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The Buffets—a History

HomeTown Buffet is one of many buffet chains in the United States. It is owned and operated by Buffets Inc., which runs a number of other buffet restaurants throughout the country. Currently there are a total of 626 Buffet Inc. restaurants across thirty-nine states. The Buffet Inc. Company was first founded by Roe Hatlen and C. Dennis Scott in 1983 in Eagan, Minnesota and the HomeTown Buffet chain was established six years later in 1989. HomeTown Buffet is most often recognized under the name Old Country Buffet and has 168 restaurants nationwide. Recently, Ryan’s Restaurant group added over one hundred more restaurants to Buffet Inc.’s community. Certainly HomeTown Buffets and Old Country Buffets have become an iconic representation of buffet style restaurants across the country.

As their name indicates, HomeTown Buffet is best known for the wide selection of buffet style meals. More importantly these meals are offered at an affordable price. The greatest advantage that HomeTown Buffet offers is the unbelievably wide selection of vegetables, hot entrees, fresh dishes and delicious desserts. Each restaurant is home to one of the company’s mascots: H.T. Bee or O.C. Bee depending on the exact name of the location. HomeTown Buffet caters to children and a family atmosphere through the incorporation of H.T Bee and encouraging even families with young children to attend and enjoy. The added allure of HomeTown Buffet is the convenience that it offers. With so many locations throughout the country, there is sure to be a HomeTown or Old Country buffet in one’s hometown if not on one’s travels throughout the country.

Seniors Savor and Save

One significant program that HomeTown Buffet is known for is their honor and commitment to senior citizens. They have a slew of deals and ways to save for their guests and diners who are over the age of 60. These individuals have the option to purchase a Senior Club Card for just one dollar and reap the rewards. Members of the Senior Club will receive valuable discounts and complimentary services and extras with nearly every visit. The one-dollar membership card is valid for an entire calendar year. This program makes the already affordable HomeTown Buffet even more affordable and alluring to senior citizens and gives them an excellent opportunity to get out, relax and have delicious food that is not too expensive.

Do not Get Your Money Back…Just Keep It: Ways to Save Daily

However, senior citizens are not the only ones eligible for deals and discounts at HomeTown Buffet. Anyone and everyone is given the opportunity to sign up for the HomeTown Buffet eClub. Being a member of the eClub opens up a variety of exclusive discounts, deals and savings. Being and eClub member has benefits like birthday coupons, eClub anniversary coupon and opportunities to redeem free meals, including one that is offered just for signing up. Members also receive email that notifies them of upcoming offers and give a preview of special deals and discounts. This opportunity has the potential for a great deal of savings. Individuals who are eClub members will also receive special coupons that are otherwise unavailable to general patrons.

For those who are wary of even the minimal commitment to the HomeTown Buffet eClub or are disinclined to receive continual email promotions or even for those who do not have an active email account, there are plenty other ways to find opportunities to save on the next HomeTown Buffet visit. The Internet is now filled to the brim with companies and sites that dedicate themselves to amassing coupons to various venues. Some of these websites include www.coupongreat.com or www.couponmountain.com. Another popular site is www.webcrawler.com. All of these have a wide selection of HomeTown Buffet and Old Country Buffet discounts and promotional offers available for free. One merely needs to have the patience to go to these websites and sift through the available coupons. Always be sure to check that the coupons one has selected are still valid and have not yet expired. Additionally, most coupons will have limitations, be sure to understand the regulations or limitations that exist for each coupon, as well.

Sometimes, even this virtual coupon clipping endeavor is too tech savvy for a number of HomeTown Buffet diners. Often, good old-fashioned paper and ink is the best way to find deals and coupons. There are several ways to find these discounts for the HomeTown Buffet, but do require one to be a bit more proactive in their search. For example, oftentimes, local newspapers will have advertisements or sections about local promotions. If there is a HomeTown Buffet in the area, it is always possible that they may announce certain upcoming deals in the local newspaper to encourage business. Other opportunities include Valpak coupon booklets. These are available in certain communities and contain an assortment of local deals and listings, often along with coupons. Oftentimes chain restaurants will include offers that may otherwise be unavailable. However, this is a more difficult and time-consuming approach with less of a guarantee for finding savings than alternatives such as signing up for the HomeTown Buffet eClub.

Go Big or Go Home

Another renowned opportunity that the HomeTown Buffet and Old Country Buffet have to offer is their group dining options. Since the Buffets have such a wide selection of foods, beverages and desserts anyone and everyone in any large group or party can find something to enjoy. Most restaurants even have banquet rooms available at no additional cost for these groups to come and savor a meal and experience together. Often local restaurants are flexible with their hours to accommodate large parties, so contact the HomeTown Buffet or Old Country Buffet Manager nearest you to start planning the momentous event. This is one service that has put HomeTown Buffets above the rest in their service and community involvement.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

The HomeTown Buffet has been successful in the food service business for over twenty-five years and has learned how to make delicious food and how to make their guests happy. Their vast variety of ways to save makes HomeTown Buffet and Old Country Buffet alluring options for anybody, any meal, any day of the week. They know how to accommodate diners and have a way of making each dining experience and enjoyable one. Their distinguished services, such as their tribute to senior citizens, as well as their catering to large groups, make them a true part of the American spirit and culture. HomeTown buffet truly embodies variety and satisfaction for all.

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  1. Miriam says:

    Love it

  2. analicia says:

    the best food ever!!!

  3. Noorull says:

    I lOve home town buffet all my family get together there

  4. Ting Chen says:

    Love it

  5. Felicita Smith says:

    Great food great prices.

  6. barbara says:

    how to get a coupon for hometown buffet

  7. myron schwarz says:

    My wife and I used to eat there at least 3 times a week but for the last 8 to 10 mnths it seems the selections of food have been cut back quite a bit. I don’t know if is that way in all your buffets but the one in Vancouver Wa sure seems to have gone down hill. The waitresses are a good bunch of girls and that for the most part is why we still go there once in a while. Ths salad bar quite a few items have been discontinued. Sure would like to see them come back. On a scale of 1 to 10 I would have to give it about a 5 now.

  8. Mina Kim says:

    I like home town buffet~

  9. Yolanda Arredondo says:

    We love Home town Buffet!!!

  10. anaya says:

    still need to get one 4 my b day

  11. Ham Hawkins says:

    can’t wait to try it

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