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Fantastic Sams was formed in 1974 by entrepreneur Sam Ross, and it’s grown to become one of the largest hair salons in history. The chain sports over 1,400 independently owned locations. Fantastic Sams has become popular due to their low costs, full hair service offerings, quality control, and family-oriented setting.

Fantastic Sams also offers a line of hair care products which have become very popular. These range from simple shampoos and conditioners to hair sprays, gels, etc. Hair care products from the company are generally quite affordable, but are intended to be salon quality.

Their slogan, “Your style awaits,” is fairly descriptive of the chain’s variety of offerings. It’s easy to find a great haircut at a Fantastic Sams location. Still, it’s nice to get a good deal along with your style, and as such many Fantastic Sams customers have turned to the Internet for printable Fantastic Sams coupons that help to cut the prices of their already affordable services.

Where To Find Coupons

Finding coupons for Fantastic Sams is fairly easy. While Fantastic Sams doesn’t actually offer coupons directly through its website at this time, consumers can sign up to their newsletter here, which regularly send out printable coupons. The newsletter is intended specifically for the purpose of bringing in new and existing customers, and as such, coupons are a regular feature, along with announcements for temporary promotions and deals.

There are also a number of third party websites that offer printable coupons. These websites vary in quality and ease of use, but they can make it easier to find specific offers. Customers that need specific hair services may want to check out these websites first.

Different coupons offer a variety of perks, usually one one particular service. Fantastic Sams coupons can offer free or discounted hair coloring, styling, curling, perms, or discounts on the price of a haircut for certain age groups. Some of the current coupons offered by the company include children’s haircuts for $6.99 and $5 off a standard cut. There are often special coupons for haircut with a blow dry, or for combination deals. To find a coupon that works for you, you may need to look around for a while.

Tips For Using Fantastic Sams Coupons

Before getting your haircut at Fantastic Sams, be sure to mention that you have a coupon, and offer to present the coupon as early as possible. This will help you to avoid an embarrassing situation if the coupon is rejected for any reason after the haircut, and it will make things easier on the cashier. It’s also a very good idea to tip your hair stylist–much of their income is based on tips, and that doesn’t change when your using a coupon. Most people tend to get their hair cut at the same place every few weeks, so it’s always a good idea to build a favorable rapport with a certain hair stylist.

It’s also helpful to keep a few coupons on hand for when you need them, since it can take a while to find some of the best Fantastic Sams coupons. However, when you get a coupon that you want to use, it’s important to read it carefully to make sure that it will work. There are a few factors that could prevent a coupon from working, for instance:

  • Expiration dates
  • – As is the case with many major chains, Fantastic Sams coupons have a listed expiration date. All Fantastic Sams are franchised, and are independently owned, so if you don’t have any other options, it might still be worth your time to try an expired coupon–many stores will take them, especially if they’re not more than a few days past their expiration dates. You should pay special attention to expiration dates when looking for coupons online, as many third party websites are updated infrequently.

  • Participation
  • – Again, Fantastic Sams locations are independently owned, and some may reject coupons outright. However, most Fantastic Sams not only accept coupons, but accept coupons regardless of their intended location. A coupon designed for a Fantastic Sams in one town should work in the next town over, and at any location.

    No Combination Coupons

  • – You cannot use multiple Fantastic Sams coupons on the same visit, and most locations are fairly steadfast in enforcing this rule. This is to prevent customers from taking advantage of multiple conflicting coupons that could provide a completely free hair cut, free hair products, or other services and goods.

When you get coupons for Fantastic Sams, be sure to read them carefully and understand all of the terms. Try using coupons regularly, and your savings will start piling up. You’ll end up with a great haircut for a great price, and even if you need to do a bit of research, the savings can be well worth the effort.

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