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Depends is the leading adult underwear product line marketed to those experiencing incontinence. Originally introduced in 1983 by Kimberly-Clark, these early Depends were the first such product ever marketed, and could be worn either with underwear or as an underwear replacement. Kimberly-Clark, which was founded in 1872, already had over a hundred years of experience with paper products and popular brands such as Kleenex, Kotex and Huggies when they first offered Depends to seniors and other people suffering from incontinence. This convenient product allowed people all over the world to regain some modicum of dignity and freedom, and the Depends line of products has been popular ever since.

Brand Name Quality

Kimberly-Clark has an enormous stable of popular brand names, with products like Kleenex being synonymous with tissues and Kotex being synonymous with certain feminine hygiene products. Similarly, the Depends name has become a cultural stand-in for adult diapers, underwear shields and other underwear products designed to deal with the problem of incontinence.

Since Depends was the first purpose-made adult incontinence product, Kimberly-Clark essentially discovered a whole new market and serviced it before anyone else. This long-standing presence in the incontinence products market has helped to cultivate a sense of trust with those who need such products and had the effect of establishing Depends as the premier name in adult underwear products.

The largest advertising campaign ever run by Depends was launched to promote their new Adult Underwear for Men and Adult Underwear for Women lines, and was designed to highlight the differences between men and women by juxtaposing their answers to various questions.

Innovations In Incontinence

Though the Depends brand name has long been associated with quality adult incontinence solutions, several new lines have recently been launched. For the first time, different products have been made available for men and women, acknowledging both their differing body types and different aesthetic tastes. These new products are known as Depends Adult Underwear for Men and Depends Adult Underwear for Women, and feature a number of new design innovations.

In addition to their new gender-specific products, Depends also offers a variety of other complimentary products and various options. Their Guards for Men can be placed inside regular underwear to help with light incontinence, while adjustable, unisex adult underwear that can be fastened like traditional diapers and changed very easily is also available.

Giving Back and Getting Some

As a major national brand, Depends always has various coupons, offers and programs available. The brand is a part of the Box Tops for Education program. This means if you save the box tops of your Depends, you can help earn money for the school of your choice. Whether you have a child or grandchild in school, or just want to support any local school, all you need to do is save the box tops and drop them off at the school of your choice. Since Depends is a participant in the program, the school will receive money for every box top you provide them.

If you’ve never tried Depends before, you can actually request free samples to try them out. Simply fill out a form on their website, choose whether you want to try out the Depends Adult Underwear for Men or Depends Adult Underwear for Women, and you’ll receive a discrete package by US mail. This package comes with a variety of sizes and is absolutely free. The men’s package also includes a sample of their Guards for Men in addition to the adult underwear samples. This is useful to determine which size works best for you, or even to just to take advantage of the free products on offer. Beyond this, a variety of other coupons and special offers are generally available if you look in the right places.

Deals on Depends

The best place to get coupons for Depends is by simply visiting their website. When you do so you’ll be able to sign up for their coupon program and thus be able to instantly print out Depends coupons right from your computer. A typical coupon might give you a dollar off any purchase of Depends, but there’s no telling what deals they might offer up from time to time. When you sign up you’ll also get the opportunity to have special deals sent to you via your choice of email and US mail. This is the most convenient way to get Depends coupons, and you can actually get some pretty good deals out of it.

You’ll also find Depends coupons in many other places, both online and offline. If you prefer to clip coupons rather than printing them off the internet, the Sunday newspaper ad circular will often have money saving Depends coupons, which might take the form of manufacturer’s coupons or coupons provided by specific store chains. Be sure to comb through the ad circulars for your local drug stores rather than just looking for full page Depends ads, since some good deals are likely to slip by you otherwise. You can also contact Kimberly-Clark directly, as most national brands are happy to send out free coupon books by mail if you say that you’re a new customer looking to try out their product.

Depends Give You Back Your Life

There has long been a stigma associated with adult incontinence and what have previously been known as “adult diapers,” but Depends has made huge strides in the last decades. With their Adult Underwear for Men and Adult Underwear for Women products, they offer stylish choices in a variety of prints and colors that look and feel more like you’re wearing regular underwear, and with their Guards for Men you can continue to wear your regular underwear without fearing embarrassing mistakes while out in public.

The best part is that with all the Depends coupons deals available out there, you don’t have to break the bank to take advantage of their innovative new products. Between the free samples they offer and coupons you can find both online and offline, anyone can regain some dignity and control in their life by wearing the new Depends Adult Underwear for Men and Adult Underwear for Women. Then with the Box Tops for Education program that Depends participates in, you can even help give back to the younger generation at the same time.

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  1. Deborah Smith says:

    I am trying to find a product my sister would be able to use. She would like to have samples of products before buying since she doesn’t know if they can help her. She has a bladder problem and has trouble finding anything to work for her due to her stomach.

  2. sheila paige-williams says:

    why don’t more doctors inform patients about health plan deals if you are not on medicare or medicaid? i feel i should be able to order incontience wear at the same deal as regular medicine discounts at mail order instead of searching for store sales. with my heavy flow problem, i should be able to get a prescription for medco. my pcp doesn’t know if she can give me a prescription for this problem. i’m now seeing a gyn (urinary) specialialist, the 3rd one.

  3. Kathy Brawand says:

    My mother uses depends for the last five years. She is on a fixed income and these items are
    expensive. I would greatly appreciate and help i can get for her.

  4. Marydee Robertson says:

    Ther are now many manufacturers making incontinence products like depends that are equally efficient and Walmart and other stores like King Soopers have them. Mail order is cheapest and I suggest you all try some of the other cheaper brands, and then when you find a satisfactory less expensive brand, mail order them to save even more . many of the cheaper ones work just as well.

  5. R L THOMPSON says:


  6. Jean Klinkhamer says:

    My son needs to wear Depends and wearing them gives him freedom to do things. I buy a lot of his items that he needs. He has been wearning disposal for about a year now. If I can find a better deal than getting them from the store, I will order them from mail order. Can you send me more information. Thank You

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