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Pet owners know the name Frontline well, especially if their dogs live outside. With fleas and ticks being a major problem for the vast majority of pets, it goes without saying that owners are especially interested in fixing the issue. This is what Frontline is all about. The flea and tick removal product is the design of parent company Merial Limited, who designed the treatment leading up to 2000. It was finally approved for sale and use in 2000 and has been a household name ever since. The product contains primary active ingredient Fipronil, which is generally considered one of the most effective treatments for dogs facing widespread tick and flea issues.

The Frontline Plus advantage

Though Merial Limited has produced quite a few other products over the last two decades, Frontline Plus is its primary item. The primary seller is Frontline Plus for dogs, which can be used for small dogs and big dogs alike. Owners can choose the product that fits the size of their dog perfectly, as there are four different size categories available. The product is designed for all different breeds, which adds to its long-term marketability. Those people using Frontline coupons get a product that actively attacks both fleas and ticks, killing the parent parasite and its eggs, too. What Frontline is most known for is being a healthy alternative to many of the old methods of removing ticks and fleas.

For years, pet owners have been looking for ways to get rid of pests that might harm their animals. Frontline replaced things like flea baths and dipping dogs into chemicals. Though these things had been effective in the past, there were many questions over the long-term health defects caused by flea dipping. Frontline for dogs has marketed itself as the easier and healthier alternative, offering pets and pet owners relief without all of the risks associated with other treatments. Likewise, the products have long been marketed under the flag of convenience. Treatments are easy to apply by owners and dogs don’t tend to mind. With this in mind, it is no surprise that Frontline coupons are so popular among dog owners.

Frontline for Cats

Another of the staple products that should be mentioned is Frontline for Cats. Because cats and dogs have slightly different body compositions, the formula for cats is a bit different than the one for dogs. The cat product is slightly less expensive, as well. Many companies have come with an approach that blankets both cats and dogs. Frontline distinguished itself from the crowd by offering Frontline products especially designed for each. Unlike Frontline Plus for dogs, the Frontline Plus products for cats come in a one size fits all treatment.

Working with vets on deals

One promotion that Frontline has consistently marketed is its partnership with various veterinarian offices. This helps to save people money and it helps the vets, as well. The way the program works is relatively simple. When people take their dog or cat in for a vet visit, they can bring one of the Frontline coupons with them. Under this program, owners get one free Frontline treatment for every five months worth that they purchase. This means that you can keep your pet protected for free two months out of the year.

This is something that vet offices advertise liberally, so it is not always necessary to have the Frontline coupons with you to take advantage of the deal. It is probably smart to print them out, though, just in case your vet is not as vocal about the program.

Getting coupons online

If you are looking for Frontline coupons, then start online. The obvious choice for first stop is the Frontline website, which regularly features offers. The site updates on occasion, offering new things to prospective customers who come along. Typically it will offer the one month free coupon that you can print out and take to the vet’s office. Though that offer is the standard for the site, you can sometimes find better deals or offers directly from Frontline. There does not seem to be any rhyme or reason as to why these deals pop up, though, so it is best to check the site regularly.

For people who like to get a bit more creative in shopping for Frontline coupons, you will recognize that there are quite a few solid sites online. Visit coupon megasites like, as they routinely feature Frontline coupons. Likewise, you may benefit from visiting coupon sites directed at pet owners. Owning a pet can be expensive since there are so many things to buy. Sites like are great about providing deals and exclusive coupons for regular visitors. By using a combination of the official site and these supplemental sites, you should be able to find Frontline coupons to keep your pet care relatively cheap.

Finding coupons offline

If your quest for Frontline coupons takes you off of the internet, know that things can get a little murky. As with many companies, the quest is hit or miss and it requires a combination of dedication and luck to get the best deals. With that in mind, know one thing about Frontline coupons that you are unlikely to find out on the official website. That is that there are times when vets have a surplus of the products, so they are willing to give them out for free. In some instances, a vet will give you a free month of Frontline just for bringing your pet in to the office. Call your vet and see if he offers this sort of deal, because it is customary. Given the low price that vets get on the treatment, they are able to use this as an incentive to attract new business.

Likewise, you may head to the local humane society, as they typically will give out these treatments to people who have adopted pets in the past. If you own a humane center dog or you have been active in the center, then you stand a good chance of saving plenty of money with these Frontline coupons. These organizations will often get many shipments of Frontline for free, so they are willing to help out pet owners in the community. Check your local newspaper or the local human society website for information on these programs.

In all, the question will be one that will require you to exhaust all avenues. Frontline coupons are not as readily available as coupons of many brands. With that being said, there is no reason to pay full price for the items, as you can get some deal from the site itself. At the very least, take advantage of the vet share program and print the Frontline coupons directly from the company. If you can find a way to supplement these coupons with something you find in the community, then consider yourself very fortunate.

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