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Many people enjoy Gain detergent, but most don’t know the history behind this powerful brand. Introduced by well known household product company Procter and Gamble in 1969, this detergent originally was one of the strongest stain fighters on the market. It was ahead of its time in that it used enzymes, which have now been proven to be among the most efficient laundry cleaners.

A Name Brand with Value

One major brand aspect that sets Gain apart is that it is somewhat less expensive than other name brands in its category. The price varies from store to store, but is usually near the halfway mark between value brands and the higher end name brands. However, the line offers the benefits of a name brand, giving laundry shoppers with an eye for value the best of both worlds. Because there are Gain coupons available both on and off line, it is possible to get a great deal on this detergent with very little effort. This is one reason Gain is popular with bargain shoppers all over the nation.

The advertising and marketing campaigns for Gain detergent have been largely unremarkable, but enormously effective. The focus most often is on presenting the brand as an effective family and budget friendly choice that offers a recognizable and long lasting smell. Because this is compatible with what most people want from their laundry detergent, Gain’s marketing has been effective in drawing in a steady flow of customers.

The Signature Scent

Many people buy Gain detergent for its fresh scent, but this feature was not introduced and marketed until 1981. By this time, there were many enzyme action detergents on the market and the parent company wanted to set Gain apart. The fresh scent was different from that of most detergents at the time, which gave Gain a whole new following. Since then, Gain has been marketed mainly for its signature fresh scent, and many people are loyal to this brand for the familiar laundry room smell.

Joyful Expressions

It may seem dangerous for a laundry detergent known for a signature smell to introduce new scents, but this approach has been very successful for both Procter and Gamble and Gain. In early 2006, the ‘Joyful Expressions’ line was introduced, offering a variety of unusual modern scents that were previously unheard of in laundry and home cleaning products. The scents included unusual combinations such as Mandarin Lime Fusion, Mango Tango, and Gardenia Delight. This appealed to younger shoppers and single people who might not have been attracted by Gain’s previous image as a family oriented brand. The odors have been developed to be longer lasting than many detergent scents, giving consumers a whiff of fresh smell throughout the day. This line increased Gain’s sales and popularity by a huge margin and made a popular detergent more in demand than ever.

The latest brand addition is Gain with Baking Soda. Because baking soda is known for exceptional cleaning power and the ability to remove unpleasant odors, it is likely that this new offering will be as popular as the many other lines that have made Gain as successful as it currently is.

How to Find Gain Coupons and Discounts Online

While online scams and phishing sites are common, there are certainly legitimate Gain coupons and deals to be found. Most authentic online deals on Gain detergent come from the websites of the brand and its parent company. Gain has its own website at Visitors can play games and learn more about the detergent as well as join a fan club. The fan club includes periodic emails with product information, Gain coupons, rebates, and other special deals. People can also get access to periodic coupons and deals by becoming a fan of Gain at the company’s Facebook site. Joining these two programs is the best way to get the Gain coupons one seeks.

As with all Procter and Gamble products, Gain coupons and deals can be found periodically at the parent brand’s website This site is a little more serious that the Gain website, offering straightforward information about brands as well as coupons, deals, and free product samples. However, it is just as functional and offers great deals for bargain-oriented coupon shoppers. Gain samples can be found there on a regular basis, especially when new scents or product lines are introduced. These samples usually come with a substantial coupon, often $2 or more off the purchase of a full sized product.

How to Find Gain Coupons and Discounts Offline

It is more difficult, but still possible, to find Gain coupons and deals off the internet. First, Procter and Gamble routinely releases packets with coupons in local newspapers, often on the first Sunday of the month. These are known as ‘Brandsaver’ booklets and offer a lot of savings for fans of the company’s many well known products. There are not always Gain coupons inside, but there often are. Second, many well known home magazines contain product coupons to entice readers. Gain is one brand that has been known to offer these types of deals. It is not unusual to see a coupon for Gain in a popular home magazine.

One popular strategy for getting coupons is to write a letter to the company asking for them. Many companies are happy to send coupons to people with this kind of initiative. Because Procter and Gamble are generous with coupons for their many brands, this is likely to be more than worth the cost of a stamp.

Discount Programs on the Company’s Website

People who are interested in getting Gain coupons and deals on a regular basis should definitely sign up for the Gain fan club on both the website and Facebook. They should become a member of Procter and Gamble Everyday Solutions at This will result in regularly receiving coupons, samples, and deals on Gain and other popular brands.

Although Gain coupons can be difficult to find, they are definitely available. Because Gain is already a bargain priced detergent, finding Gain coupons and deals can result in getting a well known and effective laundry detergent for a very low price. This is truly a deal that no one can afford to miss out on.

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  1. Brionna Bohannan says:

    My family loves gain products but recently my husband lost his job and we can no longer afford your products.. we would like to stay true to this company but cannot without coupons! Any coupons would be greatly appritiated! Thanks

  2. Teretha says:

    I absolutely LOVE the gain product. Its all I ever use. I have been using the product for about 10 years and I do not see myself switching. I got my sister and her family hooked on the product as well. My favorite is the gain original scent and the lavendar joyful expressions. I would love to keep recieving coupons for gain.

  3. Evette says:

    I love Gain detergent, the only thing I buy is the original scent I would love to get coupons for gain, I look for coupons for gain, but can’t find them.

  4. dot says:

    i have been searching for months have not found any gain coupons please help

  5. Kim French says:

    I use Gain 95% of the time. Sometimes if I have a coupon for another detergent I will try another but I go right back to Gain. PLEASE sent me some coupons for Gain!! 🙂

  6. Russ says:

    printable gain coupons online?

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