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How Great Clips Got Its Start

Great Clips is a major hair salon chain that is headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The first few stores were opened in 1982 by Steve Lemmon and David Rubenzer. In 1983, Ray Barton joined the company and is now the CEO and Chairman of Great Clips, with a positive track record of redefining the way everyday people got their haircut. Before the 1980s, people had their haircuts at barber shops, in full-service salons, or from the convenience of their own home. If customers did not get their hair cut through salons and barber shops they could save money, yet if they wanted a professional style, they would have to pay and inevitably, wait for a long time.

To keep up with the demands of increasing workloads and less time available for everyday people, Ray Barton had a vision to offer a chain of stores that offered consistent, convenient services that were sure to impress each and every time. That meant that if a customer went to two different Great Clips locations, he or she would have the same positive experiences at each location. In addition, Barton wanted to offer affordable prices that matched the high quality experiences that customers would get with each cut. This idea has indeed emerged into a nationwide success, with 2800 Great Clips stores operating throughout the United States and Canada.

What Great Clips Is Recognized For

Great Clips is operated by franchisees, making it possible for different people to own and run the stores. They are generally located in strip malls and are in urban areas where there is plenty of shopping, places to eat, and the convenience of being able to stop for a haircut. Across franchises, Great Clips stores look the same and are operated under the same vision of providing affordable, high quality haircuts in clean and convenient locations.
At Great Clips, customers do not need to make an appointment and can instead walk right in, generally having a short wait of 15 minutes or so, deeding on the number of customers in the store. Haircuts are inexpensive, costing between 12 and 15 dollars for children, adults and seniors. The staff is friendly, greeting customers upon arrival and logging them in on the front computer. The stores are well-lit, clean and comfortable and have a wide range of hours, including evenings and weekends.

All Great Clips stores offer the following services:

– Haircuts
– Children (10 and under)
– Seniors (65 and older)
– Shampoo
– Style: Regular, Long, Formal
– Bang Trim, Neck Trim, Beard Trim
– Perms
– Conditioning Treatment
– Hair Care Products
– Gift Cards

Popular Deals Offered Through Great Clips

Although the haircuts and services are affordable, especially when compared to full-service salons, there are still deals offered through Great Clips to make the savings even more attractive to customers. Since the stores are franchised however, it is difficult to keep the coupons and haircut offers consistent across locations. For example, some stores offer punch cards to their customers, while others do not. Before using your coupon, make sure that it is acceptable at your Great Clips location. In general, the coupons reach out to savings on haircuts, offering them at lower prices, as well as additional savings on hair care products or perm treatments. Let’s take a look at some of the most frequent special offers.

– Haircut Coupons for $4.99, $5.99, $6.99, $7.99 or $8.99
– Haircut and Blow Dry for $8.99
– 25% Off All Hair Products
– Punch Cards where 11th or 13th haircut is free
– Seniors over 65 get a discount off a haircut and blow dry

How to Find Great Clips Deals Online

With all the attractive options out there to save on haircut costs, just how does one get their hands on these offers? Fortunately, they are not hard to find, but will require shoppers to know where to look. Searching online is one of the easiest ways to find coupons, especially with the wide range available. There are many outside sources that claim they offer Great Clips coupons, but the best way to ensure that you are receiving legit and acceptable coupons is by signing up on an email newsletter, such as Quick to Click. These companies will send you a notice via email when there are Great Clips coupons available.

Customers can also choose coupon retailers, such as that also offers a wide selection of coupons for customers to share. Also be sure to join any fan pages that your Great Clips location may have on Facebook, or choose to be a follower through Twitter. Social networks are a great way to get coupons and deals through local retailers. Some shoppers have even found luck by using such sites as eBay or Craigslist in order to swap, trade or buy coupons. Although rare, it is possible to find a haircut for a few dollars.

How to Find Great Clips Deals Offline

While the Internet is great for many things, looking for Great Clips coupons is actually more effective when turning away from the computer. Instead, look through community magazines and clippers, neighborhood flyers and newspapers. These hard copies are the best way to find local coupons for Great Clips locations, as well as special deals for back-to-school haircuts or Locks of Love haircut-a-thons. Also look through Valpak’s, which have a nice selection of coupons for local business, including those for Great Clips. Generally, the coupons will offer a haircut for $8.99 if used prior to a certain date. If you happen to let the coupon expire, it should not be a problem, as there are always coupons being offered in these community mailers to tailor toward customers getting their haircut every 4 to 6 weeks.

Shopping via Great Clips Website

When using Great Clips’ website, either to check a gift card balance or locate a nearby store, there are a few options that can be utilized for further savings. First, the company offers links to Facebook, Twitter and Linked In, where customers can sign up and become a fan or member. Special offers, updates and coupons are offered through these social network sites for those who sign up. Second, the Great Clips homepage runs special promotions, with their current one being free haircuts for a year! Simply sign up for the Fire Me Up sweepstakes and customers will automatically be entered into a drawing for free haircuts. Great Clips has also paired up with EA Sports and Playstation to offer a home theater makeover and by entering the contest, one has the chance to win a whole new electronics system!

Great Clips has continued to live up to their vision of offering quality haircuts at an affordable price. In fact, many people do not even look for extra savings since the haircut is cheap enough to begin with. However, when having a whole family who requires haircuts, as well as being on a tight budget, it is always beneficial to cut costs where you can. Fortunately, Great Clips makes it possible to keep saving while getting some of the best haircuts around.

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