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Great Clips Overview

Great Clips is a major hair salon based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota where it was founded. They operate their corporate office in the Minneapolis area. The company is run through franchising its hair salons across the country. The company runs more than 2,800 stores in the United States and Canada making it one of the biggest hair salon chains. In 2009, Great Clips revenues surpassed $762 million. They offer a wide range of services which include:

– Haircuts
– Perms
– Shampooing
– Product Sales

There are many competitors that Great Clips has to compete with which include Super Cuts, Sport Clips, and Fantastic Sams. There are many other competitors that offer similar services to Great Clips.

Great Clips Company History

Great Clips started in 1982 with 4 franchised salons in Canada. They originally were franchised through Super Clips but when founders Steve Lemmon and David Rubenzer started Great Clips, they changed the name because they thought was too similar to one of their competitors. After the break from the franchising from Super Clips, the founders made some changes to signs and the look of the salon, which was when Great Clips was officially born.

The first Great Clips opened close the the University of Minnesota campus in 1982. The very next year they opened the second Great Clips franchise in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota. The salon kept growing steadily over the next few years since they had so much success with the first couple salons. At the end of 1982, there were 4 Great Clips salons. By the end of 1983 they had 19 salons. The company had their business running very smoothly by this point and grew very fast from 1990 to 2009, and continues to grow steadily. In 1988 they had grew to 150 franchised salons and 1000 by 1997. By 2009, they had over 2700 salons and today they have more than 2800 franchised salons across the United States and Canada.

The current CEO and Chairman Ray Barton started with the company in the fall of 1982 and eventually became a part owner and CEO in early 1983. Barton eventually bought out the company in 1997 and now is the majority holder of Great Clips.

What is Great Clips Known For?

Great Clips is know for many things including the products and services they offer and the competitive prices they have. They also have one of the best service records in the industry. The haircuts and perms are very well known for being the best in the franchise salon industry. The hair care products were voted #1 by Mens Health Magazine. This gives them a distinct advantage in the hair care product industry. They offer 3 different brands of products including:

– Solutions
– Tea Tree
– Detour

The solutions product line includes everything for everyone in the family. It includes things like shampoo, conditioner, and styling gels. This line is one of the most popular sellers in the store because of the quality of the products and relatively low prices.

The tea tree line includes products like shampoo and conditioner and they all use tea tree oil in their products. The Detour brand of products is offered as a more unique look and has been know for braving the elements. If you use the Detour brand, you will know that it will withstand all the elements and leave your hair looking its best.

Great Clips Coupons and Deals Online and Offline

There are many ways you can find coupons for Great Clips online. You can do a quick search for “Great Clips Coupons”. This will give you many deals that you can use in the stores when you make an appointment for a hair service in one of their stores. Here is a short list of coupon sites that you may find coupons for Great Clips haircuts:


Along with the internet, you will be able to find coupons in your local paper and buyer’s guide. If you look through those every week, you will be able to find great deals on hair services at Great Clips. You can also visit a Great Clips location near you and they may have coupons and deals right there in the salon.

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