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Friendly’s Restaurants, Fuel for Body and Soul

Families have been gathering at Friendly’s Restaurants since 1935. At Friendly’s Restaurants families can choose nutritious dishes from a wide variety of menu options. Breakfast, lunch and dinner choices please everyone from the most finicky eater to the hungriest teenager. A meal at Friendly’s won’t put a huge dent in the family budget.

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Friendly’s has a solution for those times everything on the menu shouts “Oh, that looks good! and makes it impossible to choose. Create your own meal. Pick an entrée from column A, select a drink from column B, and then decide on an ice cream dessert from column C.

Friendly’s Restaurants – how it all began

Seventy five years ago two young brothers got a loan from their parents and opened a small business in Springfield, Massachusetts. The brothers called their new enterprise, Friendly Ice Cream.

Twenty year old S. Prestley Blake, and his eighteen year old brother Curtis, sold two scoops of ice cream in a cone. The asking price was five cents. The brother’s produced their icy delight with a hand-crank ice cream maker in the back of the store. The year was 1935. The brother’s store was a pleasant, economical place to bring the whole family for an excursion.

A lot of things have changed in the last seventy-five years but Friendly’s Restaurants are still sociable, satisfying, reasonably priced places where family and friends meet for delicious meals and family fun. Friendly’s is a perfect spot to relax and take pleasure in sharing a meal and spending time together.

The Blake brothers opened a second shop in1940 and expanded the menu to include hamburgers. They temporarily closed the shops while World War II raged. The patriotic brothers posted signs in the windows that read, “Closed until we win the war!”

After the war, ten more Friendly Ice Cream shops opened in Massachusetts and Connecticut. The menu continued to expand and customers could now purchase a container of ice cream to take home. Friendly Ice Cream built a manufacturing plant in West Springfield to meet growing demand for their products.

Company headquarters moved from Springfield to Wilbraham, Massachusetts in 1960. By 1974 the company owned five hundred restaurants in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states.

Friendly Ice Cream continued to grow over the next two decades. The brothers added breakfast, lunch and dinner to their offerings. Ice cream continued to be the main business focus, however, and accounted for a large portion of the company’s revenue.

Forty-four years after the first Friendly Ice Cream Shop opened the Blake brothers retired. They sold their restaurants, now located in sixteen states, to Hershey Foods Corporation. The brothers had amplified a $547 loan from their parents into a restaurant chain that sold for $162 million.

More restaurants opened under Hershey’s ownership. By the mid-1980’s Friendly’s employed 34,000 people. Hershey’s Foods Corporation sold Friendly Ice Cream to Donald N. Smith in 1988. Mr. Smith added an “s” to the company’s name and the chain became Friendly’s Restaurant.

Friendly’s Restaurants Today

“There’s no place like Friendly’s.” Delicious ice cream treats are the focal point of Friendly’s menus. Hot fudge and homemade whipped topping cover your favorite ice cream flavor.

“Ice Cream Makes the Meal!” Any of the Friendly ice cream delights, from a three scoop sundae to a Fribble® shake will always succeed in whipping your taste buds into a frenzy.

“You’re in for a nice surprise!” Over five hundred Friendly’s restaurants are waiting to prepare and serve you an unforgettable meal and a fabulous dessert. Pick up a half gallon of Friendly’s Ice Cream at a grocery store or at the restaurant to take home and you’ll always have a treat on hand. Friendly’s uses quality ingredients and takes the same pride in its products as it did when the brothers opened their ice cream shop.

“I wanna go to Friendly’s” Start your meal with a tasty appetizer. Then move on to a Signature SuperMelt™Sandwich, a Big Beef ® Burger, or a Bleu Moon Sirloin Salad or something else from the extensive menu. Leave room for a Forbidden Fudge Brownie sundae or a Caramel Cone Crunch.

The kids menu is full of healthy temptations. Mac and cheese, chicken fingers or a Friendly Frank with a side of apple sauce or mashed potatoes will satisfy a child. Milk, juice or a kid size Fribble followed a Monster Mash Sundae round out a healthy meal for tiny tummies.

Friendly’s and the Community

Every June, Friendly’s kicks off summer with Free Ice Cream Day. A cup or cone of Friendly’s twenty-six flavors made more than 500,000 Friendly’s visitors happy in 2009.

Family Fun Night at Friendly’s brings people together to support local causes. The community has the opportunity to share great food and good times and the non-profits receive a percentage of all dine-in and carry-out totals earned during the event.

Since 1981, Friendly’s has supported Easter Seals donating nearly $26 million through the annual Cones for Kids Campaign. Friendly’s restaurants, and their generous customers, have benefited twenty-six Easter Seals affiliate organizations up and down the East Coast. Kids with disabilities attend dozens of Camp Friendly’s every summer.

Friendly’s Ice Cream will donate a coupon for a free carton of your favorite ice cream flavor to blood donors in July, 2010. The coupons, distributed by the American Red Cross, are redeemable at participating Friendly’s restaurants.

Many organizations benefit from Friendly’s financial support. Friendly’s donates to both the YMCA and The Boys and Girls Clubs to support physical fitness among children and adults.

Friendly’s Connections

Our digital age brings a new dimension to Friendly’s. Mike and Abby met online. Soon they decided to meet for coffee and ice cream at their local Friendly’s Restaurant. They discovered they had much in common including delicious Jumbo Fronions™. They continued meeting at Friendly’s for lunch and dinner and their relationship grew. Now, they meet at Friendly’s to make plans for their upcoming wedding.

Parent’s Resource

Moms and Dads know that a little motivation can go a long way in getting kids to work together as a family. To foster greater cooperation Friendly’s has developed a “Goodness Chart.” Friendly’s Parents Resource Center will help you, and your child, build a chart that schedules and organizes chores and responsibilities. Register with Friendly’s and create an individualized chart. Update the chart regularly and Friendly’s will do the rest. Soon your child may be a Friendly’s Hall of Fame member!

Friendly’s Restaurants are pleasant, sociable restaurants offering delectable ice cream treats and tasty just as the Blake brothers intended when took a risk and opened up their shop in the middle of the depression.

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