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Since opening its doors over 40 years ago, Kohls has become one of the most popular retail department store chains in the United States. Kohl’s is known for offering value to the entire family at affordable prices. Furniture, electronics, jewelry, and clothing are just some of the many products that consumers enjoy shopping for at Kohls.

Popular brands of clothing include Calvin Klein, Croft & Barrow, Sonoma, Elle and Dana Buchman. Electronic and household brands include Bissell, Dyson, Food Network and Shark. There is a great variety of jewelry as well. At Kohls, you will find a large selection of diamond and gemstone watches, necklaces, bracelets and engagement rings. Popular brands include Vera Wang, Candies, Sirena, Spector, Trifari and Apt 9. Kohls is known for offering the highest quality at the best prices.

Company History

Kohls started as a supermarket chain back in the 1940s. The chain stores were known as Kohl’s Food Stores. Max Kohl, owner and operator of this grocery store chain had a vision and decided to expand. His vision was to create a chain of department stores that sold some food items, but also sold clothing, sporting goods, car equipment, furniture and a myriad of household items.

Max Kohl was able to realize his vision when the first Kohl’s department store opened its doors in 1962. There were 50 Kohl’s grocery stores in operation at that time, but Max Kohl decided to focus on expanding his department stores while his relatives ran the grocery store business. Brookfield Wisconsin was the department stores first home, and Max Kohl was then on a mission to create a chain of Kohl’s specialty department stores all around the United States.

Max Kohl realized his vision. Currently, Kohls operates in over 1050 locations in 49 states. They are currently the 24th largest retail deportment store chain in America. As of 2003, all of Kohl’s grocery stores have been closed. However, the Kohl the department store chain has continued to expand over the years and shows no signs of slowing down.

What Makes Kohl’s So Popular?

Kohls carries a huge line of items, some of which were mentioned above. Quality and affordability is what makes the Kohl name so popular. The opportunity for additional savings is always available as well, which is what allowed Kohls to become a giant in the retail world.

While most popular department store chains only offer coupons and special prices on specific occasions throughout the year, Kohls offers low prices and special sales on a daily basis. It is very common for Kohls to slash the price on hundreds of items throughout their department store at any given time. The sales items typically vary each week allowing for different varieties of items to be on sale at huge discounts.

In addition to already low prices and continuous specials, Kohls offers great coupon deals, allowing customers to save even more. Coupon deals are especially popular during holidays. Unlike many other department store chains, Kohl’s allows customers to get additional discounts on items that are already on sale using their coupons. You can even use coupons on clearance items, which most customers love.

Kohls stands out because of the flexibility that they offer when it comes to customer savings. Most department stores have restrictions when it comes to using coupons on sale items. The ability to save extra on sale items makes shopping at Kohl’s a pleasure because customers can get high quality items at a very cheap price.

Finding Kohl’s Coupons Online

Your best bet for finding Kohl’s coupons online would be to visit their website which is www.Kohls.com. There are a few money saving options available to customers there, which allows for even more savings on already great prices. You will almost always find coupons and deals on the Kohl’s website.

If you sign-up for the e-mail list at www.Kohl’s.com, you will get phenomenal coupon deals e-mailed to you on a very regular basis. Through e-mail, you will also learn of upcoming sales including holiday and back-to-school sales. This information is sometimes available on the main website; however, to get the best coupon deals it is best to sign up for the Kohl’s mailing list.

The coupons that you redeem from your e-mail can be used to shop at the Kohl’s department store online, or they can be used at physical Kohl’s store locations. One of the benefits of shopping online is that you can have your items shipped to you for free if you spend $75 or more. However, you can save more on shipping if you choose to sign up for the mailing list. You will likely to find coupons that offer free shipping on items totaling less than this amount through your email.

Signing up for a Kohls credit card is another way to save. Those who have a store card are regularly sent coupons through email and regular mail. The discounts offered to those with credit cards are substantial. Regular Kohl’s shoppers find that they save a ton of money with this card. Special discounts offered to cardholders are typically not offered to the general public.

Other websites in which you can find valuable goals coupons include www.couponmountain.com, www.savings.com, www.couponmole.com and www.mysavings.com. These are alternatives to Kohl’s.com and you can find great deals on those websites as well. Although these are phenomenal resources, the company’s website is still your best choice for finding the very deals and the best Kohl’s coupons online.

Finding Kohl’s Coupons Offline

Kohls department store advertises extensively through newspaper ads and coupon booklets. Often times, you will find Kohl’s coupons inside of weekly circulars that are placed inside of your mailbox. Most folks pretty quickly discard these items as junk mail, but you can save big by taking the time to look through them. These circulars are valuable resources for obtaining the greatest discounts at many department retail stores including Kohls.

Your local newspaper is another great means of obtaining Kohl’s coupons. Coupon circulars are placed in local newspapers around the country each week, and Kohl’s frequently uses these circulars as a means of advertising and offering additional discounts to customers. The coupon circulars that do not make it to your mailbox can typically be found in your local newspaper. You will not only find coupons for special holidays and occasions such as back to school; you will find coupons just about every week for no special occasion at all.

Clipping coupons from newspapers may seem like an outdated method for saving money, but it is not. Kohl’s is one of the many companies that still uses this method of advertising and this adds up to additional savings for you. Oftentimes, you can also find coupons at the store location itself. In-store circulars often have coupons available that can be used the same day of your visit to Kohls. These store circulars are usually available at the front of the store for customers to grab as they walk in. They are typically updated weekly and offer some of the best savings that you will find offline.

You can “expect great things” at Kohl’s just as their slogan states. For over half a century, Kohls has been serving America and in that time they have built a loyal following of happy customers. From sportswear to kids wear, shoes, linen, kitchen items and electronics, you are likely to find items with the style and brand name that suits your needs, style and budget.

There is something for everyone available at Kohl’s. This one-stop shop has continuously provided a pleasurable shopping experience for many of its customers, and will continue to do so as this great department specialty store chain continues to expand.

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