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Why Should I Choose Gerber Good Start Formula For My Baby?

Gerber Good Start is a baby formula that is designed to be gentler on an infant’s delicate digestive system. Good Start is different from other brands of baby formula because it was the first to use 100% “Whey Comfort Proteins” or “Gentle Soy Proteins”. The formula is made with the whey protein because it is the highest quality protein for an infant formula. The whey protein is broken down twice into smaller for pieces for easier digestion. The proteins break down in a baby’s system easier than other formulas because of this two-step process. This help prevents excess gas and stomach discomfort for infants, and is also appropriate for babies suffering from colic. The formula also has the recommended levels of DHA and ARA to support babies’ brain and eye development.

Gerber Good Start comes in several varieties, including formulas for babies with food allergies, low birth weight, or infants who were born premature. The varieties include:

• Gentle Plus Formula
• Protect Plus Formula
• Soy Plus Formula
• 2 Gentle Plus Formula
• 2 Protect Plus Formula
• 2 Soy Plus Formula
• Gentle Plus Ready To Feed Convenience Packs

A History of the Gerber Brand

The Gerber and Nestle brands have teamed up to provide families with the highest quality infant formula for over a century. The first baby formula was made in 1867 by Henri Nestle, a pharmacist who created a special mixture for a neighbor’s baby who would not breastfeed. Soon the Nestle formula was sold throughout Europe and the brand was launched.

In 1927, Daniel and Dorothy Gerber created the first baby food when their doctor recommended straining fruits and vegetables for the couple’s seven month-old daughter. The couple owned a canning business in Fremont, Michigan. They decided to package their strained baby foods. Employees at the canning factory requested samples of the food for their own babies, and the Gerber baby foods brand was formed.

Since the inventions of the baby formula and strained foods, Gerber has been committed to the quality and nutrition of infants and toddlers, and the brand has been at the forefront of research to improve the dietary needs of children. Gerber sponsored the Feeding Infants and Toddlers Study, or FITS, to help understand the nutritional needs of small children. The study found which nutrients the children were lacking so Gerber could better formulate their foods to fill nutritional gaps.

Once Gerber joined Nestle, the brands created the Start Healthy, Stay Healthy program to develop their lines of formulas and foods that are based on each stage of a child’s development from birth to age four. Each stage is defined by developmental milestones a child should have acquired in order to be ready for each new stage of food. Such milestones include sitting up unsupported, crawling, walking, and the ability to self-feed.

Popular Gerber Products

Gerber has expanded beyond basic baby food. In addition to its Good Start formula, the brand also has three stages of baby foods to help ease babies into eating solid foods. There is also a line of organic baby food, and one with DHA and ARA to help aid in babies’ brain and eye development. Gerber Graduates is a line of meals, snacks, and juices for toddlers and preschoolers. Toddlers can enjoy soft cereal bars and foods that are easy for little fingers to pick up, such as pasta and puffed rice snacks in the shapes of wagon wheels. For Preschoolers, Gerber has cereal bars, snacks, and meals that are similar to the toddler line of foods, but with bigger pieces of food and meals that require utensils, such as macaroni and cheese. There are also snacks in the shape of twists, such as fruit snacks and cereal bars.

Gerber has also launched a line of childrenswear that features sleepwear, bedding, and accessories. The line has items for both boys and girls, plus products for preemies and unisex colors. In addition to sleeping gowns and one-piece sleeper outfits, the Gerber clothing line also has bibs, booties, hats and mittens for infants.

Gerber has even branched out into life insurance. The Gerber life insurance policy was established to protect children while providing an amount of money the child can borrow from later on in life. Plans range from $5,000 to $50,000 and have low premiums.

Where Can I Find Savings On Gerber Good Start Formula?

The internet has made it easier than ever to find savings on Good Start formula, as well as other Gerber products. The Gerber web site,, provides customers with an opportunity to register with an email in order to sign up for the Start Healthy, Stay Healthy program. This program features many promotions and coupons, including savings on Good Start. Each month, customers receive an email with featured coupons and checks toward Gerber products, in addition to booklets and the latest news specific to their child’s age group. Online registry also offers emails about special promotions from brands that Gerber has partnered with, including Graco.

For expectant mothers, a printable certificate is available on the Gerber web site for a free “New Moms Backpack”. The backpack is available at most hospitals, and the certificate is redeemable during your stay in the maternity ward. The backpack includes a free can of Good Start formula, in addition to a bib, health record, and nutrition guide.

Internet search engines can also be useful when looking for Good Start coupons. The search engine will collect all of the web sites that are currently offering printable coupons and savings on Gerber products. This might take a little extra time, but the savings is worth it. It is also a good idea to register online at the stores you most frequent. Signing up for emails with big stores such as Target, Wal-Mart, and Babies “R” Us provides coupons and special offers to customers, including Gerber formulas and products.

Many drugstores now offer rewards cards that provide coupons, savings at the register, or even cash back to use towards future purchases. The cash back comes in the form of a coupon good for anything in the store, which can be used towards Gerber Good Start formula.

There are many creative ways to find coupons and savings on Gerber Good Start formula. Spending a little time online now can yield valuable savings for the entire year that your baby is on formula.

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