all forms and is not specific to size or looks. The message was underscored by a thumb print, which was superimposed on “your”, a hint that beauty is as personal as a fingerprint. The new campaign became a repositioning for Clairol, placing its strong brand name under the ‘a beauty all your own,’ banner. FCB of New York, the creator of the campaign, became Clairol’s new advertising account holder, and a more relaxed definition of beauty and women emerged. The ads hit the new stands as nine page inserts in magazines like Vogue and The Oprah Magazine, and represented a wide range of women wanting to find beauty in themselves and align themselves with a company that understands their needs and helps them achieve a look all their own.

With everything new that Clairol has added in the way of campaigns and slogans, the legacy of “Does she or doesn’t she?” stills lives on. In 2008, the big brand campaign was featured at the New York Public Library’s Science, Business and Industry Library at “The Real Men and Women of Madison Avenue – Their Impact on American Culture” exhibition.

Clairol Product List

Clairol now makes a variety of products including hair conditioner, shampoo, hair spray and other consumables used for styling. Other Clairol brands include:

-All That Shine – for gray cover
-Born Blonde
-Brass Free
-Herbal Essences
-Herbal Essences Highlights
-Herbal Essences Blonding
-Frost and Tip
-Loving Care
-Balsam Color
-Natural Instincts
-Natural Instincts For Men
-Nice ‘n Easy
-Nice ‘n Easy Gray Solution
-Nice ‘n Easy Root Cover
-Perfect 10
-Shine Happy

The company also publishes a popular, free magazine named “Color Source”.

Clairol Popular Deals and Famous Programs

Clairol is famous for popular deals and famous programs. For example, Facebook users were recently rewarded with Clairol’s “1000 box a day for five day giveaway” of Clairol products. Other companies like Target have joined with Clairol for money saving deals. Target’s offer gives any customer who purchases two Clairol Nice ‘n Easy Perfect 10 Hair Color for approximately $8.99, a free five dollar Target gift card. Keep in mind there are expiration dates on these offers, which can all be found by searching the Internet for Clairol coupons and deals. As a matter of fact, there are hundreds of coupon saving deals for Clairol products on many coupon saving websites, and by searching the Internet for Clairol coupons, you’ll enjoy savings on all Clairol products.

Clairol – The Website, the official Clairol website, also offers great consumer deals. This creative and interactive site not only gives details on all Clairol products, but encourages uses to take part in creating a look unique to them. There are many opportunities on the Clairol website for users to sign up for rewards, emails and coupons, many exclusive to web access. By signing up, users receive alerts when new coupons are issued, access to many special features on the website, as well as a free subscription to Rouge magazine and a change to win a full year of Clairol hair coloring products.

Clairol’s Healthier Hair Color Challenge

A popular challenge program currently offered by Clairol to promote their Natural Instincts product, the “Healthier Hair Color Challenge,” invites customers to try Natural Instincts Healthier Hair Color, and if they do not feel that their hair color is healthier within ten minutes, Clairol will purchase two boxes of of the user’s old color and send it to them for free.

Try It On has a unique “Try It On Studio,” where users can enter a virtual salon and experiment with different colors and styles to find a complimentary look. It is Clairol’s way to allow women to experiment without making a commitment to purchase a product until they are happy with the results. A woman or man can enter the virtual studio, upload a photo of themselves, and have fun selecting different hairstyles and colors to see which best compliments their face and the look they are trying to achieve. also offers those who use Clairol products the opportunity to enter their Color Commentary section and give reviews and comments on the products they most use. Customers are invited to read other user reviews, watch video commentaries, hear real life experiences at, and write their own reviews. It’s all about reading what others think about Clairol products and sharing experiences.

Customers are invited to provide insight to create a better website by participating in a survey, which appears in a boxed request when a user signs off the Clairol website. Answers are confidential and are not sold or shared with anyone.

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    Coupon for Clariol root touch up .

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    I search for Clairol Foam hair color coupons and I get everything but what I requested. why is that? why can’t I get the coupons??????????

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    This is my favorite color brand. I like the natural looking color and I get the shade I want and it still looks natural!

  6. This is my favorite color brand. I love nice n’ eashy. I like the natural looking color and I get the shade I want and it still looks natural!

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