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In Fayetteville, North Carolina, the Golden Corral first opened its doors on January 3rd, 1973, and the restaurant has been making hungry customers happy for over forty years. The concept behind the Golden Corral is simple and effective. Not only does the establishment offer down home cooking at affordable prices, but it also offers a literally endless supply of delicious food on their famous buffet. The Golden Corral was founded by James H. Maynard and William F. Carl, and today they have 485 restaurants and over 9,000 employees across the nation. The Golden Corral is a family dining establishment.


Although they do serve menu dinners, the most wonderful aspect of the Golden Corral is certainly the buffet, which towers above the competition in both quality and selection. The breakfast selection on the buffet is the perfect start to any day. Pancakes, french toast, bacon, sausage, scrambled eggs, pastries, and plenty of fresh fruit are among the many items you will find, and each customer can eat as much as they like for one low price. If you favor an omelette for breakfast, the Golden Corral has you covered. At the omelette bar, a Golden Corral chef will create the omelette of your choice, made to order.

The staggering lunch and dinner buffet selection may make you wonder why anyone would want to go anyplace else for supper. The fresh fried chicken is a customer favorite, and goes well with homemade mashed potatoes and macaroni and cheese. You can also choose the delicious, perfectly seasoned rotisserie chicken. Certain locations even let you watch the rotisserie chicken cooking as it slowly spins in an oven with a glass door. Whether you prefer white meat or dark, the Golden Corral is your one stop chicken headquarters. Their made from scratch yeast rolls make the perfect companion to a buffet dinner, which also includes items like fried shrimp, homemade meat loaf, pork cuts, and made to order sirloin steak. The Golden Corral takes their steaks very seriously, employing in house butchers to hand cut the meat daily. Many people find it difficult to believe that they can have such high quality food (and such generous portions) for under ten dollars – almost as if it’s too good to be true – but it is true, and this is the main attraction of the Golden Corral. The Golden Corral menu changes slightly from day to day, but the favorite staples remain the same. At times the Corral offers seafood, hamburgers, and even pizza.

For those family members who are watching their waist line there is a fully stocked salad bar that offers almost any type of salad that one can imagine as well as plenty of toppings and salad dressings. This addition makes the Golden Corral an all inclusive eating establishment, perfect for nearly any diet.

It would be impossible to write about the Golden Corral without mentioning their all you can eat dessert bar, which stands side by side with the dinner bar. The dessert bar is essentially a bakery, offering fresh baked brownies, a variety of pies and cakes, and of course the multi flavored ice cream pumps with all the toppings you can imagine, such as chocolate sauce, candy sprinkles, and nuts. Fine touches like this help to make the Golden Corral the number one buffet and grill in America.

Customer Satisfaction

The Golden Corral cares deeply about the opinions of their customers, and have devised a customer satisfaction survey program that offers incentives to customers who wish to voice their opinions on their Golden Corral dining experience. Each person who completes a customer satisfaction survey is automatically entered into a contest and given the chance to win cash prizes and even cutting edge electronic equipment, like the IPod Nano. This program is one of the many things that sets the Golden Corral apart from its competitors. Not only do they welcome constructive criticism from their customers, but they also encourage it by offering prizes.

Military Appreciation

In keeping with their well deserved image as America’s number one grill and buffet, the Golden Corral honors the fine men and women of the United States military by putting on military themed special events and offers, such as the annual Military Appreciation Monday Free “Thank You” Dinner, where service members receive a free buffet and beverage on the Monday following Veteran’s Day from five o’ clock in the afternoon until nine o’ clock at night. The Golden Corral also sponsors the National Memorial Day Concert, and has been doing so for five years. The Golden Corral knows that the men and women of the armed services are the back bone of our nation, and prove it constantly with their generous sponsorships.

Coupons and Discounts

The Golden Corral is so reasonably priced that it doesn’t really need to offer discounts, but that doesn’t stop them from offering discounts on a daily basis. In certain college towns, the Golden Corral offers a student discount. Simply flash the student ID card of your particular college and your meal with receive an instant discount at the cash register. Discounts on meals for everyone can often be found in the local newspaper. Monday is senior day, and at participating locations a senior citizen can purchase an all you can eat lunch buffet for 5.99, a price that is so low that it compares to a far inferior meal at a typical fast food burger establishment.

Bright House Cable viewers can sometimes purchase the Golden Corral Movie of the Month. Each customer who purchases this film from Bright House Cable will be awarded a free lunch buffet.

Although ordinary physical Golden Corral coupons can at times prove difficult to track down on the internet, there are certain methods to obtain them outside of your local newspaper. One method that’s always worth a try is through the mail. Simply type or write out a complimentary note to the Golden Corral address (which you can easily find on their home page on the web) and let them know how much you enjoyed your experience at their dining establishment. More often than not, these notes will be answered by a grateful corporate employee, and sometimes there are even coupons attached to these corporate responses.

One of the best and most convenient aspects of the Golden Corral coupon policy is that they will often times offer coupons right there at the restaurant. After you purchase your breakfast, lunch, or dinner, you will be given a page with removable coupons on it. These coupons offer a variety of discounts to be used on your next visit, such as two buffet meals for the price of one and direct cash discounts. Once they grab their tray and reach the cash register, many adult customers are pleasantly surprised to discover that their small children are allowed to eat for free. Although this does not happen all the time, it does happen enough to cement the Golden Corral’s hard won reputation as America’s number one buffet and grill establishment for familes of all income brackets.

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