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When trying to plan a family vacation it is important to find a place that the whole family will enjoy that also fits into the budget. Dollywood is a theme park that offers something for people of all ages while also being affordable.


Dollywood is a very popular theme park located in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. This theme park is owned by the famous country music singer Dolly Parton. The park was fist opened in 1961 as a very small attraction with a different name; Rebel Railroad. In 1986, Dolly Parton became the co-owner and the park was renamed Dollywood. When Dolly Parton became involved in expanding the park, she had a goal in mind. She wanted to create something that would bring people into this small town to experience the life in the Smoky Mountains. Another goal that she had was to create a lot of jobs in the area. Now that the park has been striving for 24 years, the park has done what Dolly dreamed of. Dollywood has an average of 2.5 million guests in each season! It is now the biggest ticketed attraction in the entire state of Tennessee. Not only do people pile into the town of Pigeon Forge to come and experience this park, but Dollywood employs over 3000 people making it the largest employer in the town.


Dollywood is famous for its many different elements that each bring something different to the table. The way the park is arranged is that it is divided into ten themed areas. Each area has different attractions and rides that fit into the theme of the area. The following is a list of each area and the attractions that are located in that area of the park:

  • Showstreet
  • Showstreet is a place where many of the well known shows of the park take place. Some of the attractions in this area of the park are The Showstreet Palace, Friendship gardens, The Celebrity Theatre, and The Southern Gospel Museum and Hall of Fame. One of the shows that take place in this area is Sha-Kon-O-Hey. This is one of the most famous shows performed in the park. This show portrays life in the Smokey Mountains and is one of the most visited shows in the park.

  • Rivertown Junction
  • Rivertown Junction also has many shows and attractions as well. Some of the attractions in this area are The Tennessee Mountain Home and The Back Porch Theatre. Another popular show, Dolly’s Family Reunion, is performed in The Back Porch Theatre. This show is a very fun musical that portrays different elements of Dolly’s Family and is something that the entire family will get a kick out of. Also located in this area of the park is the Smokey Mountain River Rampage. This is a whitewater rafting ride that flows right though the park. This ride is something that is fun and safe for the entire family to ride together.

  • Craftsmen’s Valley
  • Craftsmen’s Valley is place full of rides, theaters, crafts, and fun. Some of the attractions in this area include The Dollywood Grist Mill, The Valley Theater, and Eagle Mountain Sanctuary, Wings of America Theater, Robert F. Thomas Chapel, and Calico Falls Schoolhouse. One of the most unique features in this part of the park is the Bald Eagle sanctuary. This is an area in which the park rescues bald eagles that have been injured and cannot survive in the wild alone. This sanctuary allows you to see these majestic animals in their natural habitat while walking around the other attractions. Another key part of this part of the park is the rides. This section of the park contains a few of the largest coasters in the park. These coasters include the Tennessee Tornado Coaster, Blazing Fury Coaster, and Daredevil Falls. All of these coasters are huge hits among teens and adults alike.

  • The Village
  • The Village is a small area of the park that contains many fun attractions. One of these attractions includes The Dollywood Express. This stream train takes you around the park and part of the mountains as well. Also located in this area are the Carousel and the Magic Laughmaker. All of these attractions are huge hits with the kids.

  • The Country Fair
  • The Country Fair is one of the most popular areas of the park. There are many attractions and rides located in this section. These include The Dizzy Disk, Amazing Flying Elephants, Lemon Twist, Shooting Star Rider, Veggie tales Sideshow Kid’s Rollercoaster, Piggy Parade, Busy Bees, Lucky Ducky, Dolly’s Demolition Derby, the Scrambler, and the Wonder Wheel. All of these rides are great for the family. In this area of the park, there is sure to be something to please all members of the family.

  • Timber Canyon
  • Timber Canyon is another popular area of the park. The rides include the Mystery Mine Coaster, Timber Tower, Thunderhead Coaster, and Lumberjack Lifts. The Mystery Mine is relatively new to the park. This indoor coaster gives you a thrill as you go though the dark and not sure what to expect!

  • Jukebox Junction
  • Jukebox Junction allows you take a step back into the 50’s. With old cars, diners, and music, you will feel like you have gone into the past. The attractions in this area include Rockin’ Roadway Car Ride and the Pines Theatre.

  • Dreamland Forest
  • Dreamland Forest has two large attractions that are great for the kids. These include the Dreamland Forrest Tree House and the Mountain Slidewinder water ride.

  • Adventures in Imagination
  • This portion of the park lets your imagination run wild. With rides such as the White Lightening simulator you can experience things that you normally would not be able to.

  • Wilderness Pass
  • Wilderness Pass has many attractions that allow you to be a part of the nature around you. Rides such as the SkyZip allow you to really appreciate the wondrous beauty of the Smokey Mountains.

    Dollywood’s Festivals throughout the season

    The following are some of the festivals that the park usually has each year:

  • Kidsfest
  • This is a summer festival that has many shows, activities, crafts, and more that are all centered on the children. Each year Dollywood has something different and exciting for the kids to participate in

  • National Gospel and Harvest Celebration
  • This celebration takes place every October. The park brings in Southern Gospel Artists as well as master-craftsmen to celebrate the old times.

  • Smokey Mountain Christmas
  • This is one of the most popular festivals the park hosts. In November and December the park is light up with lights, special Christmas shows, decorations, and more. The park is decorated with close to 4 million Christmas Lights in this spectacular event!


    Among all of the attractions and the rides, the greatest thing about the park is its affordability. Tickets for Adults are 55.90 and are 44.70 for children. In comparison to other parks, Dollywood has some of the best prices. However, there are many package deals and discounts that you can receive to make your vacation more affordable. One of the most well known package deals that they offer is the All Inclusive Vacation Package. This package includes the following features:
    Cabin Accommodations, Dollywood Vacations Pass ( which allows unlimited park admission during your stay ), Splash Country One Day Pass, Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner at select locations each day during your stay, Complimentary Parking in a special lot at the park, and a coupon book for shops in the park.
    This great deal starts at only 1,217 dollars for a 3 day 2 night stay!

    Not only does Dollywood offer a great number of package deals, but there are also many coupon offers online and offline as well. The Free Money Saving Coupon Book can save you money on a variety of attraction in Pigeon Forge. This can be found on inside The best way to find online coupons for the park is to search for “Dollywood Coupons” or to visit the main site In addition to online coupons, you can also find several offline coupons. The best way to this is to call the hotel that you are staying at during your trip. Many of the hotels in the area offer special deals in appreciation for you staying with them.

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