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The History of the Gillette Company

The idea of the first disposable razor was born in 1895 when a man by the name of King Gillette had the bright idea of creating a double-edged razor that could be used until it was dull, and then replaced with a new razor. Taking about six years to perfect his safety razor, King Gillette teamed up with machinist William Nickerson and formed the American Safety Razor Company. The name of the company would later be changed to the Gillette Safety Razor Company in 1903 upon the start razor production. In 1904 Gillette received the patent for the safety razor and bought a building in Boston where Gillette’s headquarters would be for the next 100 years. While the Gillette Safety Razor Company was growing slowly, it was able to capture consumers both within the US and abroad. In 1910, King Gillette decided to sell the majority of his portion of the company to John Joyce who had been a major investor thus ending Gillette’s involvement in the company. The Gillette Safety Razor Company didn’t really become that relevant until World War I when the Company was commissioned to supply the armed forces with disposable razors. During the late 20’s, the company saw its share of hard times. Inconsistent quality, a huge drop in stock price and the Great Depression hurt Gillette’s sales for a decade. Starting in 1939, the company decided to start increasing its advertising during sporting events. This dramatically increased sales for Gillette. Gillette still uses sporting events and sports athletes as a way to generate sales through advertising. During the 1950’s Gillette officially changed its name to the Gillette Company as it diversified its portfolio to include shaving cream and pens. Sales have increased steadily from the 1950’s to the present day.

In October of 2005, the Gillette Company was bought by Procter and Gamble. Under the Gillette umbrella, Braun, Duracell and Oral-B were also included in the merger and are now part of Procter and Gamble as well. With this merger, Procter and Gamble became the largest personal and household care company in the world.

One time Gillette Products

Before being acquired by Procter and Gamble in October 2005, the Gillette Company had an extensive list of well known brands such as Gillette Blades and Razors (Sensor, Mach 3 and Fusion), Duracell, Right Guard, Braun, and Oral-B.

Current Procter and Gamble Products

Including all of the onetime Gillette brands mentioned above, Procter and Gamble has a huge product portfolio for both personal care and household care items. Some of Procter and Gamble’s brands that have over a billion dollars of annual sales include; Always, Bounty, Charmin, Crest, Dawn, Pampers, Pringles and Tide. Included in this group is Gillette Fusion which became a “Billion Dollar Brand” in 2007.

History of Gillette Fusion

2006 – Gillette launches Gillette Fusion with both manual and power razors. Gillette Fusion razors have five-blades on the front of the cartridge and one blade on the back on the back. The Gillette Fusion Power is a battery operated razor which emits tiny pulses which, according to the Company, increases the razors ability to glide.

2007 – Gillette announces that Tiger Woods, Roger Federer, and Thierry Henry will be part of the Gillette Champions Program

The Fusion Power Phantom is released. It features a new handle design and a different color scheme than the original

2008 – Gillette announces Derek Jeter will be added to the Gillette Champions Program

The Gillette Fusion Power Phantom is released and contains a new blue and silver handle.

2010 – Gillette introduces Gillette Fusion- ProGlide which contains a thinner blades and a new grip design

Promotions for the Gillette Fusion Line

Gillette has a long history of promoting its products to young men through sports. The Gillette Champions marketing campaign is no different. This campaign uses Derek Jeter, Roger Federer, Tiger Woods and Thierry Henry as spokesmen for the Gillette Fusion line of products in a series of TV and print ads, events, and promotions. The main tagline of the program is “The Best a Man Can Get.” Recently, two of the sports stars in the Gillette Champions Program have taken a publicity hit.

First on November 19, 2009, Thierry Henry, a French soccer player, used his hand in extra time to deliver a pass to a teammate which resulted in the game winning goal for his French Word Cup team over Ireland. With Ireland now eliminated from the World Cup, there was a huge backlash in which fans accused Henry of being a cheater. There were also calls to boycott Gillette products due to their association with Henry.

Second, in late November of 2009, it was found that Tiger Woods had affairs with several different women while he was married. These affairs came as a shock to most people because of Woods clean cut family man image. In December 2009, Gillette made a conscious effort to reduce Woods role in the Gillette Champion Program.

Gillette Fusion Deals and Coupons

Coupons and discounts for Gillette Fusion products are not hard to find if you know where to look. Below is a list of the best five ways to save on Gillette Fusion products.

1)Sign up for P&G Everyday solutions which gives you access to P&GbrandSAMPLER which gives you access to free P&G samples and coupons which can be shipped to your house. When first signing up, there is a $2.00 coupon for the new Gillette fusion ProGlide.

In addtion, you’ll also recieve P&G Everyday Solutions free e-mail newsletter to find regular updates about new products and savings

2)Check the Sunday paper for P&GbrandSAVER. It’s a coupon book that has a variety on P&G coupons and often includes coupons for Fusion products.

3)Store circulars for drug and grocery stores often run specials on Gillette Fusion products as well as other P&G products.

4)Sites such as Bizrate and Shopzilla which compare the price, products, and store information across several thousand retailer web sites and flags those sites which offer the best prices on the items you are looking for. This includes the Gillette Fusion product line.

5)Sites like Amazon and e-Bay can also be used to save up to 50% on Gillette Fusion products

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  1. Donald Hopkins says:

    Great Razors used 10 years

  2. Donald Hopkins says:

    These are great razors!!!

  3. samuel simms says:

    I have used a fusion shaver for quite some time pleased with performance but find cartridges to be very expensive and wear very fast

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