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Just about every mom knows about the famous Enfamil coupons. This company is know for sending out great coupons. Coupons can be anywhere from $2 to over $10 off a can of Enfamil baby formula. Some moms are lucky enough to get an entire case of Enfamil for free!

History of Enfamil

Enfamil has a long interesting history. This brand of formula has been around for a long time, and it was produced out of love and personal experience. The founder of the company, Edward Mead Johnson Sr., started the Mead Johnson company in 1905. The reason for his dedication to producing quality baby formula is clear – he himself had an infant son. Baby Ted survived a severe feeding problem when he was an infant, and E. Mead realized that there was a need for products of this nature.

Babies that did not have access to breast milk in those days had one of two options. They were either fed with homemade concoctions or experimental formulas. Neither of these options were well tolerated by Baby. E. Mead learned from a leading pediatrician of the time that orphanages were in need of a baby formula that could be tolerated well by infants.

In 1911, E. Mead and his son, Lambert, introduced Enfamil in its “infant” stage. Dextri-Maltose was a diet supplement for infants made from a potato starch. It was tolerated better and digested easier than the typical alternatives of the day.

During Word War I, the potato starch that was the base of the formula became very scarce. E. Mead moved his business to Evansville, Indiana. Corn was readily available there, and it was a suitable substitute for the potato starches used previously. The companies global operations office and US regional office is still there to this day.

Enfamil brand baby formula, as we know it today, was introduced in 1959. Since then it has gone through a number of significant formula changes. Each change is designed to bring the formula nutritionally close to breast milk. Today it is one of the leading baby formulas on the market.

Enfamil Products

Although Enfamil is most known for their baby formulas, they also produce a number of other products. It isn’t just infants that benefit from these products either. Vitamins for mothers, infants, and toddlers are available, along with

  • Enfamil Products for Mom
    Expecrtra LIPIL is a vitamin supplement for expecting mothers. These soft gel capsules allow her baby to get the proper amount of DHA without eating fish, which can contains high levels of mercury. DHA helps a fetus’ brain and eye development.

  • Enfamil Products for Infants
    For infants, Enfamil is most famous for their line of formulas. These special formulas range from regular to formulas for babies with feeding issues. Enfamil Premium is their featured product, and main formula. It is for bottle fed infants with normal feeding habits. Enfamil also produces a number of products for infants with common feeding problems and special needs.

    • Gentlease is specially formulated to ease fussiness and gas. It digests much more easily than many other formulas.
    • Babies that experience frequent spit up may benefit from Enfamil A.R. This formula is designed to thicken slightly in the infant’s stomach.
    • Babies that need a milk free, soy based formula can have Enfamil ProSobee.
    • Nutramigen with Enflora made by Enfamil can help manage colic within a few days.
    • For babies that never seem to get enough to eat, mothers can try Enfamil Restful. This formula helps babies feel fuller longer.
    • Enfamil EnfaCare provides the extra nutrition that premature babies need.
    • Enfamil Premature is another formula for premature babies. It is designed to meet the needs of rapidly growing premature babies and babies born with a low birth weight.
    • Progestimil is a formula designed for babies that have trouble absorbing fats. This contains an oil that is much easier to absorb.
    • For babies with a severe allergy to cow’s milk or multiple protein allergies, Enfamil has come out with Nutramigen AA. This can be a major part of a babies diet up until they are two years old.
    • Enfamil also has something for mothers and babies that are breast feeding. Their Human Milk Fortifier adds extra protein and nutrients to breast milk. This is best for babies that were born premature or with a low birth rate.

  • Enfamil Products for Toddlers
    Enfamil formulas and vitamins for toddlers were designed to give toddlers the proper nutrition that they need. Along with a balanced diet, Baby can get all of the nutrients that he needs, even after he outgrows infant formula.

    • Enfagrow Premium is designed for toddlers in mind. This formula can help get the proper nutrients when introducing solid foods. This comes in Gentlease and soy formulas also.
    • Vitamins are an important issues with growing children. Enfamil Poly-Vi-Sol With Iron provides nine vitamins and iron for growing infants and toddlers. This provides extra nutrition during growth spurts and the transition to solid food. If your child is lacking iron, their doctor may recommend Enfamil Fer-In-Sol drops.

Enfamil Deals

Although Enfamil is known for their large coupons and free formula samples, some new mothers may not know where to get them. The truth is, you don’t have to look very hard at all. They are readily available.

  • The best place to get coupons for Enfamil is their website. When you register with Enfamil, you will receive a nice package that includes about $60 worth of coupons! They will also send you a one week supply of formula for free.

  • Other great places to get Enfamil coupons online are new mother forums. Sometimes new mothers, or old mothers, will receive coupons that they do not need. On the forums, they will write about the coupons and give them away! Some sell them on Ebay, but buying the coupons seems to defeat the purpose of saving money.

  • If you’ve tapped out all of the resources online, or simply can’t find anything, never fear! There are plenty of places to get Enfamil coupons without logging on.

    • When a new baby is born, many hospitals will give away goody bags to the new mother. Sometimes an entire diaper bag is packed full of things like free samples and money saving coupons.
    • Many pediatricians will be able to get you free samples or Enfamil coupons – if you ask. If they don’t have them, they most likely know where to get some.
    • Enfamil almost always has an insert of card in baby magazines. All you need to do is fill out the card, and they send you free samples and coupons. Usually they keep mailing you these coupons for about a year.
    • Sometimes coupons are printed right on the wrappers or lids of Enfamil formula cans. These may not be the big ones, but they will still save you money.
    • Some mothers say that all you have to do is write to the company and request them. Coupons for an entire case of Enfamil can be gotten this way. Apparently, the trick is to send it out shortly before the first of the month.

      Mead Johnson Nutritionals
      625 Norfolk Sq. N.
      Pickerington, Ohio 43147

      Be sure to include your name, the baby’s name, address, telephone number, and which type of formula that you would like coupons for.

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  1. joni klapak says:

    my granddaughter is on this and we’d like some coupons please

  2. Judy Neale says:

    Do you have coupons for Grandmas who are trying to help with expenses. I would love to buy my grandson some formula, but it would be nice to have store coupons. I live close to Oneonta, NY or Binghamton, NY. Thank you. Sincerely, Judy Neale (I’m looking for Enfamil Enfacare)

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