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The Coca-Cola company is one of the biggest corporation in the world. Their long history of innovative advertising techniques have made them a household name and a staple item. Coke offers many deals, coupons and discounts to their valued customers.

History of the Coca-Cola Company

One of the most popular and recognizable products in the world is Coca-Cola, but the Coca-Cola company has modest roots. In 1886, a pharmacist in Atlanta Georgia named John Pemberton invented the syrup for Coca-Cola. At this point in history soda water was considered good for your health, and was sold in many pharmacies all over the country. Pemberton purposed the soda water be flavored with his syrup.

Because Pemberton thought the words “Coca-Cola” would look good with it’s matching Cs and written with red paint, he penned the name for his product. The cursive “Coca-Cola” has become one of the most recognizable logos in the world. The soft drink started out slowly, however, and even after an advertisement taken out in the Atlanta Journal, the pharmacy was still only serving about 9 drinks of Coca-Cola per day.

In Pemberton’s lifetime he would never see Coca-Cola sold outside his small pharmacy. Just before his death, he sold the rights to Asa Candler, who was an Atlanta business man.

It was Asa Candler who launched Coca-Cola into the celebrated name known today. Candler struggled in the same way Pemberton did, until he came up with the brilliant plan of using coupons to get people to try his product. Candler took out a full page add in the Atlanta Journal, offering a coupon for a penny off a glass of Coke. After this and a few other marketing campaigns, Coke branched out and by 1895 Coca-Cola was being enjoyed in every state.

Popular Products and Marketing Campaigns

The Coca-Cola Company was the first company to use coupons as an advertising tool. Because of it’s early success, the Coca-Cola Company has been forerunners in unique marketing tools and campaigns. Because of their innovative marketing techniques, Coke has had abundant success in introducing new flavors and types of Coke. Here are some of the most popular and successful campaigns of the Coca-Cola Company:

– Santa Claus
One of the most successful marketing campaigns of all time is Coca-Cola’s use of Santa Claus and Holiday marketing. The round, rosy cheeked Kris Kringle is pictured doing many of the holiday tasks of legend: flying in his sleigh, making toys or leaving gifts for children under the Christmas tree. In all these depictions, he is also enjoying a refreshing Coca-Cola. This ad was first introduced in 1931, and is still being used today.

– Columbia Pictures
Another innovative marketing technique was the use of product placement when the company bought Colombia Pictures in 1982. This allowed them to feature their product in every film Colombia Produced. It was a good way to get people to see Coke being enjoyed by movie stars.

– The Coca-Cola Polar Bears
These adorable cartoon bears were first seen enjoying Coke in their arctic home in 1993. This commercial was aired introducing the new slogan “Always Coca-cola.” The arctic scene was a throwback to the snow covered Santa Claus ads of the 1930s. These artistic commercials were simple and reminded customers of the longevity of Coca-Cola in American marketing.

-Sports Stars and Celebrities
Coca-Cola has always had success using celebrities and sports stars in their marketing campaigns. Even as early as 1895, Coca-Cola used celebrities to promote their product. One of these ads featured Hilda Clark, an actress from Boston. Coke has also sponsored events like the Olympics and the Super Bowl. Latina pop star Selina also promoted Coke, until her untimely death in 1995.

Coke Rewards: Current Programs and Discounts

My Coke Rewards is Coke’s newest marketing campaign. The rewards program is a customer loyalty system that allows Coke drinkers to collect points on each bottle or can of Coke. Each customer can keep track of these points using convenient tools like the internet and cell phones. On the cap of almost every bottle of Coca-Cola is a code, customers enter this code on the website, via internet or they can text it from their cell phones. As the points build, customers can redeem these points for more Coke products, or merchandise.

Coca-Cola has used technology to their advantage and can be followed on Facebook, Twitter and many other social networking sites. This allows them to keep in touch with their fan base and let customers know when there is a special deal of discount they can take advantage of.

How to Find Coupons Online

Through the Coca-Cola website, customers can find all sorts of discounts and coupons. The most popular discount offered is the “My Coke Rewards” system. Customers can also receive discounts to the Coca-Cola store using promotional codes found on the website.

Outside of Coke Rewards, there are many different websites that offer coupons for Coke products. Some coupon websites offer printable coupons, these are coupons that can be printed out on a home computer and redeemed at a local store. There are many websites on the internet that run coupons for customers to print off and redeem at their local store. Most of these coupons are also offered in local papers or at the stores themselves. These coupons are usually limited to print one per computer.

Another type of coupon used online is the promotional code. This is a word or code that can be entered into the Coke website and offer discounts. This code works when purchasing items online from the Coca-Cola store. At there is a code of the main page that can be used in the Coca-Cola store to purchase merchandise like decorative Coke memorabilia or promotional items at 10% off. Following Coca-Cola on will also let you know of promotional codes and coupons that can be used on the website and at your local store.

Many local retailers will advertise in a newspaper or local radio when they are having a sale. These promotional sales can include soft drinks like Coca-Cola. Offers like buy one get one free or purchase an item, get a Coke at a discounted price, are popular.

Many times around holidays like Memorial day, 4th of July, or Labor day, Coke will be on sale. These holidays are associated with barbecuing and being outside, and soft drinks, like Coke, are usually a popular item. Often times a store will offer a deal to buy hot dogs, chips or other popular barbecue item a a discount when a customer purchases a Coke.

With its long history and successful campaigns Coke remains on of the top companies in the world. Customer loyalty has been its greatest asset, and Coke often uses that asset by offering great deals to its loyal customers.

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