Kentucky Fried Chicken Coupons

Kentucky Fried Chicken is one of America’s best known eating establishments, and by far the largest fried chicken chain in the country. The restaurant has built up a solid and dedicated fan base over the years, often by offering tremendous deals on its sandwiches and family-style meals.

The History of KFC

As one of the first major fast food chains in America, Kentucky Fried Chicken has had a very colorful history, much of it centered around Colonel Sanders, the restaurant’s founder. He invented the famous recipe for KFC chicken in 1940, and built the success of the franchise with a savvy business sense before selling it in 1964. The Colonel is an actual Colonel; he was given the honorary title to celebrate his contribution to Kentucky’s state cuisine. The classic image of the colonel in his bow tie, with carefully combed hair, a pressed white suit, and large black glasses has become iconic, and KFC still uses the Colonel’s likeness in its marketing campaigns.

Since the 1960’s, however, the restaurant has gone through a number of changes. It’s now owned by Pepsi Co., and sells a variety of dishes that range from the classic–KFC original recipe chicken, gravy, and mashed potatoes–to new dishes like the KFC Twister and Famous Bowls. Company executives still claim to use the original recipe developed by Colonel Sanders for their fried chicken, which is written on a single piece of notebook paper and stored under extremely high security. There have been numerous attempts to name the 11 secret herbs and spices used in the recipe, but there has never been official information from the company about what the recipe contains.

Kentucky Fried Chicken made headlines in 2010 when it introduced the KFC Double Down, a sandwich consisting of two pieces of fried chicken, bacon, cheese, and sauce. While the sandwich was derided by health advocacy groups for its high amounts of fat, its calorie count was relatively equal or below that of other major fast food sandwiches.

Finding Kentucky Fried Chicken Coupons

There are a number of great places to get Kentucky Fried Chicken coupons online. The first place to look is KFC’s website, which sports a great number of current deals and special offers.

To get coupons from the KFC website, a user has to enter his or her zip code, email address, and several other key bits of information. This prompts a printable page of 6 special Kentucky Fried Chicken coupons that will work at local area restaurants. They can also enroll in the “Colonel’s Newsletter,” an email update list that regularly includes coupons and special promotions. Kentucky Fried Chicken insists that it does not sell customer information to third party websites or companies, and the newsletter is only sent occasionally.

Current promotions include sandwiches like the KFC Double Down and Twister, and discounts on buckets of fried and grilled chicken. Generally, the discount coupons sent out on the KFC email list tend to mirror their current promotions. For example, if the company runs a series of ads in your area promoting Famous Bowls, there’s a good chance that the emailed coupons for your area will include a Famous Bowl. However, the company also regularly sends coupons for its more traditional products like fried chicken meals, mashed potatoes, and biscuits.

For other instant coupons, you may decide to search for third party websites that offer Kentucky Fried Chicken coupons. Before doing this, you should be aware of some of the factors that determine whether a certain coupon will work with a certain franchise. Specifically, this includes:

  • Zip code.
  • Many of Kentucky Fried Chicken’s promotions are based on the zip code of the consumer, because much of their marketing is locally based. Consumers in Kentucky might see a blitz of TV ads for popcorn chicken, while diners in Illinois see promotions for the KFC Double Down. In any case, KFC wants to promote its products in a localized way, and as such, certain coupons may only work for local restaurants.

  • Expiration date.
  • Every KFC coupon contains an expiration date, usually listed towards the bottom of the coupon. If the coupon is used past this date, it will not usually be accepted. Some franchises may take an expired coupon, but in general it’s best not to rely on coupons that are out of date. You should be especially wary of coupon expiration dates when viewing third party websites, which sometimes aren’t updated for several months.

  • Participation.
  • Certain restaurants do not participate in promotions, although these restaurants are rare. Non-participating restaurants tend to be special KFC franchises set up in airports, colleges, and other non-traditional locations. If a certain KFC franchise doesn’t sell certain standard menu items, there’s a good chance that it also doesn’t participate in promotions or take coupons.

  • The number of items ordered.
  • Many coupons require diners to buy certain items in order to receive special deals. Be sure to read the terms of each coupon carefully before heading to a local KFC franchise to ensure that you’ll be able to use it.

Tips For Using Kentucky Fried Chicken Coupons

Most Kentucky Fried Chicken coupons have a special term listed in their fine print which prevents multiple coupons from being used in the same order. It’s possible to get around this restriction by making several orders at the same cash register or drive through window, and most restaurants will allow this. In fact, many KFC restaurants will allow you to ignore the original language entirely and use several coupons in an order, provided that you don’t use an extremely high number of coupons and provided that your order total is reasonable.

For example, you’ll rarely attract attention by using several coupons to get a free drink and a few dollars off a meal, but if the person at the cash register would actually have to give you money back with your food, you probably won’t be able to use all of the coupons that you’ve brought with you.

It’s a good idea to organize your coupons and plan your KFC visits to coincide with current promotions. Be sure to use your coupons before they’re expired, and always tell the cashier about your coupons before making your order. This can be very helpful, and can help your order get processed quickly.

Always look online and in your local junk mail for coupons before visiting a Kentucky Fried Chicken. You can often find much better deals than you’d get for the food at the restaurant, and in some cases you can find tremendously inexpensive food–especially when local branches of KFC are trying to promote certain new products.

By keeping your ear to the ground, it’s easy to find great KFC coupons, and it’s a simple matter to get a great deal on fried chicken, sandwiches, or any of the other famous Kentucky Fried Chicken menu items.

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