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Forth Worth Zoo is currently the oldest zoo in the state of Texas. It was opened in 1909 and has become one of the leading tourist attractions in the Fort Worth/ Dallas area. From 1909 to the latter part of 1991, the city of Fort Worth owned and operated the zoo. The zoo is now run by the Fort Worth Zoological Association, which staged a grand reopening of the zoo in 1992 and unveiled two new attractions, World of Primates and Asian Falls. More than one million people visit the zoo annually. It has been named as one of the top zoo’s in the nation by various publications.


While the zoo was meagerly started with several rabbits, one lion, one peacock, one coyote, one alligator, and two bear cubs, there are now more than 5000 animals and more than 400 species calling this zoo their home. Two of the most popular exhibits here are the Chee-tohs Cheetahs and the Meerkat Mounds. Other popular exhibits include the World of Primates, Raptor Canyon, African Savannah, Parrot Paradise, and the Komodo Dragon. The most recent attraction is the Museum of Living Art, which was just opened in 2010. Since 1992 more than ten new exhibits have been added to the zoo, making it one of the most visited zoos in the nation. The newest member of the zoo is a 40 foot Iguana named Iggy.

Current Deals

The Fort Worth Zoo currently offers special events such as after hours parties and company picnics. They also offer catering and facility rentals at their Picnic Outpost, Chesapeake Pavilions, Bluebonnet Cafe, and Portraits of the Wild Art Gallery.

The zoo also offers a discount ticket program that enables employers to give discounted tickets to their employees. The program is available to companies that employ more than 300 people.

Tickets can be pre-purchased through the Event Sales department as part of a gift package. Zoo bucks and parking passes are also available for purchase at the current regular price.

People can purchase an annual zoo membership that will enable them to visit the zoo all year round as well as provide for free parking, $3 off on guest tickets, 10 percent discounts at zoo stores, and more. The zoo also has a program for parties of 15 or more, giving them $1 off each admission when tickets are purchased more than a week in advance. Currently, the zoo is opening its doors to members one hour earlier than non-members.

Online Savings Programs

Coupons for the Forth Worth Zoo are typically either dollars off or buy one get one free coupons. These are typically found by visiting tourist related websites. is one local website that has been known to carry Fort Worth Zoo coupons. Currently there are very limited offers for Fort Worth Zoo coupons, rebates, deals, and rewards online. The best thing to do is find some travel websites that specialize in deals in Texas or deals for zoos in particular and continue checking them to see when they have a deal on Fort Worth Zoo tickets.

Offline Savings Programs

The best way to find Fort Worth Zoo coupons offline is to check some of the local publications. Coupons can typically be found in travel guides, magazines, and brochures in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. These publications are most readily available in the lobby of a hotel. Savings may also be found at one of the city’s visitor centers or through a tourist bureau. It is also possible that local newspapers will occasionally have deals on Fort Worth Zoo tickets as well.

The Fort Worth Zoo currently does not offer any coupons or deals on their website.

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