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Company History

Dave Anderson had a dream to provide customers with a barbeque dining experience that was not available to them. He searched for over twenty years to find the perfect barbeque sauce that he felt must be experienced by anyone who enjoyed barbequed meals. In 1994, he opened his first Famous Dave’s restaurant location, which he named Famous Dave’s BBQ Shack, in a Hayward, Minnesota resort that he had purchased. The Famous Dave’s BBQ Shack was soon a popular dining choice for many, serving as much as one thousand guests a day. Having invested more than two million dollars into the restaurant, Dave Anderson realized that he had managed to turn his hobby and passion of barbequing into a real business venture that was quickly becoming a demand.

In 1995, just one year after opening his first Famous Dave’s restaurant location, Dave Anderson opened a second restaurant located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. This new restaurant featured the visual appeal of the Famous Dave’s Barbeque Shack concept by using real American antiques throughout the restaurant. This restaurant location had enough seating to serve seventy five guests at one time and featured a screened in porch that could be utilized by the guests. Soon after opening the second Famous Dave’s Barbeque Shack restaurant, Dave Anderson won a blue ribbon in the Best BBQ Sauce In America contest located at the American Royal International Barbeque Contest for his famous sauces that he served in his Famous Dave‘s locations. This included his famous Rich & Sassy sauce, Hot Stuff sauce, Texas Pit sauce, Georgia Mustard sauce and his most popular, the Devil’s Spit sauce that people could not get enough of.

With his two restaurants generating over a million dollars in revenue each year, Dave Anderson began to think about growing this company. So in 1996 Dave Anderson began thinking of ideas to expand his Famous Dave’s restaurants to serve more guests. As a native resident of Chicago, Dave knew that barbeque food and blues music was a popular concept and loved by Americans everywhere. In September of that year he opened a new Famous Dave’s restaurant that featured this concept. This Minneapolis restaurant had a full nine thousand square feet of space and cost Dave Anderson a total of $1.4 million dollars to purchase and design.

In October of 1996, Famous Dave’s of America, Inc. announced its initial public offering and began trading on the NASDAQ stock market. Opening day the shares for the restaurant rose from $6.25 to $11.25 with 2.3 million shares available. However, by the end of 1996 it was noticed that even though there was a strong showing at the stock market level for Famous Dave’s, the restaurants themselves were not making much money. So Dave Anderson decided it was time to make a leadership change within the company itself.

Throughout 1997, Anderson was busy selecting the new management level employees. He selected a president that would oversee the entire financing, real stand and construction areas, as well as a chief executive officer. By doing this, Dave Anderson was freeing himself up to continue his adventure of creating new and innovative designs and plans for the company. Anderson held the role within the company as chairman of the board so that he could stay involved in all decision making before it could be implemented. When announcing this news to the public, Anderson stated that he made a commitment when opening the first Famous Dave’s restaurant location that he made a decision to want to brink the best barbeque experience to his customers. He felt that in order to do this he needed to set an executive board in place for the company.

Today there are over forty-five different Famous Dave’s BBQ restaurants available to choose from. The restaurant locations are designed in three different themes ranging from the roadhouse barbeque shack, the hunting lodge and the blues club. Famous Dave’s has expanded is no long just based in the Minnesota area. In fact, you can find Famous Dave’s restaurants in thirty six different states. There are franchise opportunities available for people who feel that they have what it takes to be a part of this award winning company. There are always new barbeque food flavors that can be discovered at Famous Dave’s locations, however, their award winning sauces are still available and are the main reason people keep coming back for more.

Company Mission

It is the mission of Famous Dave’s Restaurants to create dining atmospheres that surpass what is offered at other restaurant locations, by serving the highest quality foods that have intense flavor. The Famous Dave’s environment is designed to be stimulating, interesting and fun. New employees are trained to follow the values and beliefs that were set up by the company to create an atmosphere that is successful at delighting the guests beyond what they have come to expect in a dining experience.

Company Passion

The Famous Dave’s company passion is to be famous by creating food that has a flavor that smells great, makes the guest feel good and creates an impression that the guest will never be able to forget. That is why guests are given exceptional service that exceeds even their highest expectations, full portioned meals at affordable value prices and food that tastes so great that it leaves a craving and has the guests returning for more.

Company Purpose

The company purpose behind Famous Dave’s Restaurants is to be the best barbeque restaurant around. This is achieved by creating foods with rich flavors that are second to none which leave the customer returning to get more. This can only be accomplished by slow cooking the meat dishes just perfectly, having the right sauces and giving customers a dining experience that they will not forget but cannot get enough of.

Money saving discounts, deals, specials and promotions

When it comes to experiencing the award winning barbeque tastes that all Famous Dave’s locations offer there are money saving opportunities as well as numerous discounts, deals, specials and promotions both online and off.

For people searching online for ways to save money during their next barbeque experience at their favorite Famous Dave’s location, they do not have to look far.

There are printable money saving coupons available through Facebook when you sign up as a friend and click on the “like” button for their site which allows you to save up to $15.00 on your next visit.

When searching for money saving opportunities offline, coupons and deals are also available.

Your local newspaper often times have coupons that can save you anywhere from $5.00 to $15.00 on your next dining experience.

A visit to the Famous Dave’s main website will put you in touch with a large variety of money saving opportunities. You will simply need to fill out the form to sign up for Famous Dave’s P.I.G. email club. Savings, deals and discounts will be sent to your email inbox for special offers that are available at the restaurant. For example,:

You will receive free offers on food items and money saving deals for your birthday.

You will get opportunities to try new food items as they become available before they are available to the public.

Money saving discount coupons will be available for downloading when they are offered by the company.

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