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Cover girl is a company that is well known by most Americans; from their celebrity appearances, to their popular campaign, “Easy, Breezy, Beautiful, Cover girl. What is no secret about this company is that although their quality products are desirable, they are not cheap. But that does not mean that every girl should not be able to be a cover girl herself. Here I will describe some great places to find coupons and get discounted Cover girl products. But first, describe a little more about this company.

Company history

Cover Girl is an American cosmetics brand that got its start in 1909 by the Noxzema Company in Maryland. This was very appropriate considering their first products were more natural based make up that improved skin health. They chose the name Cover Girl because of their advertising gimmick. They put makeup on the celebrities who appeared on the covers of magazines.

They gained their popularity in 1962 from model/actress Jennifer O’Neil. She signed a 30 year endorsement with the company and her popularity made them the number one make-up selling company in the United States. This campaign also created more of a buzz with television sponsorships as opposed to just magazines. Today Cover Girl sponsor’s America’s next Top Model. Cover girl was sold to Proctor and Gamble in 1989 and the company have continued its popularity and productivity.

What they are well known for?

One of the first things that come to mind when it comes to the Cover Girl Company is there famous advertising campaign, “Easy, Breezy, Beautiful, Cover Girl”. This campaign was created by advertising specialist Marc Pritchard, and shortly after campaign, Cover Girl became the #1 mass-market share company in the United States.

On top of being popular for their quality products, this company still stands because of their unique advertising methods. One method that they have incorporated is creating collections around celebrities. Some of which are:

• Simply ageless collection with Ellen DeGeneres
This is a collection geared towards an older generation. They create make up that does not bring attention or worsen to fine lines and wrinkles on the face.

• Outlast collection with Drew Berrymore
This is a popular collection that is for the bold make-up wearers. These products ranging from mascara to eye shadow, brings an emphasis to your best features.

• Queen collection with Queen Latifah
This collection is for women of color who need make-up for their darker skin complexion. Here there are several items that give a beautiful natural look to women with a darker skin complexion.

Although Cover girl started as a company with only medicated foundations, this company has definitely expanded as far as products go. Cover girl has a variety of products which include:

• Foundation
• Powder
• Concealer
• Blush
• Bronzer
• Mascara
• Eye shadow
• Eyeliner
• Eyewear
• Lip color
• Lip gloss
• Lip liner
• Nail polish
• Beauty Tools

All of these products can be found online on their website While these are the categories of items they provide there are some items that are very popular right now.
Popular Products

Cover girl has many products that are constantly being advertised. There are always new items and on the website, Cover Girl talks about their newest products. Here I describe three of the new items on the website.

  • Lash blast length mascara
  • This is the longest mascara brush ever created that makes eyelashes look super long in a way that you are bound to be noticed.

  • Smokey shadow blast eye shadow
  • This is a very original product since it is a two-sided eye shadow pencil. There are two different colors, one on each side of the pencil, that have been put together by makeup specialist to create the perfect smokey eye look.

  • Simply ageless corrector and concealer
  • The corrector is great for cover dark circles under the eyes while the concealer fixes minor imperfections and evens the skin tone. Both of these do their jobs on top of concealing fine lines and wrinkles on the face.

    Where are the Coupons?

    There are several sites that one can go to, to find great deals on Cover girl products. Here I list off some of the best sites to find cover girl coupons.

  • Free Mania
  • This is a great site because they supply printable coupons for many makeup products, including cover girl. If that wasn’t good enough, they also keep updates of when to check the newspaper for more coupons on whatever product you are looking for. If you add them as a friend on Facebook they will keep you informed for daily free stuff and more coupons. To check out this site go here:

  • This is a great site to get discounts on beauty websites as well as in store discounts. In order to use these coupons online all you have to do is click the activate coupon button on the right side of each coupon. This takes you straight to the websites with your coupons ready to use. To check out this site go here:

  • Retail Me Not
  • This is a great site to go and is just as easy as While this site has occasional coupons in Cover Girl, they also have an area where customers can request coupons for specific products. What could be better than that? To check out this site go here:

  • Ultimate Coupons
  • Here is a site where you can find coupons from a great assortment of brands, cover girl being included. All you have to do is search for the brand and look to see if they have any available coupons. Once you find it, you can click the activate coupon button and it will take you straight to the site with your coupons ready to use. To go to this site go here:

    Cover Girl is a great company with wonderful products that every woman should be able to enjoy, and now they can. If these coupons were not enough, check out the Cover Girl website. They now have an ongoing promotion going on in which one signs up to receive text messages about new coupons, freebies, and promotions. Now everyone can be as beautiful as a cover girl.

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    1. Beverly Straffin says:

      I would like to try CoverGirl&Olay, which I have heard great things about. I would like to have a coupon so that I may see for myself.

      Thanks for putting Ellen on the advertisement….she is amazing!


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      I love coupons, and I really like covergirl and loreal. Im a coupon girl, and would like printable coupons Please. Thanks Donna Bradbury

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